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Devastating heartbreak....

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Episode 10 was the episode that many fans have waited years to see and it ended with a crushing blow.

Kensi and Deeks went through more ups and downs within 24 hours than should be possible. And just when they came to a shared understanding, any hope of a happy ending in the short term was taken away by Hetty and Granger.

Still Partners

The night before everything changed when Deeks said, "I want to be at my place, right now ... with you." Aww. I was disappointed that the morning after began with Deeks already at work. That left the events of the previous night ambiguous. What happened? I felt cheated by not getting even a tiny glimpse of Kensi and Deeks actually being together.

Even by the end of the hour, it wasn't clear what actually transpired between the two, except that they both had difficulty working together after their feelings for each other were released into the world. Deeks couldn't pull the trigger, then he pushed her into the wall and blocked her from a firefight, and Kensi unilaterally started to breach Deeks undercover mission.

They both put their team at risk at various times due to these new and complicated feelings they had for the other. When the feelings were repressed, they could function without a problem, but that all changed once they let them out. Could they continue to be partners? Or, is that now impossible?

At first it appeared that they weren't going to be able to function as a team as they had before. After the thumb drive was recovered and they had a day to realize the cost both personally and professionally, they opened up to each other as only they could. Their conversation was precious.

Deeks: This thing?
Kensi: Yes. Our thing.
Deeks: I'm sorry. I didn't -- I didn't hear you because there are so many people walking by. Maybe say it louder. Once more just for me.
Kensi: I hate you.
Deeks: You don't. You don't. You don't hate me.
Kensi: Our thing.
Deeks: Wow. Phew.
Kensi: You have to promise me something too.
Deeks: Anything.
Kensi: Promise you'll be patient with me.
Deeks: See you tonight.
Kensi: Yeah.

They had difficulties for one day. And, that conversation showed that they recognized that it was the uncertainty which caused their problems. Their willingness to talk about their feelings showed promise that they would be able to regain a functioning professional relationship while exploring their personal one.

The use of "The Frozen Lake" story throughout their journey was fitting and guided them to a good place. It allowed Kensi to open up and express her fears in a non-threatening way. And, Deeks then took it and used it to find a way to make their relationship work. It was the perfect thread to use throughout the episode. 

It's probably a good thing that fans have two weeks to work through their feelings about "The Frozen Lake" before dealing with a series of Kensi-less episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles. But, don't worry, her absence is only temporary. Daniela Ruah will be back as Kensi after her maternity leave.

In an interview with Executive Producer Shane Brennan earlier this season about Kensi and Deeks, he said,  " [in the] 18th episode there's this pretty powerful and surprising revelation that changes the course of their relationship in a very, very big way." And, no, Ruah's pregnancy will not be written into the show. Brennon said, "Dani's pregnant. Kensi's not."

There's still hope for Deeks and Kensi! Perhaps, the time separated will only make their love for each other stronger. Kensi had better at least text or call him before she flies off to work on the highly classified "White Ghost" mission for Granger.

While the highlight was the episode was dealing with Deeks and Kensi's relationship, there was an engaging case this week. I'm not sure why the thumb drive was brought from Bahrain to Los Angeles by the Pakistani ISI agents, but they did. It was an action-packed chase to protect Pakistan's nuclear arsenal.

If those nukes got into the wrong hands, it would be catastrophic for the world. There were enough beheadings to last ... forever. I don't need to see that on NCIS: Los Angeles again though it worked well for this case. The addition of the Gurkas to the story was a unique twist. And, their use of knives complemented Kensi giving her father's knife to Deeks.

The Gurkas also provided the best set up ever for a fight scene. Kudos to L.L. Cool J and Chris O'Donnell for the awesome fight scene with the Gurka. The show usually has epic fire fights, but this time the award goes to the hand-to-hand combat fight. They rocked it, especially since Callen's gun was knocked out of his hand.

