Castle Review: Looking Forward to Next Time

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As much as I'll always love my Happy Castle Mondays, there's something incredibly satisfying about an hour as ominous as Castle Season 6 Episode 9

Somehow the word creepy just isn't enough.

Worried About Her Friends

Watching Lanie's doppelganger hang from that wire was seriously disturbing. I wish we could have seen Lanie's reaction when she first got to the scene.

But Pam Hodge's murder was only the beginning.

When Lanie found the matching tattoo, she only wanted to show it to Beckett, not Castle. Was she unprepared to listen to his crazy theories or did she just need the comfort of her best friend?

One of my favorite scenes was when Javier interviewed Lanie. Despite their nonexclusive status, she hasn't slept with anyone else in the last six months. I wonder if Javi can say the same?

The distress Lanie exhibited as she realized she may have been drugged during a night out with friends was heart wrenching. It made me wish we'd gotten to see a lot more of Dr. Parish over the past six seasons. Perhaps the show will remedy that from her on out.

I also appreciated how Castle, Beckett, Ryan and Esposito discussed the case. Their conversation was quiet as they huddled together around a desk. It wasn't done pacing in front of a murder board for all to see…and a photo with faux Lanie's dead face looking down on them.

Then things got even weirder.

On board a gorgeous, multi-million dollar yacht hung a dead ringer for Detective Javier Esposito. And as Ryan witnessed the double of his partner hanging in front of him he tried to send his friend away. No one should have to see that but there was no chance that Esposito was going to walk.

Another impressive moment was listening to Captain Gates describe the case in this Castle quote

This killer, for reasons unknown has clearly selected two victims who bear deliberate resemblance to members of our own police family.

Capt. Gates

She described the members of the 12th as a family and I had no doubt that she felt that way about her people. They certainly feel that way about one another.

Did anyone else catch that the limousine company was named Blue Moon Limos? Perhaps it was a reference to the Blue Moon Detective Agency from Moonlighting, the TV show from the 1980s. After the show's demise there was much talk of The Moonlighting Curse when a show finally got their will they/won't they couple together.

I'd say Castle has handily broken that curse.

But I digress. Back to our story…

Annie Wersching was brilliant as Dr. Kelly Nieman. I loved watching her and Beckett go head to head in interrogation. Dr. Nieman was cold as ice. Nothing could shake her but she made one mistake. Apparently she thought she could improve on Kate Beckett's looks.

I think Kelly was right the first time. Beckett is amazingly beautiful. I couldn't help but laugh when Castle couldn't just let his fiancee have the compliment. He had to mug for his own, and got knocked off his ruggedly handsome pedestal with "amazing potential."

The mere moments of humor were a small reprieve from a frightening case.

I loved that Castle had his moment to play hero as he tackled Carl Mathews. Castle was completely unwilling to let someone else get away the same way Tyson had…from the same room, of the same motel. The blue light of the pool was a visual reminder of the hollowed out look Rick had the first time Tyson escaped as well as the guilt that Castle has carried around ever since.

And apparently it was one heck of a take down.

Mathews: You broke three of my ribs.
Castle: I'm sorry. I was going for double digits.

As much as I love Castle's ability for love and optimism, I am fascinated by those rare instances that we see his dark side. It reminds me that this is a man who writes about murder for a living and makes me wonder how he got there.

The end was one ominous moment on top of another. First Mathews declaration that they only think they have this all figured out. Then the revelation that Dr. Nieman may very well have been Jerry Tyson's girlfriend.

When that song proclaimed, "We'll Meet Again," I think Kate Beckett finally believed that Jerry Tyson was alive…and gunning for them. I don't believe I've ever seen her look so terrified.

With all of the evidence in the 3XK murders gone, as well as 26 other unsolved cases, does the team at the 12th have any chance of catching him? And will Castle and Beckett ever have a moment's peace until they do?


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Captain Cook , i have written about the spirit of cricket on my google blog if you are interested!


I found the Baby episode average, not great nut not bad either


nottrampis. I don’t think that 3XK necessarily needs to be caught before the wedding. You would hope that he would get eliminated before that, but it should not prevent them from getting married. Tyson is the same threat whether they are engaged or married. When dealing with people who operate through terror, you don’t want to give them the satisfaction of letting them dictate your life to that extent. The Tyson threat works so well for the show runner that I would guess that he would wait until the end of series to resolve that storyline. IMO


Captain Cook, you blokes are goners! do other people think 3XK has to be gotten rid of before they have a wedding?

@ nottrampis

It certainly looks that way, but you never know. To bat out two full days is a tall order. Any chance of rain?? I agree that 3XK has to be gone before the wedding, if not, the possibility would always exist that he would target it. Personally, I want the Caskett wedding to be totally angst free and a joyous episode.

@ ukno1stanafan

Captain Cook, I want a great wedding not one that looks like your test defeat!!

@ nottrampis

In the end scene at the loft when the song was playing and it referred to seeing them again when the ‘sun is shining’ all I could think of was Beckett and Castle on their honeymoon. Remember the remark made by Beckett while getting out of car when they arrived at the crime scene and she mentioned wanting a warm location. That would be the perfect place for 3XK or Nieman to pop up again.


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One continuity issue that bothered me about the episode was that when Beckett and Castle were at the surgeon office it would have been daytime, but that is when Kate talks to Ryan on the phone, but he is at the docks in the dark. I watched the show live and noticed it right away which just bugs me because I initially thought I missed something.


nottrampis. Agree. Viewers didn’t really learn anything new or significant about Lanie, other than that she has a 2-drink maximum. Likewise, we didn’t learn anything new about Esposito, or his relationship with Lanie, at least, nothing other than what we could’ve already guessed. I find it really hard to buy into the “Esplanie” thing any longer. I think it’s sort of over. I don’t feel that chemistry between them any longer and I haven’t for a long time. It has been basically absent on the show for a while now.


Nottrampis. Expo and Lanie are like two wet lettuces, I agree, zero chemistry. Can I just say that the last two episodes without a certain Castle daughter, have been much better!!


Captain Cook , if you wish to talk on the Ashes ( and I think you wil with Aussies this summer) go to my Around the traps on my google blog and enjoy yourself. you wlil spot it!

@ nottrampis

Good job I said nothing!!

@ nottrampis

I have learned through bitter experience, not to crow about my cricket team too soon, having said that, they are better than your team, at the moment!! Can you tell my why this new site is so crap? Every time I log in and post, I'm told I haven't logged in, this is seriously pissing me off!!

@ ukno1stanafan

You do not like NEW technology? If you look at the first comment you will see I said Braad would take the most wickets and KP the most runs in the series

@ nottrampis

I don't mind new technology at all, provided it is tested beforehand, and proven to be better that what it has replaced, in this instance, it is worse!


at the roundtable Marine has said he thought there was plenty of chemistry between Espo and Lanie. I have never seen it.
Anybody here seen this chemistry?

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Castle Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

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Beckett: I was hoping for something more romantic and less Hobbity.
Castle: Why does everyone always think those two are mutually exclusive?