Castle Review: Looking Forward to Next Time

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As much as I'll always love my Happy Castle Mondays, there's something incredibly satisfying about an hour as ominous as Castle Season 6 Episode 9

Somehow the word creepy just isn't enough.

Worried About Her Friends

Watching Lanie's doppelganger hang from that wire was seriously disturbing. I wish we could have seen Lanie's reaction when she first got to the scene.

But Pam Hodge's murder was only the beginning.

When Lanie found the matching tattoo, she only wanted to show it to Beckett, not Castle. Was she unprepared to listen to his crazy theories or did she just need the comfort of her best friend?

One of my favorite scenes was when Javier interviewed Lanie. Despite their nonexclusive status, she hasn't slept with anyone else in the last six months. I wonder if Javi can say the same?

The distress Lanie exhibited as she realized she may have been drugged during a night out with friends was heart wrenching. It made me wish we'd gotten to see a lot more of Dr. Parish over the past six seasons. Perhaps the show will remedy that from her on out.

I also appreciated how Castle, Beckett, Ryan and Esposito discussed the case. Their conversation was quiet as they huddled together around a desk. It wasn't done pacing in front of a murder board for all to see…and a photo with faux Lanie's dead face looking down on them.

Then things got even weirder.

On board a gorgeous, multi-million dollar yacht hung a dead ringer for Detective Javier Esposito. And as Ryan witnessed the double of his partner hanging in front of him he tried to send his friend away. No one should have to see that but there was no chance that Esposito was going to walk.

Another impressive moment was listening to Captain Gates describe the case in this Castle quote

This killer, for reasons unknown has clearly selected two victims who bear deliberate resemblance to members of our own police family.

Capt. Gates

She described the members of the 12th as a family and I had no doubt that she felt that way about her people. They certainly feel that way about one another.

Did anyone else catch that the limousine company was named Blue Moon Limos? Perhaps it was a reference to the Blue Moon Detective Agency from Moonlighting, the TV show from the 1980s. After the show's demise there was much talk of The Moonlighting Curse when a show finally got their will they/won't they couple together.

I'd say Castle has handily broken that curse.

But I digress. Back to our story…

Annie Wersching was brilliant as Dr. Kelly Nieman. I loved watching her and Beckett go head to head in interrogation. Dr. Nieman was cold as ice. Nothing could shake her but she made one mistake. Apparently she thought she could improve on Kate Beckett's looks.

I think Kelly was right the first time. Beckett is amazingly beautiful. I couldn't help but laugh when Castle couldn't just let his fiancee have the compliment. He had to mug for his own, and got knocked off his ruggedly handsome pedestal with "amazing potential."

The mere moments of humor were a small reprieve from a frightening case.

I loved that Castle had his moment to play hero as he tackled Carl Mathews. Castle was completely unwilling to let someone else get away the same way Tyson had…from the same room, of the same motel. The blue light of the pool was a visual reminder of the hollowed out look Rick had the first time Tyson escaped as well as the guilt that Castle has carried around ever since.

And apparently it was one heck of a take down.

Mathews: You broke three of my ribs.
Castle: I'm sorry. I was going for double digits.

As much as I love Castle's ability for love and optimism, I am fascinated by those rare instances that we see his dark side. It reminds me that this is a man who writes about murder for a living and makes me wonder how he got there.

The end was one ominous moment on top of another. First Mathews declaration that they only think they have this all figured out. Then the revelation that Dr. Nieman may very well have been Jerry Tyson's girlfriend.

When that song proclaimed, "We'll Meet Again," I think Kate Beckett finally believed that Jerry Tyson was alive…and gunning for them. I don't believe I've ever seen her look so terrified.

With all of the evidence in the 3XK murders gone, as well as 26 other unsolved cases, does the team at the 12th have any chance of catching him? And will Castle and Beckett ever have a moment's peace until they do?


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Sorry,but he doesn't look like Tyson to me and remember I am a special consultant to both Jordan Shaw and Captain Gates!

@ nottrampis

Looks enough like Tyson to me, especially since he's been hanging around a plastic surgeon. He also stated in the first 3XK episode that he's changed his name and face before. Might not have been the same actor but someone close enough for those 2 scenes.
If he didn't die when Beckett shot him on the bridge, he didn't die when Castle shot him. Probably wearing a vest. Plus they never found the body. Guess we'll find out next time Caskett encounters him or the good doctor!
I think Kate's final expression of fear is the reality that Tyson and/or Neiman will target Castle. She cannot handle losing another person she loves!

@ nottrampis

Homeless guy must be 3XK. When Matthews was confessing to killing the look-a-likes, he made a point to mention the woman's feet scraping the dock, but in opening crime scene at the dock Lanie said she was dead before being strung up. However, Beckett never brought that up as a way to discredit Matthews' confession during the end interrogation.

@ Vince

I watched the opening scene again and I didn't hear Lanie say Pam was dead before she was strung up. I think Matthews did the deed, then walked around the dock to make sure there was no one that saw or heard. That's when he ran off the homeless guy and then acted like he just discovered the body, appearing to be doing his job...just in case he missed someone. Just my thoughts on a very creepy and great episode. Love it when they change things up.

