Sleepy Hollow Review: Death Has a Name

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There were two major major sections to Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 8 - and it was the first time that I found the more interesting story to be that which was focused off of Ichabod and Abbie.

Ichabod and Abbie decided to interrogate the Horseman with the help of his necromancer, Andy Brooks. The result was that the Horseman had details about Ichabod he didn't dream possible. 

Meanwhile, Irving was finally/wholly convinced of all that was behind and before him and, at Abbie's urging, he got Jenny and the two of them tried to ward off the damage the Hessians were doing to thwart the work being done with the Horseman.

It was the second story that ended up being the most satisfying to watch.

Close-Up of Crane

I had faith since the beginning that Irving was going to be a good guy, but I had no idea just how great of an ally he would end up being to the witnesses. It doesn't hurt that he's played by Orlando Jones, because he has some wicked one liners, and now that his air time has picked up dramatically, he's getting to use them.

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It's like he was reined in and now that he's free, Irving is a force to be reckoned with. He and Jenny are a wonderful duo. Everyone who was worried that Jenny might muck with the chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod need not worry any longer because Jenny's involvement only adds to the team because she has been successfully paired with Irving.

He needed someone who understood the situation that he could pal around with, and Jenny worked out great.

I especially loved when they were at the power plant and in the black garb, looking all tactical. They are definitely giving it their all. They are in the moment and on their game. I can't wait to see what's next with this dynamic duo.

Once Ichabod figured out that Andy Brooks was the Horseman's necromancer, they set about using him to communicate with the villain. The first trick was the Horseman dumped Katrina's necklace onto the floor. Ichabod wondered how he got it, of course, but he also noted that it wasn't given to Katrina by him. 

So we had to sit through a long, drawn out and rather boring story about how Ichabod and Katrina fell in love even though she was in an arranged betrothal with his best friend, Abraham. Blah blah blah. Ichabod and Katrina were the ones really in love, but for some unknown reason, they were sticking with convention. None of it really worked for me. 

The end result was that Katrina was calling off the marriage and Abraham blamed Ichabod. As it does, a duel ensued and the Hessians came in and shot and killed Abraham (as they do). They turned him into the Death - the Horseman of the Apocalypse Death. So there wasn't one before that day? Or there was and he was retired so Abraham could take over? I don't know. 

But that's why Abraham knew so much about Ichabod. And that's why so much of what has happened along the way has involved Katrina. She's the key. Death wants Ichabod's wife. What?!

There wasn't a plot as hokey as that on the show yet, but there is now. Moloch didn't want AbraDeath or Deathraham or whatever his combined name might be to kill Ichabod, and so he and Andy Brooks were swept away by Moloch's minions in a swirl of light and sand.

There were some wise words of wisdom said and I thought "Oh, I guess that's kind of cool." But the more I thought about it, the less I liked the idea of one of the Horseman being so closely tied to one of the witnesses and the less I liked thinking that one of the Four Horseman was so newly created... just a couple centuries ago. 

What did everyone else think?


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In the story by Washington Irving, it has been speculated that Abraham is the horseman, as a ruse to get Ichabod away from Katrina. He succeeds, then Abraham marries Katrina. So maybe that's where they got the idea to make Abraham into the horseman. Anyway. I do think something like needing a 'human vessal' (to quote Supernatural) is what is going on there. Though, I'm don't really care about Katrina so far. I want more Ichabod and Abby fistbump, Irving and Jenny fighting scenes and a lot less (or none at all) katrina.


Great episode. I loved the beginning where Abbie was teaching Crane the bump. I get that Abraham was mad that Ichabod took the woman he loved but seriously that is no reason to hold a grudge for a few hundred years and wanna kill the guy I mean she never even loved him it was an arranged marriage. It was fun seeing Irving and Jenny working together. I feel bad for Andy I didn't before but I do know he regrets what he did but he can't take it bad and he can't stop himself from being bad. Those things coming after Irving, Abbie, and Jennie were really creepy but very easy to kill which I was actually surprised about. Can't wait till the next episode.


*fist bump* for Karissa - great summary.
I watched the SH pilot after seeing the previews and saying to myself 'no way they can do this right' and after the pilot I was hooked on the amazing quality of the show, the plot, acting, characters, sets,,,, all of it very well done. And then this episode which hit a new peak of suspense, action, plot, humor,,,,, all I can say is WOW. And TWO sword fights WOW WOW


Wow, the containment apparatus for the Headless Horseman is such a joke. What production idiot designed this? LOL!!!! We have this really robust metallic vest that is plausible - it has a strong hinge mechanism in the front; big bolts holding it together in the back - looks very sturdy. Then, we have these really massive chains with very thick links with very sturdy attachments to the building's infrastructure. Then we have the massive FAIL! Look at loops that the chains are attached to on the wrist and leg bands and on the vest. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. It doesn't matter how thick the chain is, if it's attached to a loop on the vest that's as thin as spaghetti.


I really like Captain Irving and Jenny together. Very cool couple. Interesting twist Abaham Ich best friend is the horseman. I agree Katrina is the prize? I was laughing at the "thing" coming after Jenny, Abbie and Captain Irving because they were scary but a little to easy to kill. But for some reason they did not have a problem taking down the big bad headless horseman. Good epi but not great. Best part was Irving and Jenny by far!


Maybe, just maybe. The death needed a person to inhabit, someone that was full of anger and hate. the hessians needed a body, if they had summoned him. also, maybe that is the reason why the horseman went directly to icabod, where icabod then cut off his head. just a theory.

@ ara

I can buy that. I greatly appreciate your input, Ara, and shall incorporate it into my next review.

@ Carissa Pavlica

could also be that the incarnation of Death is a continually evolving re-incarnation of Death; when This Death/Horseman gets his prize - Brom gets Katrina - he could be replaced by the Next Angry Man.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Google Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality. they may be borrowing from his basic premise.

@ Moose

I was wondering if anyone would mention the series (I had been planning on doing so if no-one else did). The reference is to the first book in the series - "On A Pale Horse". The basic idea of that story is that Death is a human serving the role. When Death comes to collect you, if you can kill him you assume the role.


It might just be me, but I wish Ichabod had at least some sort of supernatural power to him... something,anything !!


I think you need to proof read your reviews before you post them. It's duel, not dual. Plus -- as the do. Did you mean they? Not the strongest ep. But it had its moments.

@ SleepyK

The phrase "we are each our own worst critic" holds merit. Allow me to coin a new one. "We are each our own worst editor." ;-)


This was the season's first dud. And really - Katrina as "the prize". Come on. You can do better than that.


Good episode. They combined both endings of the short story. There are a lot of good lines. I liked the fist bump.

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