How I Met Your Mother Review: Zabka-Tage

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Family ties were tested this week, as both Barney and James's fathers arrived at the wedding.

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 10 also marked the return of Detective Mosby when Ted set out to find who tried to frame him.

Tracking Down the Culprit

Barney lost touch with reality a bit as he sought to reunite his parents, but in typical fashion didn't let a little thing like his father being married dissuade him. 

Like he has on many an occasion, Barney enlisted the help of his trusted driver Ranjit to help hatch his plan. Ranjit never fails to deliver some laughs when he answers the call of his long-time friend. 

Detective Mosby has a few cold cases to his name, but was resolute in his pursuit to find the ink-spilling culprit. I loved the addition of the Beastie Boys to the episode's soundtrack in the scene where Ted uncovered the Zabka-tage, capped off by Lily's second tackle of the weekend.  

Marshall and Daphne's wild ride finally came to a close, but not before Sherri Shepherd delivered her best scene of How I Met Your Mother Season 9.

Kids, they don't understand logic, kids understand who shows up. That's why her dad's her hero and I get hung up on.


The speech Daphne's daughter gave was hilarious and touching, but my favorite moment from that arc this week was seeing little Marvin at the wheel during The Proclaimers montage.

Overall, the best moment had to be Billy Zabka recounting a lifetime marked as a bad guy. 

Twenty-five years of getting crane kicked in the nuts.

Billy Zabka

This time he actually was the villain, but showed some class when he told Ted "You're alright, Mosby" just like he did in 1984 with Daniel LaRusso in the final scene of The Karate Kid.

This storyline on its own was reason enough for me to rank tonight's episode as one of the season's best.


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Strangely I loved this episode. The song of Barney's parents, Ranjit's crazy laughs and the scenes with Billy Zabka was very much enjoyable. Marshall and Daphney's anyway sucks so it's coming to an end is another plus for this episode.
"Zabka-tage" was the cherry on top. Bravo writers. Well done!!!


This was a hilarious episode! I loved the homage paid to the Proclaimers by Marshall. That was great! And hopefully this means he'll be joining the other in Farhampton next week? He's almost there! Barney's antics with his parents were hilarious, I love the voices he goes into sometimes, And thinking his brother was going to be the mature one to talk him out of it, only to have him fool us all and play the same game was priceless! I always love to see the light hearted side of Ted, so Detective Mosby was definitely welcome by me! If only he could solve that pineapple mystery since we're all wondering... The "suicide letter" was also hilariously written, in typical Barney fasion. Hopefully we see more episodes like this!


Best episode of the season for me :-) Great!


Really good episode. Barney trying to get his parents together was funny. Marshall and Daphne singing the song was fun and I was hoping we would see that part I always love it. Seeing all the stuff Marshall did to make Daphne mad was funny. Daphne making it to her daughters speech was nice and her daughters speech was really funny I just loved Marshall's face when she said the word oil. I'm so glad we got to see Lilly tackle someone again I've been waiting for that since the first episode I hope we see her tackle a few more people I think it's very funny. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.


Neil Patrick Harris and Wayne Brady in a sing-off, and the return of John Lithgow. That was pretty much all I needed, really. I don't even care what the plot was :-)


Agreed. There were a number of homages in this episode that I liked -- the pineapple, the Proclaimers, Johnny Lawrence's last line from the Karate Kid, the bang bang bangity bang while Barney tried to reunite his parents, plus the "Zabka-tage" part, etc. It was one of the funnier episodes for me in the season.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 10 Quotes

Hey quick favor. I want to give this to Robin, Gretzkys her hero. She says his name sometimes in bed, I've accepted it.


Kids, they don't understand logic, kids understand who shows up. That's why her dad's her hero and I get hung up on.