Revenge Review: Things Fall Apart

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It's been 10 episodes in the making and tonight finally answered the big question:

Who shot Emily?

I can tell you it certainly wasn't who I thought would shoot her. Wow. Talk about your shockers!

Revenge Season 3 Episode 10 definitely brought a dramatic ending to the first chapter of Revenge season 3.

Posing for the Press

Emily duped Conrad into helping to get Victoria to attend the wedding and he called in Patrick, who convinced his mother that Daniel deserved her support. Nolan was put on Patrick duty and Patrick discovered the safe at Nolan's house, which will add a nice element of intrigue when the show returns.

Since he's likely not Nolan's endgame and he didn't get shirtless, I was less than interested in Patrick's return. This isn't the last we've seen of him yet, though, so I'm holding out hope for at least three more Patrick-in-a-swimsuit scenes.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful. Emily's vows were especially duplicitous and perfect:

Daniel, I've looked forward to this day since I was a little girl. Thank you for letting me into your life, into your family. Through you, I've become the woman that I always wanted to be, the woman that I needed to be. From the moment I met you, I knew that this moment was in our destiny. We share a bond that is unbreakable. Until death parts us.


She has looked forward to this since they were children. They just haven't been looking forward to the same "this." The relative ease with which the wedding ceremony and reception occurred stood as foreshadowing that the family yacht ride to Nantucket would be anything but. 

Of all the possible suspects to shoot Emily, I didn't expect it to be that one! Bravo to the writers for bringing an element of surprise to tonight's mid-season finale.

Daniel shot Emily!

After overhearing her tell Victoria that she had faked the pregnancy, and after learning that Sara had tried to commit suicide he decided to pick up a gun and fire on his wife. It was all too much for Victoria's middle child.

Talk about unhappily ever after.

Emily, of course, was stupid to tell Victoria the truth about the baby. That's Villain 101. Never reveal anything. Haven't you watched Scream, Emily Thorne?

The moment she admitted to taking a page out of Victoria's handbook and faking a pregnancy to keep Daniel around was the moment it became clear that one of the Graysons would shoot her. For a moment I expected it would be Victoria herself, but Aiden swooped in with a save and knocked her out as part of their original plan.

You know, the plan that didn't work.

Originally, Emily was supposed to shoot the gun up into the air twice, jump overboard, and then swim away to rendezvous with Aiden where the two would run off to live happily ever after. That was just too easy, apparently.

Daniel, who began drinking at the wedding reception, was lurking in the shadows during Emily's encounter with Victoria and overheard Emily tell his mother that she wasn't pregnant and had only said she was to keep Daniel around. Daniel, drunk and reeling, couldn't handle the fact that he'd been lied to and shot her. Twice. 

You'd think after learning that Daniel shot Aiden Emily would learn not to leave guns in Daniel's presence. 

Aiden and Jack met up on the beach and waited for Emily, Jack to say goodbye and Aiden to whisk her away to forever. Instead all either man got was her wedding dress, without her in it.

Aside from that, there's not much to say about this episode. The biggest shock of the night came in the much-hyped reveal as to who would be the shooter. Other than that, it was pretty bland.

The happy moments worked in conjunction with the shooting to show that this Revengenda of Emily's will never fully work. Ever. The human element is too strong. There are too many variables which she and Aiden cannot control. Someone else will always screw up their plans.

What did you think of Revenge Season 3 Episode 10? Was it a let down compared to the build up of the season? Will Emily's plan for revenge ever really work? 


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is very interesting , how this new emily will be? i dont like the idea,but i dont write the show ,there will be a lot o new characters ,and i dont like that,they messed with what they built ,but i'm looking foward to see whats after this ,if daniel gets caugh ,if his family will help him ,how far victoria with this new knowledge will go, i really want to see what the masterminds of this new team is given us.


The amnesia -- though I don't watch the spots of future episodes, don't like the spoilers -- is likely a way for Emily to become Amanda, her true self. Now that the picture is in play, Amanda can come "out of the closet". (I frankly think it would have been interesting to have Amanda missing for an episode or two to allow all the parties to stew a bit as to what happened to her.) Daniel should get caught with gunshot residue ... along with Victoria. Two shots, two suspects. They took turns shooting Amanda? :) Her house ... I have a feeling the house hasn't been turned over just yet. I don't think Amanda would have surrendered the family home that easily. The magazine will likely die once Daniel is again killed by the press as being accused of shooting Amanda. Amanda may have gained some help in the investigation of her father. Wonder how Charlotte will react to Amanda being her sister ... Someone will have to take the fall for shooting Amanda ... and it may not be Daniel. I can see a lot of pathways for the various characters. It should be interesting.

@ clifbean

It is very unlikely,but would be very interesting,if the amnesia actually set her back to before she created the Emily persona,


I'm sorry to see that Lydia has returned to the story line as she is as boring as mud and doesn't add anything to the plot line. If Victoria was going to be upstaged by her husband's affair, at least the woman should be high class than Victoria (in looks, demeanor, wealth). Lydia just doesn't ring true. I thought Lydia would have shot Emily, which would have made sense but at least it wasn't Nolan, who Emily said she trusted with her life. That would have been sad..

