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Great review. I echo what other commenters have said - this was a great showcase for the whole team. I also like how light-hearted the territorial discussion was for Castle and Beckett. Fun episode.


I agree with others here who think the writers did a good job dividing time between Castle and Beckett and Ryan and Esposito. It was good to see Gates again, and it was good that the episode was Alexis FREE. I enjoyed the shootout with Ryan and Esposito, but a lot of bullets flying with nobody hit? Scenes like that have been missing since Season 3. There were a lot of twists and turns in the case to the point that the ending was still unknown with only 4 minutes left in the episode. I think the case idea was a little too grand for a 1-hour show. The new writing couple had to cram too much in towards the end. After the suspect wife indicated in the first interview with Beckett that they were a power couple that gave her away as the killer for me based on so many parallel stories from past seasons. The one thing that continues to bother me is that our couple never discusses their living arrangements. By avoiding that issue it draws even bigger attention to the fact they're NOT doing something they should. It all seems to go back to Marlowe giving something to the fans without really giving it to them. Given their ages and the length of the engagement, most couples would have moved in together before now. It already feels increasingly forced after weeks of silence on the matter. Suddenly Kate's back in the loft without explanation and talking of "home" again. She has been sleeping in the loft for almost a year now. It didn't bother me last season, but since they were all set to live with each other in DC, I don't understand the stalling now. Also, it presents that Kate is using the threat of going home to "her apartment" for leverage every time something happens she's not happy about and she feels Castle needs to step up. I just wish they would hurry on getting Beckett moved in. The baby episode is in two weeks.


Adding a good kiss at the end would have gone a long way.


I felt like this episode really worked as one of those "it could be a Castle novel" episodes. It was a breath of fresh air to focus solely on the squad and, sorry, the real reason for the show: Castle helping the police solve crimes. (i.e. No Alexis!)

The only portion of the episode that bothered me was the scene in which Espo & Ryan arrest the fixer. It seemed like time slowed down just long enough to let the audience watch him wipe his computers and shred that picture of the victim. While it might have gotten the point across, it made Ryan seem weak and slow as a cop--which he clearly is not. Sadly, other shows (Scandal and Person of Interest) do a far better job portraying professional fixers. Great actor, woefully miscast.

Fun story, nice twist. This was also the first episode I really noticed Kate moving into that role of "content girlfriend". She was a bit edgier and assertive in her pre-relationship days with Castle. I'd love to see a return of that darker side, as it's in that place where her own brilliance as a detective comes to light.


I mostly enjoyed last nights episode, with two exceptions. Three men with automatic weapons against two with hand guns, too much overkill. A car is not bullet proof, they're dead! The end was a let down, it's like they didn't give much thought to it, I've seen this routine before. By and large Castle is a great show, I never miss an episode. Also, no Alexis yay! NO ,Pi what a horrible character, UGH !


Everyone is commenting about how better Kate is. Since the engagement she seems more secure and I think this makes her happier. Even last season she was always happier when castle was around. She wouldn't wear her ring to work because of her contact with criminals


This was an episode with a solid case, but a really predictable character dynamic. Others have said it below, so I won't reiterate too much, but why does Marlowe insist on making Castle the fall guy for everything that happens? Ever since Castle's season 4 investigation into who really shot Beckett had zero payoff, I've really been questioning the man's storytelling abilities. This is coming from someone who was hooked on the show and both the Castle and Beckett characters since the first episode. Marlowe and Co. have really just missed so many notes the last couple years (Beckett not being accountable for her actions in their relationship, only one passing reference to Alexis being kidnapped/Castle's dad, glazing over tons of continuity) that it's been really frustrating.

Castle's first 4 seasons were really fresh and fun, especially in the self-cliched crime procedural genre. Season 5 was not up to par, and this season, while better, has a long way yet to climb. Time Will Tell was one of my favorite episodes of the entire series, though, so there's plenty of hope left.


Yes to my mind Castle needs a backbone and be ready to call people out on their behaviour particularly if you are a father or boyfriend. The end of Series 4 is about the only time he does that.

I am sick to death Castle having to apologise for things he is NOT responsible for.

to my mind Beckett is completely different since her DC failure. Is this Marlowe implying Beckett got it wrong and she learnt from the experience?

Captain Cook Yeah I have Sarah you have Beckett. Loser wins anyway!


Anyways, apologies if I sound like one of those guys. But this show needs a kick in the shins. Everyone involved in the show has definitely found a comfort zone they're not willing to get out of. If you look at the recent episodes this season, and compare with last season, you won't be able to tell that Castle and Beckett are engaged. Like Karkar said, Beckett's not even wearing an engagement ring. Somebody missed Season 5 and started watching Season 6, they won't even realize Castle has proposed, and that they're engaged together.

As enjoyable as these episodes have been, and let's face it, most Castle episodes are going to be enjoyable, there's certainly a recycling element to what's going on this season. I was reminded of a couple of earlier episodes from Seasons 2 and 3 when watching this one. And that is never a good sign.

Next week's episodes looks like it will be what the show needs. A very creepy episode indeed. They need to bring back 3XK, Senator Bracken, or even Jackson Hunt. The writers sorely need to find new material to work with.

@ Balaji Sivaraman

I'm pretty sure that next week IS 3XK related.


No argument from me that this episode was so much better without Alexis in it, I'm not sure about Ep9, but she is certainly back in Ep10, hopefully, she doesn't ruin it. I, too, enjoyed the bromance scenes, but this show is all about Caskett, and it would be good to see Castle being respected a lot more than he is, but Marlowe has always stated, that this show is about Beckett as seen through Castle's eyes, so there is not a snowballs chance in hell, that Marlowe will change Castle's persona, as seen through the eyes of others, more's the pity

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