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Castle Review: Creepy Clowns & Seashell Stories

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I walked away with several thoughts after Castle Season 6 Episode 8

Diamonds are nothing but shiny rocks. Clowns are darn creepy. And seashells are the next chapter in a great love story.

Let's start from the beginning...

Not Looking Happy

Barrett Hawk sitting next to Alice Clark in that car as he shut off her ringing phone was fairly disturbing. He was just so darn calm about the dead woman in the driver's seat.

Kudos to Anthony Ruivivar who struck just the right note between cocky and menacing as the professional fixer. I was actually a little relieved he wasn't the murderer.

When they uncovered that Alice's boyfriend, Matt, had a secret identity I thought that was the end of the story. Matt/Leo's back story about the blood diamonds and his crusade to end the savage violence surrounding those gemstones was a surprising twist. But I was even more surprised when he turned out not to be our killer.

Esposito and Ryan played a huge role in the investigation and I couldn't have been happier. It was great fun hearing them share their own relationship theories as in this Castle quote...

Ryan: I don't know about you but I am very comfortable in my masculinity.
Esposito: You do realize you're wearing a sweater vest, right?

I don't think anyone can question either's masculinity after that epic gun battle. There was so much to love in those action packed moments.

First, I knew someone was going to try and steal that diamond from the boys at some point. Driving around town with a $60 million gemstone in your pocket is just asking for trouble.

Even though I suspected it was coming, when their car got hit, I definitely flinched. Then these two proved what an amazing team they are.

From Espo pulling Ryan down in the car when the shots rained down around them to the two of them covering one another as they ran for the cover of the subway stop, they were nothing short of the dynamic duo of the 12th precinct.

And on a side note, I have to mention that thanks to watching the movie Poltergeist when I was as a kid and tonight's episode of Castle, I'm probably going have nightmares about evil clowns tonight.  

As if clowns weren't creepy enough.


Exactly. Moving on…

Kate and Rick's debate over Linus the Lion was really adorable. I mean, Castle named him Linus! And he bought him with his first royalty check from In a Hail of Bullets, so he wasn't just being stubborn. There was obviously sentimental value there for Castle.

But Kate was waking up to a glaring lion. I could see how that could be intimidating.

Castle's original takeaway from Alice's relationship book was destined to backfire.

Castle: You see, I'm honoring you by inviting you into my territory and Linus is part of that territory.
Beckett: And if you want to be invited into my territory again, you should probably rethink that.

Whereas Kate countered him perfectly at every turn. She even pretended to be fine when he mentioned she should ditch her elephants on parade. Of course, we all knew he didn't mean it and I'd always suspected he had a soft spot for that desk ornament.

I actually like those elephants. They obviously have family values and this one's good with money.


But it was the final scene that brought it all together. Castle realized that they needed the loft to be about their story if it was going to be their home.

So down came Linus and up went seashells. His gesture was made all the more special in that Kate immediately recognized the shells that they'd collected together on their first walk on the beach in the Hamptons. I'd say that move definitely got him back into Kate's territory.

Because it wasn't his story or her story. It was their story. And it was perfect….almost.

I probably sound like a broken record but that was a perfect opportunity for a kiss. The fact that there wasn't one was actually a distraction from an otherwise almost perfect story.

Am I overreacting or was Castle and Beckett's shared seashells enough to make this story perfect for you?


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    Great question that many of us have wondered for the past year,does kate realize not only how much rick loves her but also does she realize all he has sacrificed for their relationship?Kate is a good cop and very tenacious in caring out justice-on the other hand no idea of what it means to sacrifice for a relationship,her career #1 to her,as she choose the DC job over rick now with that gone rick has been bumped up to #1 ,but is it sincere or just the best option for her right now?

    @ pete

    just look at the final scene of Disciple. She does now!!!

    It is about time.


    I swear that Castle use to have a big picture of an elephant on his bedroom wall. Even if it was on a different wall, thats too many wild animals in one room! No wonder Beckett was stressed out! Also Christine Orlando, I enjoy your replies to our statements. Your imputs make it so interesting! Keep up the good work! Also its great getting through every time to your website. But where is Grey? is that person still having trouble getting through?


