Revenge Review: Silver Linings Playbook

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When Revenge is good, it's really good, and right now this show is heating up.

Revenge Season 3 Episode 7 gave us shirtless Jack, Nolan in glasses (adorable), actual chemistry between two characters, Charlotte being useful and a silver-lined takedown.

There's little doubt this upswing is thanks to November Sweeps, but whatever the reason for the Revenge resurgence, I'll take it.

The PR Plan

The episode opened with Emily and Aiden in a boat going over their plan to frame Victoria and Emily remarked that when this is over, she'll never see Charlotte or Nolan again. Her dread at the idea of leaving behind those about whom she cares deeply was palpable throughout the installment. 

One of the things that really worked well tonight, and which will hopefully continue to work, is the feeling that Emily is saying goodbye and having a hard time with it. We so rarely see Emotional Emily that when she comes out to play, it's a treat. These people, Nolan especially, are her Achilles heel. 

We know Emily can't really be leaving. Revenge wouldn't be what it is without her. But the scenes are being written in such a way that it actually feels possible that she could make an exit. 

Scenes with Ems and Nolan are always some of my favorites, and tonight was no exception. They worked together so that he could take down the public relations manager, Bizzy, who cost him the last 10 years of his father's life, and this time, Emily gave Nolan the takedown, opting instead to be his sidekick.

Emily: It was kind of fun being your wingman.
Nolan: I taught you well, grasshopper.

And that's what they are: sidekicks. Ems without Nolan is like Nolan without an impeccably accessorized outfit. It just doesn't seem possible. 

Another thing that never seemed possible was Charlotte being useful, but here she is, all grown up and scheming on her own. Even Victoria sees the potential in Charlotte's plan.

Charlotte deserves some credit here. Having Sara come between Daniel and Emily is genius. There's a chemistry between Sara and Daniel that is hard to ignore. Yes, Daniel and Emily are written to have very little chemistry because she's using him to take down his parents, but still, the tension between Sara and Daniel is present and real and that's a relationship I would happily see explored. 

Except Victoria has her hands in it now, so it will wilt and turn black under her grip of death and doom. Thanks for nothing, V.

But the real fireworks - and waterworks - of the night came courtesy of Jack who finally took off his wedding ring and said goodbye to FauxManda.

Margaux is growing on me as a strong woman with integrity, so I actually kind of like her with Jack (if Jack can't be with Emily, that is). When she left their date, I knew immediately that Jack was struggling with the idea that the last woman he loved is dead and he's a single dad.

His scene at the cemetery was heartbreaking. Nolan gave him the push he needed to say goodbye and close that chapter of his life.

Then Jack went and got his groove back. He's lost so much that I really just want the guy to be happy for a while. And if that means he gets shirtless more often, that's okay by me.

What did you think of Revenge Season 3 Episode 7? Can you feel the tension between Sara and Daniel? Does this feel like goodbye for Emily, even if we know she's not really going anywhere? 


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I loved this episode ! Nolan's own revengenda... WOW. Beautiful. And Emily as his sidekick, even better.
Sara and Daniel are sooo much better together. Charlotte, I'm impressed, making herself useful. HOWEVER, Victoria will ruin even that. Shame. Emily is definitely not happy about that little detour.
Jack... man I'm so happy the guy is trying to move on ! Margaux is definitely okay by me ! He needs that. It was really sad, watching him say goodbye to Faux-Manda.
I'm gonna miss Aiden...
I agree that Charlotte's dislike of Emily is childish, however, it makes sense. For all she knows, Daniel is her brother and the woman he's about to marry has a different agenda and most likely doesn't love him. The way she's handling that, well, with Victoria in it now, it's gonna get bloody !


I like Charlotte scheming, BUT not against Emily. I understand the interesting tragedy behind Charlotte unknowingly scheming against her real sister, but the whole reason Charlotte started hating Emily is so pathetic and childish! Feels like a bad high school drama, which is unfortunate because I love Revenge!


I like Margaux more than I thought I would.
However.... I don't like her with Jack. Maybe for a quick fling to help heal his heart from Fauxmanda. But ultimately, Emily belongs with Jack! And Margaux is nothing more than a rebound.


Anyone remember Margaux from the ill-fated Pan Am?


I still don't get the Sarah-Daniel thing. All this time he imagined she had all medical expenses covered and so he was ok with the idea of never seeing her again. Now he knows she needs help he realizes she is the girl for him?
I see the chemistry between them, I just don't like how they got there. I care more about next week's promo than about this episode.
Who is back? I'll be disapointed if it's Mason. They aaaaalllwwwaaayyyss bring him back. Boring. But I think it will be someone who dislikes the Grayson family just as much as Emily.


you forgot about shirtless aiden... yummy scrummy


the episode is sooo good, almost flawless, and so does the last. pity that it got a 1.4 Adult rating :( it totally deserves a mid if not a high 2

Drea xoxo

I think margaux has been sent for either Nolan or Emanda. remember she was snooping at the beginning, shoot she could even be after graysons!! either way don't like her and wih fauxmanda was still around. person coming back could be hartley, or emanda's brother....... not her mum PLEASE!!! like emanda with aiden but don't think she should be with any man, she has too many issues tbh to ever be happy. charlotte girl bye!!! im just meh meh and MEH!!! she could have stayed in europe tbh and skype call like marshall is on HIMYM. vicki what have they done to yours and connie's character, i am getting bored!!!
like that the UB actress still has jobs, i only really liked her character on the show but as i digress her character was underused and wanted more dirt on patrick tbh and margeux! why didn't ems think to search. this lil miss sarah, i skip these scenes and don't see the point. no complications get to the point and finish the show now


margaux looks too old for Jack. and is somehow up to something too! Sorry Aiden and Ems!


Still can't stand Emily and Aiden together, I don't get the appeal. I don't think she will be able to leave Nolan and Jack. I do think Margeaux has to be up to no good as well. Her timing is too convenient. So I'm betting she will ending up breaking Jack's heart as well and he'll turn back to Emily then. I really hope we get to see some of these things play out when her revenge plan really is done. It was fun to get to see Nolan doing some revenging for a change. I always like to see him having a good time. I still can't get behind Sarah. I don't know why. I'm still a fan of Emily and Daniel together, especially from season 1 when she actually had real feelings for him. But it's probably for the best, as long as they at least put her with Jack in the end! Who's going to come back next week? I'm thinking Amanda's mom. We'll see I guess!

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Ah, you and Vicki. Besties. That kind of runs counter to your master plan of framing her for murder, no?


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