Supernatural Review: Ghosts and Girlfriends Past

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Josh Brolin on an episode of Supernatural? Oh, you mean a Josh Brolin look-alike?

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 7 featured a ghost hunting trip down Dean’s memory lane, mixed with some teenage love. And maybe Dean’s first kiss?

Bringing Back Ghosts

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the 16-year-old Dean and jumping to two years later when he attends high school as an 18-year-old in Supernatural Season 4 Episode 13 “After School Special.”

The two seem like completely different characters.

And yet, I really like both performances of Dean at two very different times in his life.

The 18-year-old Dean had really embraced the monster hunting lifestyle, whereas this 16-year-old Dean had a chance to taste a bit of “normal life” for a few months at the boys home.

Actor Dylan Everett shined in the flashbacks. His mannerisms and demeanor had me really feeling like I was watching a younger Dean, not just an actor portraying another version of the character.

From his snarky laughs at the cop to his sweeter side of sharing a story with Robin to crying and knowing it was time to go back on the road, I enjoyed seeing more of Dean’s backstory.

Viewers really got to see a side of the character ripe in adolescence but on the cusp of that adult hood. That scene of watching his brother in the car and firmly thanking Sonny for helping out was that tipping of the scales toward the Dean of latter years.

It was tough not to think Josh Brolin while seeing Sonny, but I liked seeing the character watch over Dean. It was good to see he cared when he didn’t have to.

And I liked how seeing Robin again in the present time and reflecting on where their lives had taken them wasn’t about moping or being upset. Life turned out relatively okay in the process. And, really, most lives are the culmination of all events, decisions and moments, whether good or bad.

Even Sam getting that glimpse into his brother’s life was nice, as was his thanking Dean at the very end.

But the present day ghost hunting?

I was initially excited because I’d missed that aspect of the series, but the more it progressed, the less interesting and entertaining it became.

It was tough to get past the ghost’s bark-like skin or the general concept of little Timmy and his ghost-mother’s overbearing tendencies and his inability to let go. Not to mention the retelling of his tragic tale that I neither cared for or was necessary to the story.

And was it me... or was there some over-explaining in the episode, like when Sam told Dean that the ghost wasn’t connected to the action figure even though viewers could clearly tell that burning it had no effect?

However, the bathroom scene was creepy with the shower curtain over the face, but most of the other ghost moments fell a little flat.

If it weren’t for the flashbacks, I don’t think I would have been as thrilled with the episode. Really, it was those past connections and seeing a well-acted younger version of Dean, especially when we’ve had a variety of chances to view Sam’s side of life as a kid, that were the positives of the hour.

Although, I still keep expecting (wishing?) John Winchester would show up instead of simply a shadow in the car or honk of the horn to signify the character.

At least it’s good to see that for now, Sam and Dean are on good terms and taking care of the family business together.


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We may of had Sam flashbacks but I do not think we came out of the episode thinking he was a saint .


Need Crowley and Cas to feel the story. Come On Supernatural, You have some of the best actors at your disposal but you keep under utilizing them. I know it is about the Winchesters but Jenson can't do everything by himself. Give him a break.


I liked the flashback scenes. The actor playing 16-yr old Dean got him down. I thought the way Dean explained to Sam about D-Dog, Sonny and the boys home seemed, i don't know, a little off character to me. John on a rugaru hunt? Sam & Dean didn't even know about rugurus until season 4 when Travis called to help him on a case. Come on writers! Sonny playing a father figure to Dean was great, and that he told him he was proud of him and encouraged him was probably something he never heard from John. The end where Dean leaves when he looks out the window and sees little Sammy was sad but yet very much what Dean would do. And Sam realizing the life Dean got to experience and thanking Dean was touching. I wish Dean could have given Sam an honest answer but then again, that's what these brothers do...not always coming clean, hiding the truth...


Btw...The lying and Secrets is annoying. I agree with R. Next Week...Dragons Again!!
I think they killed too many people off this show and they don't know what to do.


I was nodding off. Omg..this was so boring! I'm starting to think fans are writing this show. Somebody call Vince Gillian because he seems to be the only one these day who knows how to write a show. He could learn about supernatural forces. Two guys on the road (Check). Call the writers from Walking Dead and American Horror Story (Supernatural forces Check) And get Sara Gamble back. Then this show could be the greatest show ever existed. If they keep going down this route this show will be long gone and forgotten. ( prophecy: like the supernatural cult books on the show) There is a reason why Buffy the Vampire Slayer is remembered because despite the love triangles they got to the freaken point! They had one bad seasoned filled with fillers and it was season 4. The writers even admitted they didnt know what to write. Season 5 they picked themselves up and was nominated for an Emmy. Come On Supernatural you have great actors. It's time to get and stick to the point.

Ronald simkins

John Winchester was a really bad father. Quite clear that he was so obsessed that he really forced Dean to be a real father. And the end of the episode where Sam really thanked Dean was very moving.


I loved this episode I don't think the actor who played young Dean look like him be he did good acting playing Dean, I loved how Sonny looked after young Dean as well he give Dean a normal life and the flashbacks with Robin was also good but it was sad that Dean had to leave her but sweet that he went back because of Sam.


Why can't these guys be honest with one another?!! At the end when Dean replied 'I don't know what you're talking about' I wanted to scream!!! Come on!!! 8 seasons and they are still lying! UGH!!


I thought the young man who played Dean in the flashbacks did a great job. I thought he was believable at playing the more vulnerable side of Dean he doesn't like people to see. This was filmed as if Dean was 14, but they decided after filming that he didn't look 14, so they changed it to 16. So that might be why he seems so different to you.


I really thought this episode was good. I didn't think the boy who played young Dean looked like him though. But he played the part very well. The whole thing with the kid and his ghostly mom hurting people reminds me of the recent movie "Mama." I almost cried though when Dean was told he had to go back with his family and felt bad for him until they showed cute little Sammy in the car waiting for him. If it were me, I would have went with them too. After all he does have the best brother on the planet.

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