Sixxx 6

I certainly thought it deserved more than 2.75 stars, it was at least a 4. I did not see Daniel shooting Emily. Right when she was went out and Charolette saw her I thought it would be her to overhear and shoot her (though would have probably devestated her when she finds out she IS really her sister and she shot her) anywas when Daniel showed up, I was shocked and he just picked up the gun and fired, not thought just bam, bam, granted he was completely hammered but still. Will be insterested to see how this plays out in January (which thank you for coming back in January and not making me wait till Feb or March like some). Will be interesting to see if her "amnesia" is real or she's faking.

@ Sixxx_6

Of course she might have real amnesia,then recover but keep faking it?
Three episodes in January,THEN a break until March and a move to the 10 PM time slot.

@ Louis E.

I gave the episode a 3 because I couldn't give it a 2.5.


I guess I was surprised, but I also wasn't. Daniel almost seemed like too obvious of a choice. I really kinda wanted it to be Charlotte. The scene with Emily and Victoria playing out the same, but instead Charlotte hears it. I think it would have been a great twist for her own sister to shoot her. It would also give her some character development, which she desperately needs. Plus, I like Daniel being a good guy, he just less interesting when he's evil. The episode did deserve 4 stars, not perfect, but pretty darn good


Miranda, I think it would be a good idea for you to request that someone else write the reviews for Revenge. You obviously don't like this show. I don't like your reviews. They read as though they are written by a twelve year old. This show is fun to watch, that is all it is meant to be. It is not some profound literary work that will last though the ages. It has fantastic casting: ex. Gabriel Mann, Barry Sloane, Madeline Stowe to name a few and great acting. I used to look forward to these reviews on this site, but no more.

@ prissi


Spindae 2o

It was a bit anticlimatic I mean I was waiting and waiting to see the shoter but it didn't felt like anything changed I missed the wOw factor. I mean it some things/scenes were really well developt Victoria, Victoria vs Emily, Patrick, Polan. But Lydia and Sara's suicidde attempt were just ridicouless. Sara is a strong person a fighter and now she wants to kill herself, no just not right, out of character. Lydia it was just to plot devicy to conveniet and easy for Em's plan to fail.
WHY didn't daniel react to Aiden kidnapping his Mom? daniel being the shooter was a real surprise I mean the guy never had balls to do anything and a little boose makes him a killer. 2 people in one summer.
I look forward to amnesia Emily and just how all the things will play out .


Not shocking at all. Daniel was my top suspect. He needs to be off this show. He's such a dumbass.
Still can't stand Aiden. He just seems so.....needy, when it comes to Emily. I really do like Margo, and she's probably better for Jack, but you know it won't last long.

@ Sara

Daniel followed his pattern of shooting; Tyler, Aiden now Emily, and was my top suspect too. Can't stand Aiden either - he got his revenge, the plan with Emily failed, which we knew from the start. His only connection to the show is Emily, if she has amnesia will she even remember him? If he goes after Daniel ConVict will eliminate him and I'm sure he'll kill Lydia in ep 11.. Don't hink he adds much to the story at all anymore. Margaux is miles better than Ashley!

@ Sara

I like Aiden but I agree about Daniel. He reminds me of some preppy boy from a wealthy but devious family who really never did anything to earn his CEO position-just was related the father. I've worked with people like him and you just want to get them out of your sight or quit to be done with seeing them. They are arrogant and delusional and all the employees talk about them behind their backs.

@ MrsBx

Talk about transferring your own situation to this case. Going by the show, Daniel is well-liked by his co-workers, and generally regarded as a standup guy by all and sundry in society and media. His commitment to Emily was genuine, and he's loyal to his family like most people are to theirs. He has also quit Grayson Global to work at a normal job for a tough taskmaster boss Margaux who takes no shit from him. He started unravelling under the various machinations of Emily as he was her main pawn, the person whose emotions and expectations she screwed with the most. Daniel takes pride in not being precisely the kind of person you're talking about. (All past tense now since obv the show writers are trying to set him up as the villain of the next season). You have to take the show's characters as they are presented and not dream up AU storylines for them in a review forum.


Loved the episode. I was surprised but I also wasn't that Daniel shot Emily. The preview showed that Emily is alive but she's lost her memory. I really hope she didn't lose her memory and she's just messing with everyone because there can't be a show if she's not getting revenge in some way in every episode. If she actually loses her memory then I would hope it would come back really soon. Can't wait till the show starts up again it looks like its going to be good.

@ marissa

How do you loose your memory from a gunshot to the gut?

@ Sara

i think due to the loss of blood

@ Sara

Memory loss is possible, but not attributed to the gunshot alone; though the trauma of the gun shot could contribute. Factors such as how long her head was under water; cold temperature of the water; being unconscious (and for how long); is she washed up on shore where someone finds her (also meaning unconscious)? Basically, there are ways to account for memory loss, pending on the direction the writers take.

@ Pip

The preview shows her climbing onto a buoy or something so she obviously saved herself, and ditched her dress to keep it from weighing her down. After that she's prob rescued by the coast guard since the Graysons are in the hospital with her.


The episode was pretty good. Interesting twist. Things are going to get interesting since Emily's end all plan failed big time. Eventually someone else has to find out that Emily is really Amanda.

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Daniel, I've looked forward to this day since I was a little girl. Thank you for letting me into your life, into your family. Through you, I've become the woman that I always wanted to be, the woman that I needed to be. From the moment I met you, I knew that this moment was in our destiny. We share a bond that is unbreakable. Until death parts us.


Let's take down the Graysons once and for all.