@ castlefan1212

I watched the opening dock scene again and you are correct about those Lanie comments. However, the guard actions at the dock crime scene in the beginning and his statement during the end interrogation make no sense if he was the actual killer. The victim was left hanging from that beam for hours. It would have taken time to position her body on the beam hanging that way in such an open area. It presents that somebody would have noticed him working with the body at some point. The open dock scene was creepy for sure, but somewhat contrived to fit the plot. It felt like they were almost trying a little too hard to be creepy at times. I think more understated moments might have worked better. IMO

@ Vince

its okay we can agree to disagree.
I can't see 3XK giving the limelight to someone else if he is around and i'm sorry it doesn't look like him even with his girlfriend's services


Tyson is the tramp with cough in the beggining, the same tramp with cough that is going through the motel's outside when the guys arrive in the car.

@ Pandora

wow! I never saw that! Good observation!


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I loved the episode. I don't know why but I guessed 3XK about halfway through. We know he didn't die when he was "shot" off the bridge. But I've never seen the look of terror in beckette's eyes than I have at the end. Props to Stana for that great acting you seriously see the look of fear and not many can pull that off convincingly. Great great episode.

@ Nikki6

Same! I guessed 3xk midway through the episode and when it happened in the end my jaw still dropped!


Great episode. I like what Kate said "privacy ends when murder begins" that's a great saying. The Lanie double was definitely freaky and I also wish we could have seen her reaction when she saw the body. Ok when Kate was down visiting Lanie and we saw the body I thought her eyes look so freaky they just creeped me out. Ok either I've never noticed or the dead guys' eyes are just really freaky this episode. Castle being told his face has amazing potential was just great. At least in this episode we finally got a status on Lanie and Esposito's relationship. So Tyson is most likely alive and the creepy Dr. Nieman is his girlfriend. I didn't think Tyson died before on the bridge. I can't wait to see where the Tyson story goes it's so interesting.


I enjoyed the episode, but please no more look-a-likes. Viewers don’t want SK or NF to be playing other versions of their characters. I hope Marlowe attempts to be original with the wedding and actually lets it go ahead without too many convoluted hitches. The weekly promos are really becoming overblown. I am reminded of going to a movie where I hear nothing but rave reviews about it beforehand only to be disappointed with the outcome. For example, this episode was billed as Lanie-centric. However, we didn’t learn anything new of any real significance about her. If the idea was to flesh out her character and back story at the same time, that didn’t happen. In her media interviews, she considered this episode as great writing for her character and she was excited about the episode. She clearly has low expectations, but she must be really grateful for the job. Standard police procedures went out the window during this episode. That was a major security breach at the precinct with that many boxes and case files going missing even if the records room personnel thought it was the real person doing it. Nobody asked Esposito the purpose of the records release or where are all those files were going? After the plastic surgeon interrogation, Kate did not think to order 24/7 surveillance on the business given her shaky alibi? I don’t think Matthews actually killed the look-a-likes after all. His comment to Castle and Beckett as they are leaving the interrogation room that "You have no idea what is really going on. You think you do. But you don't" was a hint to the viewer that Matthews was taking the fall for 3XK (or Niemen) for the murders because he was the ‘Disciple’.

@ Vince

Yes you are right on there Our Roy Montgomery. It seems to me Tyson has to be taken care of before the wedding goes ahead

@ nottrampis

Being the 'Disciple' explains his behavior in the opening scene where he approached the female victim asking for a response. He clearly acted surprised at her condition. Otherwise, his actions at that point make no sense at all.

@ Vince

I thought the disciple was his girlfriend.
The fallguy didn't make sense unless you take into account what he says at the end.


This is what I said at my tumblr blog ( as opposed to my google blog) about the ending.
Having had an e-mail discussion with Caskett12 My castlesque theory of why the song terrifies Beckett is thus. Beckett has only recently (post DC in my view) made Castle the centre of her universe. She knows Tyson is only going after Castle. He always has. A world to her without Castle is not worth living in. ( Castle actually lived the reverse in Still). She knows she would take his death worse , much worse, than her father took his wife’s death. Castle knows 3XK well. He knows why Tyson has waited. He waited for Beckett to catch up to Castle in terms of her feelings. If Tyson kills Castle now he not only ends Castle’s life but destroys the one person Castle lives for. He kills two birds with the one stone. Tyson is one evil man. He will be taken out BEFORE the wedding. He must be!

@ nottrampis

Agree that 3XK must be taken out first. In a later episode, her reaction to the soundtrack will be explained. Castle was clearly affected by her reaction. They will come together on a plan to find him. Recall the late conversation with Beckett and Gates. Gates tells Kate she will need concrete proof before coming forward with a formal claim that Tyson is still alive.


I will give it to the Castle team. When they decide to go "dark" they REALLY nail it. Spectacular episode with more dynamics than we were privy to. This will have lingering affects upon the entire 12th. Kudos to Christine for a great review.

@ IndyPat

Thanks IndyPat. Always appreciate the kudos. And yes, for a show that I watch because it generally makes me smile, they really do dark quite well.


sorry but the homeless guy doesn't look like Tyson to me.
yes Gates is up and dowwn and this was an up. Why do Caskett need a honeymoon? They have been living together for some time and have had more sex than I have had hot dinners ( okay in OZ with our weather it doesn't get cold) so why the honeymoon? the song simply means Tyson is coming for Castle. Now Beckett has Castle in the centre of her universe this terrifies her.
Castle too knows what it would mean to Beckett if he died. BEckett would go down a path far worse than her dad!


Dr. Niemann reminds me of the dominatrix in 2x16...

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