Castle Sneak Peek: Crossing a Linus

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On Castle Season 6 Episode 7, viewers spent a lot of time with Rick and Alexis, as father and daughter bonded over a death row case.

This Monday, however, on Castle Season 6 Episode 8, it'll be all about Caskett once again. Well, Caskett and Linus.

Prior to taking a call about going to investigate a killing, look for Kate to bring up a touchy subject with her man on "A Murder is Forever," that of a certain photographed animal on the wall.

Would Castle consider - gulp! - moving it? To his office, perhaps? Watch Rick respond to that request in this hilarious clip:

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Castle's dad, brother, ex girlfriend and cousin?
Kate's dad, brother and ex boyfriend?
Martha's mom, dad and love interest?
Laine's sister and brother?
Ryan's dad, brother, mother in law and ex girlfriend
Esposito's dad, brother and love interest?

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Castle Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Castle: You see, I'm honoring you by inviting you into my territory and Linus is part of that territory.
Beckett: And if you want to be invited into my territory again, you should probably rethink that.

Beckett: There's been a murder.
Castle: Yeah, of Linus' feelings.