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Supernatural has tried some crazy episodes, but this was definitely one of the weirdest.

I’m sure the gag reel will be ripe with scenes from this hour because Dean acting like a dog just can’t be taken seriously, so there must have been a lot of laughter on set.

But basing the entire Supernatural Season 9 Episode 5 around the gimmick of talking with animals, while certainly funny at times, screamed FILLER in a way that really makes you think just what were the writers thinking.

Listen To the Dog

Sure, sometimes those lighthearted goofy episodes are the things the series needs between all the dark and scary installment, and the previously-on segment made sure to remind viewers just how zany and oddball the show has gone before.

Except the referenced episodes like “Yellow Fever,” “Bad Day at Black Rock,” or “Wishful Thinking” felt much more clever in the humor provided and in a way that felt natural with Supernatural, even if some of it was a little ridiculous (Dean frightened of a tiny dog or a dealing with a talking Teddy Bear.)

And yes, Jensen Ackles handled his moments of Scooby Dean to true humorous effect. Playing fetch and checking out the poodle was silly, but Dean provides such great expressions and animated actions that it works.

Even bits like Sam having to pet the dog while Dean spoke or Dean arguing with the dog about rock music made me laugh.

But overall, it was more stupid funny than clever after awhile, and I got tired of the cartoonish voices that accompanied the animals. And the plot centered around a chef fighting cancer by eating animal parts with a spell. Not scary at all. Those fake teeth when chasing Dean like a villain in Scooby Doo? Nope. Even the dogs chasing him back felt ridiculous.

I’m glad Sam wanted to take a job, but I’d love to see some scary ghosts or urban legends bring back the horror elements to the series amidst all the fighting angels and demons.

Even the Ezekiel moments I expected to go somewhere were simply a rehash of Dean lying about his secret. I guess Sam seemed more suspicious, but how long is this going to get dragged out before the truth comes out?

I’m just more confounded by the whole experience if anything. Maybe it's one of those hours where it's very one or the other in enjoyment for viewers, but I was less entertained the closer it got to the finish.

This was more miss than hit, and as much as Dean was funny acting like a dog, I'd rather bury this Supernatural Season 9 episode with all the other less than stellar bones.


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Judy taylor

This episode was cute but not that funny. The bird part and the small dog wanting a belly rub were about the best parts. Just another poorly written, going nowhere episode of the new SPN. Really miss dark, creepy and dramatic.


I *loved* this episode. I got the Dean playing fetch thing on the first throw and busted out loud laughing. I also like the oz episode too. I've been a fan thru every season but nearly stopped watching over the whole Sam is possessed, Dean can't tell him, Crowley is evil and taunting Kevin. That whole story line feels totally like a been there, done that scenario. The light episodes keep me engaged..and as I said, laughing out loud. They werent perfect but they're a nice break from some of the darker episodes.


The one with the pigeon was funny.
I think it's best that writers try these goofy episodes in a serious tv show like Supernatural. It gives the valuable insight that even though the goin' is tough you still can enjoy the ride.
Jenson is awesome as per ush... He is really carrying this show.


MOTW definitely, but I miss those early seasons. This Apocalypse mytharc has ruined the series for a lot of us, I don't think anyone would disagree with that. It may not have been perfect, but it mixed the tongue-in-cheek (pun intended) humor with the overall story arc. Acting was great. Hey Roxi: Perhaps Jared Padalecki's and Jensen Ackles' spouses/sig others aren't too fond of seeing them bang hot chicks onscreen...or they're just showing them some respect. *shrug*


This review is dead on. I had a hard time swallowing some of the scenes, especially when it turned out that Dean could talk to all animals and not just dogs, creating an abundance of silly voices for animals. Very silly episode.

@ will

They're actors. Their wives knew this when they married them.


I thought the episode had it's funny moments. It wasn't great, but not as bad as I had feared. But the end was a huge foreshadowing to me. Dean is beginning to really understand how he screwed up here, and Sam is getting suspicious.
Of course, these writers, who seemingly view Dean as their least favorite character, just have to find a way to humiliate him. Mr. Roboto? Even I was embarrassed for him there. Dean, you used to have great taste in music! But getting all hot for the poodle? I was hoping we'd see him have a dog-like reaction to a pretty human female but not with these writers, who seem to want to downplay hissed appeal. Dean Winchester looks exactly like Jensen Ackles i.e. he's a drop dead gorgeous man! Those sexy legs alone, but thrown in those emerald eyes and sinful lips.By rights he could just walk in a room, stand there and breath, and women would line up. It's been about three years, in show time, that he has gotten laid. How about giving this beautiful man a REAL romance, however brief, instead of watching him get all flirty with a poodle?
But overall, it wasn't great or bad. Certainly not as bad as the dog/witch suckfest of season 8.


I've been having a rough few weeks and when I saw the scene where Dean "barked" at the mail guy, I just cracked myself. I couldn't stop laughing. Its not even his best scene but somehow that just broke me and i burst out laughing lol That was the first laugh I literally had in weeks. Good or bad. Thanks to everyone who makes the show possible. You lifted my spirits for a bit xxx I ♡ SPN


I love the actors in this show and the quality of the writing is not their fault at all. But this episode was just not very good. I was bored and disappointed with it as well as all the episodes this season. I've been a fan of this show since it first started and I will not give up on it. I'm a writer too so I know how hard it is to write good material. Hopefully things get better in the coming months.


Writers got their groove back. Stand alone episodes that are entertaining! The theme-based ones were getting tiresome, like a broken record. The last two reminded me of the first few seasons, as the intro indicated. In fact, what WERE those older episodes? I want to watch them again. Last season was lame; this one seems to have some life to it. Keep 'em coming!


Why does every episode have to be scary? I think people are a bit too critical at times of episodes. They want every episode to be heavy with action and bad guys. Can't we just calm down once in a while?

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All right, one more doggy pun and I'm gonna have your nuts clipped.


You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people. And douchebags.