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I am completely satisfied.
The whole show is about the terribly clever and rule-breaking showman Jane. But in the end Heller showed us it was one man and one final chase and one visceral throttling. Bravo Mr H!
When Heller said fans will be disappointed I guessed it would be Kirkland's evil twin; I (unlike the "please, man, let it be Bret" brigade) was still very happy.
Our Patrick has crossed the boundaries of acceptable good-taste so often that he's worn a groove but still surprises. Well done Heller and his writers, Baker and all the team.


No way the Sheriff is the real deal! He lets Patrick meet him at a venue of their choosing and with Patrick knowing his phobia ??
He's a genius not an Idiot...he wouldn't do this unless someone ordered him to..........
LIKE Reede Smith


anyone justify this trainwreck of an episode? Everything is so poorly plotted and paced, dialogue is awful, the rich Red John mythology built up over the years isn't woven in, barely any questions answered, and most of it wastes time with that FBI guy. Then there's that silly chase where a shot old man is outrunning somebody a decade younger than he is, jumping through a sliding glass door... then the amazing, brilliant, confident Red John CALLS THE COPS ON HIS PHONE. It's so silly and garish, it's like watching an episode of the 60s Batman TV series. I half expected a few BIFFs and POWs, maybe Patrick dancing the Batusi.

@ penguintruth


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1. I never put too much thought into it.
2. No. I don't believe that he is Red John.
5. The promo for the next episode.


I only started thinking McCallister as Red John when they got the list down to 7. Then when I thought he was dead, I thought it was Bertram, but I was disppointed with him as Red John. So, I am glad it was McCallister, he's charismatic yet creepy at the same time. And Xander Berkley was amazing which made it more believable. My favorite scene was actually the reveal, I didn't expect it and I felt chills. Now I am only disappointed we didn't get a backstory, I would hae been nice to find out before Jane does, so we could connect the dots. And I would like for Bruno Heller to explain how RJ figured the list out. He told Lorelei before Jane knew himself...


Simon Baker showed some serious acting chops in that kill scene.


Mashburn would definitely have been a cool Red John. He's charming enough to pull off the legions of devoted followers aspect. Thinking Lorelei here. I would have both loved and hated him as RJ because I really liked his character. Plus, the thought of Lisbon unknowingly sleeping with Red John is vile.

@ katempw

Yes, I can't picture a beautiful woman like Lorelei Martins as Sheriff McAllister's mistress, but could definitely picture her as Walter Mashburn's mistress. He would have been great, because the audience would have been torn about disliking him, and about Patrick killing him. Someone who was an authentic dual personality would have been more interesting. J.J. La Roche would also have been a good choice.


Did I pick RJ? MacAllister was my third choice. So out of the two remaining suspects and a 50/50 chance of being right, yeah.

Satisfied MacAllister is RJ? Yes, kinda creepy and unexpected, but I'm okay with it. RJ has never been my focus in the show except for how it affected Jane over time. Patrick Jane was really the focus, The Mentalist is the show's name after all, not The Serial Killer.

One unanswered question? How did Visualize really fit in? We may yet find out since Bret Stiles said he would return! ;)

Why Jane didn't want Lisbon involved? It was ultimately his quest and his kill, and he didn't want to take her down with him, minimize the damage to her and the team. And, he wouldn't want her to have the image of him for what he was about to do. Or for her to get hurt or killed.

Favorite scene? The kill scene, no contest. Simon Baker should get an Emmy for that! Never seen the like of it on broadcast television in my life!


I always hoped Walter Mashburn would turn out to be Red John. He could have had a dual personality, one as the charming playboy who hooked up with Lisbon and really liked Patrick, and the other, as an evil serial killer. He would have been a fantastic choice, and he would have had the money to pull it off.

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