Modern Family Review: Sisters Before Misters

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Cam's cattle call to the pigs on Modern Family this week was so jarring and loud that I think my neighbor has turned up her TV volume in the last hour in retaliation. Oh, apartment living.

But, yes, I'm so with Mitchell when he was surprised that there was an animal who would actually run towards that sound.

It was a fun trip to the farm for all in Modern Family Season 5 Episode 8.

Life On the Farm

Okay, it took me two viewings to pick up on Mitchell's "Missouri/Misery" joke but it was pretty funny. I have to say, though, I do love when Cam embraces his Western roots and gets all cowboy on us. I love when Lily picked up on it and started saying y'all. It's a contagious thing. I find myself speaking with a slight twang after Nashville episodes.

Or anytime I'm re-watching Friday Night Lights and Tami Taylor speaks.

Mitchell putting on the overalls to embrace life on the farm was cute. Also, it gave me a giggle that they were Pameron's overalls he was wearing. Did anyone else forget how totally touchy Cam's mom was? Eek! Well at least she loves Mitchell and Cam together, unlike Grams.

We never told Grandma ‘bout the gay.


I say just don't invite her to the wedding! If she can't accept their love, tough luck. Besides, if she's on deathbed number-two and Pepper is still in change of planning, who knows when this wedding will even happen.

Elsewhere, Jay and Claire went to ClosetCon 2013 for work. Jay was interested in meeting old buddies. Claire was super psyched to sign up for activities. By the way, I could totally see Claire being that way. She's not the mom who lets you relax on vacation, she's the one who wants to keep doing activities. Now that I think about it, it's what makes her and Phil really compatible!

Can you believe Jay got one of his friends to try and sway Phil to Texas with a job offer? I can't believe he disliked Phil that much! Who dislikes Phil!?! His reaction to Jay's closet of artifacts and toys was amazing as was his reaction when he broke the Apollo model. Much funnier than Gloria's "Houstons, we have a problem."

I do have to give Gloria props though for keeping Alex and Haley tangled together for an extra hour. The girls needed to learn a lesson and they did.

As an unbiased viewer, I'm gonna say that I think the pizza guy was more into Alex. But then again, like I mentioned in my Modern Family Season 5 Episode 7 review, I think something is totally going to happen with Haley and the manny.


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Leigh r

gahhh sorry guys! new system has been giving us some tech issues, I'll let the bosses know!


Joe starts the path to the dark side, how did he figure out how to use the plane controls?
I knew that Jay had an affair!
Phil rocks! he manage to repair that model, hoping that jay never finds out


It's not letting me reply or edit my comment at the moment. Just wanted to make sure my comment said that the Claire as Jay's business heir was "newer," meaning this season -- so someone didn't wonder if I didn't know.


Great episode -- and second one where the Dunphy kids had stories and not just one-liners. Also, Gloria is mostly funny by being over-the-top (or being a caricature - not sure how to say it as it's not a criticism) - but sometimes she is allowed to be mature, maternal, and wise in a way in line with her background and experience. This was one such episode. I also like the newer plot of Claire being her father's business heir, because she would be. I did like the farm in this episode too!


What made Gloria's comment funny was she said..."Houstons..we have a situation!!!!" She didn't even get the saying right. :)

Sarah silva

It is not letting me edit my comment today for some reason: I was not shocked to learn that Jay did not like Phil at first.

Sarah silva

This was a great episode.
I loved the Apollo 13 references!
I personally got the Missouri/Misery joke right away and it was great.
I do not know why Jay thought that Clare would be scared by a skeleton in the closet, after all she is married to Phil who is a big kid himself and I am sure played worse pranks on Clare.
Alex and Hayley fighting over a guy is funny and they shared a sweet moment, which we can always count on Modern Family for having a mix of funny and sweet moments.

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Modern Family Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Missouri, misery, huh?


Closet Con is the premiere North American trade show for the closet industry. I stopped going years ago because it’s a trade show for the closet industry.