Revenge Review: The Inner Circle

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This installment certainly lacked the excitement of a Red Sharpie takedown bonanza, and that left Revenge feeling a little boring. A lot boring. There was just so much talking. 

Revenge Season 3 Episode 6 was just the calm before the Grayson takedown storm, right? Please say yes.

Talking Over Tequila

So much happened in an hour tonight... and yet nothing really happened. To facilitate discussing this filler episode, let's just break things down into best and worst of the night.


Nolan's had one night with Patrick and he's calling Patrick "the one." I get that Nolan is tired of being lonely, but come on, dude. Patrick killed a man while trying to kill another man to protect Victoria. Victoria!! There's no planet on which he could possibly be a trustworthy guy. I couldn't fathom how Nolan could be so in love with Patrick so quickly. It didn't work.

Victoria told Patrick she would always cherish the fact that he tried to kill Conrad for her even though an innocent man died in the process. Cherish. The fact that he would kill for her.

Emily and Aiden took down a house by swapping out some paperwork to make it seem like the beach was eroding away from Grayson Manor. That was the most effective use of their time.

Sara, the girl Daniel nearly killed while drunk driving, got a job in a bakery in Montauk. The two just happened to run into one another after Charlotte tapped into her inner Grayson and schemed to make their run-in seem coincidental. 


Charlotte's scheming actually tops the night as one of the best parts. She's trying to be useful and come up with her own plan to keep Emily from marrying Daniel and that plan involves giving him another option. I don't love it, but since we know Emily's not the one for Daniel, having Sara in the picture gives the illusion that Daniel will go on to find happiness.

This storyline also gives Daniel a shot at redemption since his parents screwed Sara over after the crash. If he can fix it, he'll prove he's better than they are.

Emily and Aiden! While their premise for working together was sort of lame, it got them together, so that's something to celebrate. But there's a big, flashing caution sign on this. They're hot together, but I can't shrug off the fact that she's using him and has no plan to escape with him to a beach in the Maldives for the rest of their lives. She'll never be able to leave Jack and Nolan.

Patrick is gone, though, but probably not for good. Nolan finally realized, thanks to Jack, that he had to let Patrick go and he let Jack be the one to take care of it. Jack is pretty good at this revenge-y stuff and Jack and Nolan are a friendship I can root for. I loved everything about their scenes together. Jack telling Nolan to get to the point, Nolan deciding to go rogue and tell Jack that he's in the inner circle. Their boys night with Nonna's lasagna. What's not to love?

Probably the best thing about tonight was Emily accepting the fact that Nolan and Jack and Aiden all know the truth about her identity and that their knowing doesn't have to ruin her plan. Emily's selfish and stubborn. She doesn't consider other people's feelings before she acts.

In a lot of ways, she's still the little girl who lost her father, completely egocentric. Nolan's been trying to tell her this for weeks, but something about knowing that Jack knows that Nolan has always known softened her just in time to start saying her goodbyes.

The plan for Emily's final takedown is to frame Victoria for her murder. Given that Aiden is the only one who knew that final step up until this point, it stands to reason that he'd be the one to shoot her. Which means that he absolutely won't be the one to pull the trigger. And that makes this interesting.

What did you think of tonight's Revenge, "Dissolution?" Was it a sleepy episode? Will Aiden be the one to shoot Emily?


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As for Charlotte... although I'm not a fan of her hating on Emily, I do like her scheming and revenging. It makes her character much more interesting. I just wish she was teaming up with Emily instead of going against her. At this point, I don't see how the wedding could actually take place--especially if Daniel really does kiss Sara in the next episode. It's clear he and Emily don't belong with each other, but I don't like the idea of him straying so soon to the wedding. Emily has enough obstacles in her way already! It feels like nothing goes her way anymore.


I happen to think this was a great episode! Although I do agree its a little ridiculous that Nolan has fallen so hard so soon, it was fun to see Jack take over "revengenda" and plot to "X" Patrick. My favorite moments: Nolan admitting that they both knew Emily's real identity, them still being friends after that revelation, then teaming up together. I loved the bromance of lasagna night at Nolan's pad, and Emily coming over to apologize about her selfish stubbornness and fully loop them in her ultimate plan.


This Episode Was much Needed ! Too Much Talking Was Required in This plot of Revenge ! It Was Fantastic to see Charlotte fitting to her mother's (Victoria's) shoe ! Awesome Episode Written by the Writers ! Can't Wait for the next episode until the Winter Finale on December 1st !


Just Loved The Episode ! Even the 'Too Much' Talking Was useful And Revengeful ! charlotte is being Useful in the Plot and the plot Thickens.Which Will create more problems for Emily ! But The Main Question Is "Will Daniel Marry Emily?" After kissing Sara In the Next Episode !


Love that fact Aiden & Emily are together. That scene on the beach was so hot!!! They are the best fit so far!!


I dont like charlotte either and Now mini victoria -charlotte plotting less but i dont think she is going anywhere ,why? Because is the only family Amanda has,but looks like writers are putting efford in her lines and now will be agains her sister all the way and that's a new plotline with many good posibilities.

Drea xoxo

Meh, we need to boot off charlotte. she's not likable one bit sorry not sorry. really want the writers to hurry up now, they are dragging this out too long now for my liking!!! please no more series just end and let us have full circle and it revealed that david was always alive

@ Katerina's Gladiator

This is not a reality TV show where we get to vote off people we don't like. If you don't like how the show is going then write your own TV show and see if anyone likes it. It wouldn't matter what the writers wrote, there will always be people who hate it.

@ Katerina's Gladiator

No...for David to turn out to be alive makes everything wrong.
I want a clear conclusion but that must not be part of it.


I also thought it was quite a good episode, there was a lot of set up for what's to come. And I really missed the Nolan and Jack bromance! I'm glad everyone knows. I still have a soft spot for Daniel, so I don't really care to see what happens with his ex. But that's just me. I wish Nolan could just have his chance at happiness, even if yes, it was ridiculous that he fell so fast. But still.


there was a an spoiler about a hospital and i suspect that while the plan is to blame victoria for fake shooting emily someone is going to do it for real ,i will now say charlotte or patrick will shot her.

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Love built on lies is an arduous endeavor, for wherever passion and treachery meet, dissolution begins. Stiil, we fight to hold our ground in the emptiness ignoring the fact that every relationship, even the ones we cherish, inevitably dies.


You're forcing people to stumble around in the dark, Emily. That's how people get hurt.