How I Met Your Mother Review: Chall-ng Acc-pt-d

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As we checked back in with the crew at the Farhampton Inn, 31 hours before the wedding, Barney and the others tried to cheer up an emotional Robin.

Sighting his perfect record, Barney accepted the challenge of turning his bride to be's frown upside down.

The Friendship Question

When Lily took exception to Barney's claim, How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 9 turned back the clock six months to a night Barney took on an onslaught of challenges and Ted tried to convince Marshall he was over Robin.

Lily always has her relationship radar on when it comes to Ted and Robin, so after seeing their little inside joke resurrected, she engaged Ted in a painfully funny game of footsie. Barney's shins were next to feel her wrath after his comment about Robin and Marshall. 

Barney: Truth is, I only know of one truly platonic relationship.
Lily: You and me.
Barney: Don't make me laugh Lily. You want to hit this so hard.

For all the challenges Barney has accepted over the years, Lily accurately noted how they almost always play to his strengths.

Watching Barney take on everything she and Robin could throw at him was one of the more entertaining segments of How I Met Your Mother Season 9. None made me laugh harder than when he had to get a girl's number while wearing a garbage bag and refraining from using the letter E.

Ted and Marshall, meanwhile, had a pretty serious conversation at the Harlem Globetrotters game. Having them cheering for The Generals was a great twist, keeping the scenes from getting too serious. It was so nice to see Marshall anywhere but on the road with Daphne. Watching him ride the refs at the game was a real treat.

The episode would have been fine story wise if Ted didn't get offered the job in Chicago. Getting to see Bryan Cranston scream threats through the phone, though, made that void left by the series finale of Breaking Bad feel a tad less cavernous.

The show continued its crawl toward the wedding day, but we did get some more mother scenes. She completely unnerved Barney with her reaction when he tried to hit on her. Then he got some pretty solid advice. 

Do you want to keep playing or do you want to win?

The Mother

While the usually impulsive Ted bided his time, Barney took action and ended up getting the girl. It still remains to be seen, however, what Ted is planning to do, as it seems almost certain he will tell Robin one last time how he feels.

What do you think?


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The word "Finally" came out of my mouth when I saw the gang (at least two thirds of it) hanging out in the bar. Bar scenes will always make the episode feel like home and Barney was at his very best in this one. Finally they utilized NPH in season 9.
Ted and Marshall scenes were boring but the rest was awesome. Mother scene was perfectly done and a nice milestone for the Barnicle as she gave the catalyst for him to pursue his would be bride.

Drea xoxo

did no one notice that marshall wasn't really there and was edited in..... finally another mum scene !!! but why didn't barney take her number for goodness!! that would have made more sense if she was always there. and no signs of her playing guitar yet when does this come into play?


This was a great episode, it felt like the old HIMYM. So I was glad for that! As everyone has already mentioned, all of Barney's challenges were absolutely hilarious! I love when he can be hilarious and incredibly touching in one episode. I'm not so excited for next week's episode focusing on his parents, but maybe it will be okay. At least we got a really great episode out of this subpar season!

@ Amy Lynn

Amen!!! Exactly as I feel. Usually parents episodes other than Marshall's are boring. Hopefully Barney get to be his usual self rather than touchy feely person that is not cut out for his character.


I normally do not watch this show anymore, but I love Bryan Cranston, and had to get my fix. I did really enjoy the episode as a whole though. Seeing Barney accept those challenges was so funny, especially when he was speaking as a dolphin. I hope that we get another episode with Bryan Cranston before the series ends.


i like it. but can we please stop with the whole ted and robin thing please!!!!!!!!!!!! it's so over done with and it's dead in the water and old!!!!
love all the stuff liliy and robin had bareny do. wow tptb sure did fool me last night i thought for sure that a, we well not see the mother but was worng there. and b. the marshel was going to be the 2nd one to see her. since it had been an while since we saw. it was nice to get away fom the longest and the most boring car ride ever


Get over it Ted!!! Jesus! Leave Robin alone!!


I swear its like the actor who play Marshall just hate everyone he work with also the Mother was so hot looking

@ Michael+

Jason Segel does not look like himself in this season. Most probably due to his reluctance for work in season 9. Also he looked weird with his skinny look.


Finally an episode way from the inn and boring car ride. Seriously the car trip is the worst. This just proves that the bar and NY setting is why fans started watching in the first place. You cant just take that away suddenly (AND FOR A WHOLE DAMN SEASON AT THAT! - cruel). It's as if you'd have the entire final season of Breaking Bad take place in Walt's secret cottage....but luckily those writers were smart enough to wrap those months in 1 episode!

@ Mark

These writer are way smarter then those loser


Okay. Here's the thing. I both loved and hated this episode. I LOVED the flashback. I loved EVERYTHING about Barney's challenges, and I doubled over in laughter during the dolphin challenge, the no "Es" challenge, and when he did the Ryan Gosling I almost died. I loved Barney's conversation with the mother, I loved that she put him on the right track. I loved Bryan Cranston. I loved Marshall and Ted yelling at the coach. This would have been a perfect episode if Marshall and Ted's conversation had been about anything else besides Ted and Robin. Seriously, if I never hear "Ted and Robin" again, it'll still be too soon. I am so incredibly tired of the Ted and Robin storyline. We already know Barney marries Robin, we know Ted marries the mother, so I can't for the life of me understand why they're spending so much time hashing out every last detail of Ted's infatuation with Robin, and I can't imagine how all that minutiae will contribute to that final moment. I totally get that Ted's devastation over Robin will be the catalyst to him finding the mom, and I appreciate that...but at this point, do all of these little details even matter? I'm sorry, that was a rant. :-(

@ Robin Harry

I totally agree with everything you said!


Terrible episode and a very bad season, so far. This "Ted loves Robin, who loves Barney" thing is pathetic and annoying.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 9 Quotes

And the only survivor was me, because I was upstairs banging Ted's mom. What? Get that blonde girl's phone number? Challenge accepted!


Do you want to keep playing or do you want to win?

The Mother