    Looks like Beckett can do no wrong. Her love making with the ice cubes must of done the trick. That my friends, pulled my sweet Castle in, hook , line and sinker! Does she really know how much he loves her? Hope so , before he get piss-- off at her.


    thats harsh Captain Cook, accurate but harsh

    @ nottrampis

    My Aussie friend, I don't think it is harsh at all. How many engaged couples have you known that behave like this? But this is Marlowe's view of what happens in the real world, I just strongly disagree with him.

    @ ukno1stanafan

    Captain Cook,

    Marlowe land is vastly different to the real world as we saw in the evil episode


    PS: The girl is hardly ever seen to be wearing her engagement ring, what great writing of a long sweeping love story!!!

    @ ukno1stanafan

    Since I'm in a similar line of work, I get why Kate isn't wearing the rings. They can be used as a weapon if taking someone down who decides to grab the necklace and choke you with it. Wearing it on your hand can also present a hazard. For me, they show their love and I don't need it to be all kissy face and steamy sex to understand their love for each other. It's a love story wrapped inside a crime procedural, I've enjoyed the journey so far. Nothing is perfect, not humans, nor this show.

    @ castlefan1212

    I don't need to see kissy faces and steamy sex either, just a normal engaged couple. AWM constantly states this relationship mirrors real life! Seriously, they have been engaged for over six months, and have spoken about their wedding once, that's real life, haven't kissed each other for over a month on screen, that's real life and Kate is never seen outside of work, wearing her engagement ring, that's real life. AWM and I will just have to differ and what constitutes a real life relationship.

    @ ukno1stanafan

    Exactly the point! What's normal to you may not be "normal" to others. It depends upon culture, society, upbringing, and life experience. For me, I like their relationship as it's been presented. It's real life to me! I enjoy their comfort level and realize that some elements of their relationship would obviously happen off screen.


    Having just watched all of S6 in one hit, I have learned the Marlowe School of writing a long sweeping love story. You get the romantic lead couple to say ILY in E1, then not say it again in the next 7 episodes, you get them to share a few kisses up to E4, then not kiss again, you lose c1.5million viewers in the process, and you are writing a great TV series. Do we think that someone at ABC needs to whisper in Marlowes ear, that he may have just screwed up the best TV series of all time, due to his incompetence?


    I disagree Nottrampis that kate has learned from her job failure in DC,i do not recall anytime after she lost the job of telling rick or anyone for that matter that DC was a mistake,she may have been humbled and you will recall while lying in bed with rick that" she has worked since she was 16 and what do i do now"I so she was looking for work,i agree she has became kinder to castle,less conceited-getting fired from a job will do that to a person. Does not mean she regrets taking the job,again she has not admitted to it.

    @ pete


    I should have added I think it is implicit.

    I do not believe Marlowe is ever going to say only an idiot would have taken the job which she was never suited to nor will he ever admit it was a very selfish decision but observing her behavior now it reeks of I made a big mistake and I won't make it again


    On Castle overall. He has a record of having L/T relationships, Kyra, Meredith, Gina whilst Beckett has none.

    Beckett was ALWAYS the weak link in this relationship and this perhaps explains why Castle appears as a doormat.


    A couple of things.

    to me Beckett has completely changed. to me she has learnt from her failures of the DC job.
    I also think she is only engaging in banter with Castle re Apartment.

    to me it was strange that Twice married Castle had no idea of sharing a room whilst Beckett did. A far cry from accepting engagement and and then telling Castle she was taking the DC job which was contradictory and selfish

    @ nottrampis

    Marlowe is terrible at writing Castle and Kate having conflict in their relationship. He can't convey two grown adults who love each other trying to thrash things out in a way that makes you feel sympathy for them. He usually has them behaving childishly and often one or both of them can come over as mean-spirited and even emotionally cruel towards the other. The writers always portray their issues as confrontational. This means one of them has to give in or lose.

    Comment modified at


    Great point Vince that kate might be keeping her apartment for a easy way out-lets hope not because there is nothing more that rick can do to prove his love and devotion if there is still doubt by kate than they never will get married,doubt looking for further proof is never ending!! It reveals a person that can't commit.

    @ pete

    Pete. I don' think that AWM is that stupid. I think he may have gotten the message, mess with Caskettt again, and you are finished. Last week's episode had the lowest viewing figures of the Season, he cannot let that continue and it certainly would, if he creates more angst again between Caskett.

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