Haven Review: The Root of The Troubles

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It looks like many of the theories posited by faithful viewers of Haven are true. Audrey and William share a deep, somewhat dark (if unknown) past and they are responsible for the dawn of the Troubles. 

In Haven Season 4 Episode 10 William revealed the reason Audrey always ends up back in Haven.

You gotta get this idea out of your head that you're some saviour here to fix the Troubles. The real you? You made the Troubles. Why do you think you're the one who has to come back to Haven over and over? Why do you think you're the one who has to deal with the Troubles? You made them.


He went on to say that they created them together and they liked it​. We kind of saw that coming, didn't we? That their connection was as deep as a shot to William physically affecting Audrey, however, was unexpected. It also brings up the question again as to whether or not the duo is human or something else.

Alternate Haven

The Trouble with the Troubles was evident during the hour because the people who have them don't make the best use of them. Cliff could have saved everyone a lot of trouble if he had just wished his wife well instead of wishing there were no Troubles at all. 

I realize that wishing the Troubles away might have seemed like an overreaching wish that would fix everything, but since his wife was already injured it seemed to me that the time to wish them away had passed. If he hadn't wished away the Troubles, we wouldn't have had a glimpse into the cool lives our favorite Havenites would have lived if they were Trouble-Free.

It was fun to see dandies Vince and Dave, but it wasn't surprising to me in the slightest that Duke would make a kick-ass police detective. The same skills that made him a brilliant criminal have made him an excellent part of the Trouble fighting team, so it felt right.

The biggest surprise was Nathan's journey to medicine, something he could never do without the ability to feel. I felt more emotion from Audrey watching him "feel" the tear in a patient's chest than I have in a long time. It would have been difficult in that moment not to want thing to stay as they were, even after learning he had a wife and daughter.

But, that's when William showed his face. At least once William brought up the issue of Audrey being someone who liked and wanted the Troubles it wasn't brushed away for a rainy day. William is hell bent on exposing her to herself to get her back. 

Were they the Bonnie and Clyde of their world? It certainly seems like it. What powers did they have that were so great that they created the havoc that descended upon Haven and then someone saw fit to punish Audrey for as long as - what, forever? At least in 27 year intervals where she would be recreated and made to live and love only to lose it all again as penance for creating the Troubles.

Gods? Witches? Whatever they were, Audrey doesn't remember and she doesn't want the secret out. If William dies as a result of the gunshot wound from Nathan, will he take her with him? Where has he been when she's been out of the Bar(n) on the other years? Was that Agent Howard's role? To keep William away from Audrey so that she would serve out her penance?

As strange as it is, I like this new layer to the story. It's just strange enough to work. It expands the mythos of Haven. I'm also more interested in where Jennifer stands in all of this and missed her presence this week. Could she be another daughter of Audrey, perhaps by William? Anything goes at this point.

Kudos to those of you who have been piecing things together, bit by bit. What are your thoughts now? Hit the comments with your latest theories!


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I wonder if Mara"s father found the aether years ago, got sick and she came to earth to find a cure and went insane with worry so when William came along, he talked her into giving people troubles for bad reasons and not to see if she can cure her father. Charlotte has come to get her back home because her penance is up and or because they managed to make her father better.


Vince's tattoo comes and goes and only the elder of each generation of his family can do that. So what about Duke friend from a few seasons back who showed him the mark on the gravestones? She had a tattoo on her shoulder that came and went. She left town, but how is she connected and are they going to bring her back? Is she Vince's daughter? Her part in this is a loose thread that hasn't been answered yet and I am hoping we get one.


I'm tuning into Haven, only to see an episode of Roswell. I wasn't a fan of William in the barn, I don't care for him in the "real" world. Remember when this show used to be fun to watch? This season hasn't been fun.

@ CM

then stop watching, moron


I read some time ago that all the answers are contained in the opening sequence, which references witch burning. It seems to me that Audrey and William are/were witch/warlock or witch/devil, Audrey was burnt at the stake, wished the troubles upon Haven as revenge, and now has to atone. It also explains why killing Nathan is no longer a good idea--Nathan and Audrey's love for him is the only thing that will overcome her evil side brought out/originated w/William.


I'm betting that William is the one that Audrey loves, that she has to kill in order to break the curse. There curse is MICMAW and is due to forbidden love. Just a theory.

Jacki whitford

I LUV LUV LUVed this episode. I loved the "Safest Town in Maine" twist with Duke's family as police, Nathan as a doctor able to touch and feel AND with a family. Vince and Dave were hilarious - but they also played small town paper publishers when Audrey first met them in Season 1. Colin Ferguson is great as William the vicious stalker.But I have to admit, the reveal at the end - what they are to each other and the gun shot wound were fantastic. I am glad Haven never gets stale. Each season the writers come up with something even better.


I absolutely LOVE where they have gone with Haven! Convoluted and full of surprises to say the least. It gives the same sort of payoff as Fringe, just not so depressing. I just hope the series will get a proper ending when they finally take it off the air. I couldn't stand it if we never learned the secret behind Audrey's origins and the Troubles!


Nathan shot William, not Duke

@ Didine34790

So he did! Fixed! :-)


loved this weeks episode, but not looking forward to next weeks, the handheld cam episode, i dont know why tv shows do them, it seems by and large that no one likes them


Loved this episode so much! Craig Ferguson is obviously having a blast with William, he was wickedly good fun in this episode. I really enjoyed the dimwitted Nathan too, The "nother" scene was one of my favourites. Agree with Kira, the trouble in the bed was great, and I really enjoyed that scene, especially as their loves been a little lacking of late. I'm still not convinced Audrey is the root if the troubles, or even half of them. Agent Howard was pretty clear with his statement "it certainly feels like you're being punished" and I always felt like she wasn't. William has demonstrated that he's pretty conniving, and I wouldn't put it past him to lie about here role in the creation of the troubles. I think he certainly has something to do with them... And there's no doubting their linked somehow, but I'm not convinced she's serving penance. I like the idea that Agent Howard was a gatekeeper who prevented William from appearing in any of Audrey's prior incarnations. I think the Haven writers have always been pretty good at doing the complete opposite of what everyone is thinking, so I suspect it'll be no different here.

@ Troubled

It's Colin, not Craig

@ christie

Woops! Sorry Colin :(

@ Troubled

I would like it if she were responsible, because it would show just how much she's changed from the person she was and that you can learn and grow from your mistakes when you are given a chance to understand the ramifications. Maybe they realized William could never change, and he wasn't given the opportunity to atone for what he had done and he's angry that Audrey has grown past who they once were. I would like that very much.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Yes, I like your logic. Although, I wonder if it was more she was kind of along for the ride, rather than an instigator... I think our original Audrey probably felt responsible and that is why she's "atoning" but how much she's atoning for her, and how much for him I'm not sure. I wonder if they are two of the same person ... Two sides of a coin? Twins? I'm also curious if they're linked because of what he did to her at the end of the last episode, there was no real explanation for the "you're mine" buiswhack. Also, where's the Colorado kid and why has no one mentioned him since Audrey got back?

@ Troubled

Yes! Exactly! Everything that you said is what I was thinking. I think we're on to something :)

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