"The Frozen Lake" was the best episode of NCIS: Los Angeles season 5 since the premiere. From start to finish, the work and the personal were integrated well together. The hour had a sad ending, but it's really just the beginning of Kensi and Deeks' journey. And, Kensi got a new shirt!

There were so many awesome moments and lines during the episode, check them out in our NCIS: Los Angeles quotes section.

Were you devastated that Kensi and Deeks were brought together and pulled apart within 24 hours? Will Deeks be able to work with a new partner? Any guesses what will happen in 18th episode? What was your favorite line or moment?


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Sorry to say, but I think this show JTS in two unrelated areas last season. Getting Kensi and Deeks together sexually was a huge mistake. Then the writers compounded that by sending Kensi off to Afghanistan as a "sniper." You don't need to know much about military snipers to realize that it is a full-time occupation, a calling. Certainly not something you are just thrown into without burning tens of thousands of rounds of ammo on the range. The producers obvious never read Carlos Hathcock's autobiography.


this episode 18 stuff is making me nervous...


this episode 18 stuff is making me nervous...


I have been loving NCIS LA and yes I am not happy that Deeks and Kensi are not together, but I know that it is because of Daniela's pregnancy. So be it. But after, I am looking forward to having lots of Densi scenes. If that doesn't happen, or if either one of them leaves the show I will not continue to watch it. They are my favorite tv characters and I look forward to every Tuesday evening. I still watch NCIS but not with the same interest that I used to have when I was able to see Tiva happen. I'm more into NCIS LA, but without just isn't the same.


I think that "mission" is just to get Kensi out while Ruah is pregnant. Maybe she'll leave for the rest of the season, with us seeing her in her mission in the Navy vest (good to hide the first months) and the Sniper Rifle (nothing action-oriented, more static, which is also good to hide her pregnancy and keep the illusion). Also, I think this might be explained by Hetty wanting to separate them to see how they perform without each other, to get a better feeling about where this is going. It's good to see that they partially adapted to the difficult situations in those episodes though ("Who would have taken THAT shot?") and also that they seem to stay optimistic for now. My best guess is that this was some kine of "this is weird" situation, but they bounced back a little already. I just hope they don't kill the relationship in Episode 18. Not that I want them to be together or that I wouldn't want them to be - I don't mind either - the problem here is that, should they break apart we might not have the good old Densi style back and forth in the next season, you know, the talk and behavior that made their relationship unique. While I saw a change in this episode, I also saw that the behavior went slightly back to normal towards the end of it, which suggests they might behave like they have before would they be together as partners again - at leas when they are in the field. Anyway, I hope they stay together and find a way dealing with it in the field sooner or later. It would be interesting material for future episodes, and maybe we might see a little bit more something about how Deek and Kensi are at home, you know, aside from work. Technically a relationship is allowed in those jobs - as far as I know. The problem here is that it is up to the team leader (or the division director) to decide if the team is effective, or if it's compromised by a relationship. And this might exactly be what Hatty tries to find out at the moment.


just when it got interesting , they blew it apart. Hmm go figure. no more getting invested in people on tv for me.


oh here we go again first Tony and Ziva on NCIS and there was well ok a brief pay off for that and now just when it got interesting they had to pull them apart. No more getting invested in people on television for me.


i really want Kensi to return. For me if she does not return that will more than likely be the last episode that I will watch. I can't get ready for someone to take her place. So if you really love your fans and want us to continue to watch. Please bring her back. Not a look alike.


How is it any different thn hooking a good looking male character with a good looking female character we barly ever see character get killed off in show because most of them have become primetime porn shows with all the romantic crap.


it was in tvguide magazine that someone would die at end of season. alot of these shows are getting ridiculous killing off characters for their storylines.

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Kensi: It's not going to work. I'm standing on my frozen lake.
Deeks: I don't know what that means.

Okay, yesterday I would've taken the shot, but it's not yesterday any more. Is it? Is it?