The Vampire Diaries Review: Love Prevails?

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As Tom Hanks told Private Ryan after saving him oh so many years: earn it, Bonnie Bennett. You better earn this second chance at life.

Following a number of wayward Vampire Diaries Season 5 episodes - full of crazy plots twist, dopplegangers pouring out of Damon's ears and, okay, some really hilarious Silas lines - the show finally put one storyline to rest this week.

By putting three bodies in the ground.

Silas is dead. Amara is dead. Tessa is dead. And Bonnie is (sort of) alive. It took a long, meandering time to arrive at this place, with the latest run of episodes bogged down by side characters and crazily complicated backstories. So allow me to reiterte:

You best make this worth our while, Bonnie.

Tessa on TVD

If it's possible for an hour to feature a trio of deaths and one long-awaited resurrection, and yet conclude without feeling like much was really accomplished, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 7 pulled it off well.

Because that really is all that went down this week: two characters killed themselves, one because she was sick of living and the other because she's crazy in love, and Stefan finally got his revenge against Silas.

Granted, it was definitely nice to get some insight into all Stefan went through while trapped in that safe and it was definitely moving when he admitted he wanted to see both Elena and Damon's faces when the door was finally. I complained in my review of The Vampire Diaries Season Episode 6 that the series has gotten away from character development, so I do need to note the focus here on Stefan's inner turmoil.

That said... those three are goners and Bonnie is now the anchor for The Other Side.

Someone could easily have not watched this installment, be informed of those facts and be instantly caught up, ready to view The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 8.

Which is okay I guess. Especially when Damon is making references to crazy island dwellers and their volleyball pals and Silas is lamenting the price of gas. At least as the storylines have become more convoluted, The Vampire Diaries quotes have become funnier. A lot funnier.

But I didn't feel anything when Silas was saying goodbye to Amara... or when Amara stabbed herself... or when Tessa took her own life. And I simply felt relief when Bonnie was brought back, not any kind of joy. Did anyone doubt this would actually take place? And, sorry, but does anyone really care about Bonnie?

I'll wait to reserve judgment on what the consequences of her feeling all supernatural deaths will be, but I can't say it's the most exciting cliffhanger. Nor is Stefan collapsing due to his memories of being submerged in water for three months.

So let's not call this episode filler. Let's call it a house cleaning. The side characters that infused the series with some humor but who mostly overstayed their welcome are now gone. Bonnie is back. Stefan has regained his memories. Let's shift focus, shall we, Julie Plec?

Dr. Maxfield is involved in some intriguing stuff at Whitmore. And let's not forget that there's an entire person inside Matt. Those storylines have potential. Let's hone in on them and leave this Other Side mumbo jumbo alone for awhile.

What did everyone think of "Death and the Maiden?" Were you affected by any deaths? Did you shed any tears over Bonnie hugging Caroline and Elena? And a sitcom based around Damon's home life? Sold! What should it be titled?


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luckily they have Damon in the show or else i would have lost interest, I think they need to add more excitement and danger to Elena's and Damon's relationship and have more excitement because now its just too much drama and crying.


I watched it last night and was a little bored to be honest. Like you said, I was so over Silas. Amara was funny for two seconds so I am glad that is only how long she stayed, LOL. Tessa was, to put in in TVD lingo, a sociopath with no redeeming qualities, so I didn't care when she died either. So the housecleaning was very much appreciated by me. I didn't much care about Bonnie coming back except for the fact we don't have to hear the group talk about bringing her back every two seconds so I am happy for that too. Just like with the funeral which I thought felt forced and fake because we all knew she was coming back. But from previews she will still have some issues so that may be interesting.
Stefans "mind of pain" sounds good. But I just don't want that to be the only thing to watch. Whats gonna happen to the other main characters? This is a show about the three of them and its not gonna be fun to watch them have to babysit Stefan. What are Damon and Elena (together or separate) up to? We have no idea do we? As for Caroline, unpopular opinion, I don't feel the need for her to be front and center.
Anyways, looking forward to who, and what, the next big bad is gonna be. I cant believe we got rid of one and there is no new one one the horizon.

@ audrey

I agree they need to add more excitement and danger cause i think the show has lost direction now is too soapy opera.


I agree with the Damon adoration. He's still mostly the reason I stick around..


I think the show has been slowly declining in terms of storyline. They keep relying on the whole love triangle, but don't seem to realize that the fans are so sick of it. And who ever thought that Bonnie was actually going to stay dead? There was no question....they're not going to kill her off. They don't have the guts really. Just get Stefan the hell away from Elena. I just cannot stand her. In my opinion she is so selfish. And please tell me how Stefan is going to continue to live under the same roof as his brother and his ex? Why would they make him such a sap like that?


Another ridiculous episode using the love them to explain why TVD characters make stupid choices. Stephen's torment at being locked in a safe underwater all summer provided the only worthwhile scenes and character developement. If the writers think that the demise of 3 characters can make up for their weak storyline they are sadly mistaken. Silas's death was well overdue, Amara was only introduced in the previous episode so her suicide was even more meaningless than Tessa's who has only been a physicsal character for 7 episodes. This series has too many weak storylines too many weak twists and too many dopplegangers.


I hate Bonnie,Zero Interest in anything involving her. Caroline needs to be in New orleans already..I feel her character is being wasted on V.D. where is the show heading ? what is the current threat ? who will be the big bad for the season ? ....... this season isn't good so far at all. the originals is smashing it !!


I got witches coming out of my ears with The Vampire diaries,The Originals,American horror story:Coven and The witches of east end,im on total WITCH overload at the moment..... it really makes me wish that the Secret Circle was still around lol now that witches are popular.


What did gossip girl do in season 3 that led to the beginning of its downfall? Brought a dead person back to life! What does that tell you?


With every new episode, this show is one step further to becoming the next gossip girl season 3. Although I have to give them credit for making it to season 4, only just scraping along the finishing line. This season however has the most boring plot lines. Not to mention Bonnie coming back. BONNIE! Above all people! We could have kept the new witch and booted the old one, even though the new one is crazy. Killing these characters off and bringing them back is pointless. I couldn't care less if Bonnie, Jeremy, Katherine or just anyone (except Caroline) didn't come back at all. I'd probably be cheering. And all these bloody dopplegangers! When will it end?! Nina dobrev is amazing but Elena as a character isn't along with every other doppleganger, although katherine goes alright. also that whole plot line about elenas dad, I swear to god, if he's a vampire, I'm just going to throw a brick through my tv, it will have become that ridiculous. Overall, terrible episode that is only saved by Damon and Caroline.


Seriously, what is the point of killing characters off, if they're just going to be resurrected again a few episodes later?! The first few times, fair enough, but sooner or later - or now, if you're me - people are just going to be like, oh well, who cares if that person's dead, they'll be back again next week. It takes away all the original emotional reaction to losing that character! When they killed off Jeremy, it was terribly sad, and then he came back again. What a waste of energy even bothering to be sad. Not that I cared for Bonnie at all, it just seems like a cop-out to have everyone constantly being dead and then not dead again. So thanks, Vampire Diaries, for taking us around in this pointless loop, again.

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Elena: We have a situation.
Damon: Of the Doppleganger variety.

Guys, we were both immoral. And now we're not. Hello?!?


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