Castle Review: Looking Forward to Next Time

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As much as I'll always love my Happy Castle Mondays, there's something incredibly satisfying about an hour as ominous as Castle Season 6 Episode 9

Somehow the word creepy just isn't enough.

Worried About Her Friends

Watching Lanie's doppelganger hang from that wire was seriously disturbing. I wish we could have seen Lanie's reaction when she first got to the scene.

But Pam Hodge's murder was only the beginning.

When Lanie found the matching tattoo, she only wanted to show it to Beckett, not Castle. Was she unprepared to listen to his crazy theories or did she just need the comfort of her best friend?

One of my favorite scenes was when Javier interviewed Lanie. Despite their nonexclusive status, she hasn't slept with anyone else in the last six months. I wonder if Javi can say the same?

The distress Lanie exhibited as she realized she may have been drugged during a night out with friends was heart wrenching. It made me wish we'd gotten to see a lot more of Dr. Parish over the past six seasons. Perhaps the show will remedy that from her on out.

I also appreciated how Castle, Beckett, Ryan and Esposito discussed the case. Their conversation was quiet as they huddled together around a desk. It wasn't done pacing in front of a murder board for all to see…and a photo with faux Lanie's dead face looking down on them.

Then things got even weirder.

On board a gorgeous, multi-million dollar yacht hung a dead ringer for Detective Javier Esposito. And as Ryan witnessed the double of his partner hanging in front of him he tried to send his friend away. No one should have to see that but there was no chance that Esposito was going to walk.

Another impressive moment was listening to Captain Gates describe the case in this Castle quote

This killer, for reasons unknown has clearly selected two victims who bear deliberate resemblance to members of our own police family.

Capt. Gates

She described the members of the 12th as a family and I had no doubt that she felt that way about her people. They certainly feel that way about one another.

Did anyone else catch that the limousine company was named Blue Moon Limos? Perhaps it was a reference to the Blue Moon Detective Agency from Moonlighting, the TV show from the 1980s. After the show's demise there was much talk of The Moonlighting Curse when a show finally got their will they/won't they couple together.

I'd say Castle has handily broken that curse.

But I digress. Back to our story…

Annie Wersching was brilliant as Dr. Kelly Nieman. I loved watching her and Beckett go head to head in interrogation. Dr. Nieman was cold as ice. Nothing could shake her but she made one mistake. Apparently she thought she could improve on Kate Beckett's looks.

I think Kelly was right the first time. Beckett is amazingly beautiful. I couldn't help but laugh when Castle couldn't just let his fiancee have the compliment. He had to mug for his own, and got knocked off his ruggedly handsome pedestal with "amazing potential."

The mere moments of humor were a small reprieve from a frightening case.

I loved that Castle had his moment to play hero as he tackled Carl Mathews. Castle was completely unwilling to let someone else get away the same way Tyson had…from the same room, of the same motel. The blue light of the pool was a visual reminder of the hollowed out look Rick had the first time Tyson escaped as well as the guilt that Castle has carried around ever since.

And apparently it was one heck of a take down.

Mathews: You broke three of my ribs.
Castle: I'm sorry. I was going for double digits.

As much as I love Castle's ability for love and optimism, I am fascinated by those rare instances that we see his dark side. It reminds me that this is a man who writes about murder for a living and makes me wonder how he got there.

The end was one ominous moment on top of another. First Mathews declaration that they only think they have this all figured out. Then the revelation that Dr. Nieman may very well have been Jerry Tyson's girlfriend.

When that song proclaimed, "We'll Meet Again," I think Kate Beckett finally believed that Jerry Tyson was alive…and gunning for them. I don't believe I've ever seen her look so terrified.

With all of the evidence in the 3XK murders gone, as well as 26 other unsolved cases, does the team at the 12th have any chance of catching him? And will Castle and Beckett ever have a moment's peace until they do?


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Dr. Niemann reminds me of the dominatrix in 2x16...


So Tyson hired Kelly Niemann to transform Pam Hodges and Daniel Santos into Lanie and Espo by performing plastic surgery so that they can check out the evidence in the name of Lanie and Espo so they can't prove that 3XK is alive??


Did anyone else notice that Gates was kind of strange? I thought maybe Tyson replaced Gates by a look-alike like Lanie and Esposito....


Did anyone else notice that Gates was kind of strange? I thought maybe Tyson replaced Gates by a look-alike like Lanie and Esposito....


The homeless guy had a cough; when Castle & Beckett arrived at the hotel to get Mathews that same homeless guy walked thru the scene in the background and coughed. As soon as they brought up Tyson I knew the homeless guy was him. He was there observing everything.


A well-done episode for sure created by the 3XK writer who kept the tension up throughout the show. The case itself resembled an old CSI episode from a few years ago with the dead body doubles. The storyline was a bit more grounded than 5x5 “Probable Cause”. There were story implications that Tyson is going to mess with the wedding. I sure hope that Marlowe is not planning to go there. I don't know why, but it makes me think of Lois and Clark, and not in a good way. Lois and Clark will forever go down in history as the worst wedding arc ever. If you look at the opening scene in slow motion, the homeless guy has a very dirty face, but the eyes were Jerry Tyson. The security guard calling out to the female victim from a distance made no sense after we find out later he was the killer. Kate’s reaction at the end seemed exaggerated unless that song has some kind of memorable connection to her parents wedding. I really wish the writer would have offered an explanation about it. Hopefully, the reaction was just final confirmation, for Beckett, that Tyson was actually alive. I liked them in the loft talking about the honeymoon, but I could have done without Castle listing off all the places he's been with his ex wives. He definitely has serious baggage in that department. I don't want to be reminded he's been there and done it before with other women. I know Kate is more to him than both those marriages combined but I just don't like the way it sounded unless he's talking seriously about why his marriages failed. Thank God Kate seems secure enough now with him that she doesn't seem to mind and can joke about it - for now.


It looks like the series has begun to find solid footing for the first time this season. Last week was a very good episode followed by a great one last night. Not sure what what Gates brings to the party but rather her I guess than Alexis and the mother. Hopefully they can continue to build on these two episodes.


Blue Moon detective agency jumped into my mind too when they described the limo.
*applause* to the writers for that one ( and the reviewer here-Christine)
Every long-running thriller/crime show has to have a Moriarty - and "The Reichenbach Fall" is the classic deception - 3XK is Castle's Moriarty.
And he tried this look-alike trick before when he staged a look-alike contest to hire someone to impersonate Castle in a jewelry store to be caught on surveillance tape (season 5)


I agree that the dramatic episodes really allow the cast to shine. Tamala Jones hit a home run with her performance and the gut wrenching emotion she exuded.
I also liked how open ended they left things because there are so many possibilities for another confrontation and/or showdown. I wonder if they'll revisit this arc towards the end of the season or if we'll have to wait for next season.


Great episode, one of the best story lines in a very long time. The end scene was awesome, with Kate and Castle suddenly realising that Tyson was after Castle to finish the job, just didn't where or when. The use of the WW2 song was brilliant. Not much Caskett again, but this time I'm not complaining!

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Castle Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

They say we all have a twin out there somewhere. I guess this one's mine.


Beckett: I was hoping for something more romantic and less Hobbity.
Castle: Why does everyone always think those two are mutually exclusive?