Sleepy Hollow Review: The Regulars are Coming!

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The combination of historical references, the return of the Headless Horseman, Captain Irving's discovery of the truth and more amusing Ichabodisms than any viewer could wish for made Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 7 the best of the season - and a near-perfect hour of television.

The only detractors were little plot lines that seemed unnecessary to this particular hour, but will likely mean more in future episodes, but that's not stopping me from rating it a perfect 5 stars.

Abbie and Crane

One of the things that is so enjoyable about Sleepy Hollow is its ability to toss history lessons into a well-written episode of television. They aren't always 100% accurate, since Ichabod Crane wasn't there all the time and Paul Revere wasn't likely being chased by Death, but it's been suggested that what we learned long ago about about "The British are coming!" was completely untrue.

Ichabod was not only right in that some of them were, in fact, British, but also screaming out who was on the way would be a bit defeatist, wouldn't it? The conversation about Thomas Jefferson cheating on his wife with Sally Hemings was another highlight, and Abbie kicked him while he was down after telling him Jefferson even stole a quote of which he was particularly proud.

The running gag throughout the hour about the water didn't get old, even as Ichabod ignored Abbie's warning about tap water while annoyingly schlurping through a straw, making Abbie laugh during an otherwise tense evening of Horseman hunting. All that business about tap water v. bottled? Not the most accurate as a lot of bottled water comes straight from the tap. Tis true.

Since Ichabod was freed from his connection to the Headless Horseman, Abbie and Ichabod were ready to use the masons and whatever knowledge they had to meet him head on, drag him out and conquer him. Unfortunately, the Horseman thought they held his head and the masons were themselves beheaded. Should we assume James Frain has bitten the dust again?

Captain Irving came through for the witnesses on a whole new level, first by buying them time and then by agreeing to get the head of the Horseman so they could destroy the evidence. Even though he didn't fully understand what was happening, he gave them the benefit of the doubt. By doing that, he was given the full picture of what was before them.

You have to wonder if Irving doesn't have some connection to the witnesses that kept him safe upon leaving the lab, because a lesser man would have been killed. He no longer has a shred of doubt remaining about what lies before them regarding the end of days, and hopefully it's the beginning of a new partnership to help save Sleepy Hollow. He sure reacted normally, as with this Sleepy Hollow quote:

Irving: I need to fill out a report. I need to call the Governor.
Ichabod: What are you going to tell him?
Irving: What do you think I'm going to tell him? The Headless Horseman is mowing people down to bring about the end of days? For further questions, call Ichabod Crane, the man who beheaded him in 1781?

Their plan to make a lot of phony skulls and to trap the Headless Horseman in the caves below Sleepy Hollow and shower him with faux sunlight (thank you 21st Century!) was a pretty good one, and was driven in part by the return of Andy Brooks, who's caught between life and death. I wouldn't call it purgatory. Who knows what it is?

Brooks met with Morales and told him to stay away from Abbie, as he was the only one who could help her survive the end of days. Brooks appears to have maintained some self control despite his communication with the Horseman, and is intent on helping now that he has that window into both worlds. But I don't understand why he would tell Morales to stay away. There must be more to come.

The plan, once in motion, gave way for a recreation of the famous scene we all remember from Washington Irving's short story - Ichabod Crane riding through the cemetery as the Headless Horseman chased him on horseback. Brilliant!

They have the Headless Horseman trapped now and it seems they're going to attempt to interrogate him. Something tells me that will be an interesting approach to take with Death. How do you ask questions about the apocalypse? Surely he has minions of some sort that will come to his aid. Keeping him from his head was just a bit too easy this early in the game.

It doesn't matter. "The Midnight Ride" was satisfying on every level. It was quite literally firing on every cylinder. It didn't slow down or take a break from start to finish, and that's what good television is all about. 

Hit the comments. What did you love? What do you think comes next and most importantly - what was your favorite Ichabodism?


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Just FYI to the reviewer, Carissa...Thomas Jefferson did NOT cheat on his wife with Sally Hemmings. Sally Hemmings was born during the marriage of Thomas & Martha Jefferson and would have been 9-11 years old at the time of Martha's death from childbirth complications. According to most accounts, the relationship btw Jefferson & Hemmings began more than 10 years after Martha's death.

@ KansasGuest

Didn't Ichabod phrase it during his conversation that Jefferson would never cheat on his wife? I was speaking about their conversation, not the facts IRL. Perhaps I got that part of their conversation wrong.

@ Carissa Pavlica

I think the purpose of the entire conversation was as Ichabod stated - that we don't know people as well as we think we do. In the writers' zeal to prove their point, plus knock Crane's image of Jefferson off its pedestal, they just threw the information about Sally Hemmings at Crane without any context.


Loved this episode. I'm glad that captain Irving knows the truth and really believes them know. Watching Ichabod try and work the laptop was funny. There was a lot of funny banter between Ichabod and Abbie and that's one of the reasons I love the show so much. Them capturing the headless horseman was cool and I can't wait to see what happens next. The one thing I complained the entire time about was that Ichabod and Abbie were both picking up severed heads and skulls and they weren't wearing gloves which is very gross especially the severed heads how can you touch those things without wearing gloves. Can't wait till the next episode.


Love this show. I love history and that's what got me to watch it but I even like the fantasy part too. The historical references are hilarious! Keep it coming! Can't wat til next week! I am, respectfully, Sue!


It's was great episode. The show is remarkable in one respect ... it does show how much our educational system has deteriorated over the years. Have you ever read George Washington's Farewell address? Get out your dictionaries folks. Anyway, the writers clearly flunked SCIENCE in every respect when it came to reading about Ultra Violet light. The special effects at the end could have portrayed that whole scene (that looked more like industrial flood lights) in a much more cool manner. I hope the show stays alive.


I was laughing a lot durning this episode. It really showed the chemistry between IC and Abbie. I don't see romance, it is like Abbie said someone to be there so you don't feel alone. Also IC is quick to say I am married. You just knew when he was on the internet he was going to see porn. You also knew IC would not look at it, he is too much of a gentleman. Loved Abbie and Irving giving IC a lesson on slavery and the way female slaves where treated by their masters even though it was a romanized version with Sally Hemmings. It was nice to see more of Captain Irving. I hope James Frain is not dead just like I hope he is not dead on Grimm. The water jokes were funny and so true! Love this show.


Great review. I agree with you it was a near perfect hour of tv. I loved the humor sprinkled throughout the episode- a signature style of this show- and even with the main plot chugging along, we get nice banter between the leads.


Good but uneven pacing and there's too much exposition.

@ fortyseven

Are you talking about my review or the show? If the latter, what are your examples to support that? I thought the pacing was evenly spread out between action and dialog, and the exposition was actually less than usual with a lot more learning while doing than talking it out.

@ Carissa Pavlica

There is always going to be someone who doesn't like something. It would make sense for them to just stop watching, but unfortunaely they like complaining too much.


best episode so far , from the best new show .the next voice mail i leave will end in " I am most respectively Oyaya"

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Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

This goes without saying, but in your version of events, make sure your perp is not headless.


Ichabod: You paid? For water. Why not drink from one of the thousands to taps around town or the lake?
Abbie: Well, tap water's got chemicals in it and the lake, you don't even wanna know.
Ichabod: The extent to which your generation has defiled this earth is truly mind boggling.