Supernatural Midseason Report Card: Grade It!

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Heaven on Earth has been hell for the Winchester brothers.

Not only has angel warfare been waged, Castiel’s been human and Sam’s been possessed by an angel, but major consequences and death have led Sam and Dean to a heartbreaking rift in the team.

Let’s break the first half of Supernatural Season 9 down in our latest TV Fanatic Report Card…

Drinking Beer on Supernatural

Best Episode: Supernatural Season 9 Episode 9 provided a great twist and payoff to the Ezekiel/Sam possession (even if it felt like forever to get there), it shifted human Castiel on a new course with another angel's grace, the return of Metatron, angel warfare and the death of Kevin. This was a jam-packed episode that pushed the story forward with some entertaining moments and a heartbreaking ending. These are the type of episodes that make this series stand out and have viewers excited to see what's up next.

Worst Episode: There were a few episodes that felt lackluster, but Supernatural Season 9 Episode 5 was the Dr. Dolittle hour I could have done without. It was good for a few jokes and the actors did they best they could with the material, but it just turned into a gimmick that went on too long. Plus, the animal voices and villain felt straight from a cartoon rather than Supernatural.

Best Character: He may have been locked up and in the back room of the lair for the majority of his time on the first half of Supernatural Season 9, but Crowley never fails to entertain. He always brings a level of humor and charm with his quips and general demeanor, making him a bad guy you love to hate. Or love. Either way, Crowley continues to prove even when he's down, he's got another plan up his sleeve that will cause more problems for the Winchesters. He's such a great character.

Worst Character: April the reaper who possessed the human in Supernatural Season 9 Episode 3. The whole concept of reapers seemed to make no sense during this hour, and April (who provided a joke about taking Castiel's virginity) appeared more like an angel in her endeavors than anything. Why even reveal herself to Castiel? And to be defeated rather quickly? Was she just written in as a means to an end? Her character and the 'rogue reapers' was perhaps a cool concept, unfortunately, it had a lot poorer of an execution.

Best Dean Hook-Up: The sexual tension between Abaddon and Dean in Supernatural Season 9 Episode 2 was on fire ("Are we gonna fight or make out?"), but those two haven't gotten it on. Yet. But it was Dean's ultimate fantasy come true with a pornstar that got him laid (and later, captured) in Supernatural Season 9 Episode 8. This put one of the biggest smiles on his face and turned into an event for him that was muy caliente. Sometimes you just got to take a break from saving the world.

Hopes for the rest of Supernatural Season 9: I'd love to feel like the angels on Earth are bigger than just the few sects we've seen, as I'm hoping to see some clashes with Abaddon and the demons (just what has she been up to this whole time?) I'd be interested to see what Dean would be like with powers (and not dog talking ones).

I'm even hoping to see maybe a fight between angels (maybe Gadreel and Castiel?) that doesn't get cut short or is just a few flashes of light. Mostly, I'm just hoping that the most recent events provide the momentum to keep things entertaining, interesting and fresh, as well as get Sam and Dean back on the same team together. Big things are in store!

Overall Grade: B-

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I actually like this season, it's a pretty major step up from seasons 6-8. The storylines are as good as they can get and most of the episodes keep you on your feet, the show they had Kevin dying sure had me on mines :( . All of the Cas episodes I love maybe because I'm a little partial to Misha Collins, but the way he portrays Cas is really amazing. I didn't really like April, I always thought Cas and Meg had better chemistry. Now the episode "Dog Dean Afternoon" I will admit was really crazy especially that they had Dean checking out a poodle. I don't think I can quite look at Jensen the same way again lol but I'd like to see more flirtation between Dean and Abbadon. But Jared with this whole Sam/Eziekiel/Gadreel thing is amazing and really flexes out the skill Jared has and how he plays his character is amazing. So I totally give Padalecki his props. When the rest of the season plays I would really like to see a showdown between angels and demons, I think it would be really epic, if you look at the promotional poster, I think Crowley is gonna have something up his sleeve, so that would be really interesting to see. Anyways overall I would give Supernatural an A-/B+. Supernatural has one of the most weirdest but most loyal fanbases, I can honestly say they're a big part of keeping this show going. As long as it's even a D for them, they'll be a big reason why this will keep going for as long as they can keep it up. I wouldn't even be surprised if we're here next year talking about season 10.


This Season has Lost Whatever interesting point that supernatural has !
The Horror , The Mysteriousness , The Mythology and Sci-Fi Like Contents , All Of It !
Sorry But I,m Just being Honest , I don't want to pretend That i Like it But
i still have a lot of hop for it in the future.


i loved the Cass episodes but absolutely hated the one where the animals were being killed in the homeless shelters and i could have done without the wizard of Oz one .it seemed odd to have that when poor Cass had been told he had to leave .Cass Deana and sam ones were an A .loved the last one where it was revealed who who was possessing Sam that gets a A to and Cass getting his some or all of his powers back but it was interesting when he was a human


If I grade the Cass episodes, it's an A. It'd be an A+ but I didn't like the last episode all that much. If I grade the non Cass episodes, it's a C-. The only worthwhile episode was the Dean backstory one, but that couldn't pull up the dog, organ eater, or effing Oz episodes. Grading the whole first half? B. Loved April BTW, she was awesome. I'd ship her with Cass if she were still alive. Though she'd have to get in line after Meg.


Yup B for me....
But dog talking episode couldn't be the worst ... I actually enjoyed it. Gotto agree Crowley is the best. He is so unpredictable that you love and hate him at the same time.
Highly under-utilized in my opinion.


How does this show survive?? Like, look at NBC's "Dracula," for instance. It's on the chopping block and it's ratings are higher than Supernatural's. I just don't get it. And with all the bad press Ackles has gotten over his comments at conventions, he's most likely out there buying "Duck Dynasty" memorabilia as Christmas gifts.

@ Lost Horizon

1. Dracula sucks. 2. Supernatural has a very dedicated and loyal fanbase, and the show's garnered a great cult following for its variety of content. 3. Jensen Ackles didn't say anything, actually, which was the problem. The crowd turned on one fan for a specific statement that had nothing to do with the show, and, to nullify the situation, he chose to push the matter away rather than discuss it. Being uncomfortable about a matter and choosing not to speak on it is completely different from condemning an entire community. 4. Also? Dracula sucks. Vampires sucks, and the world's been too saturated in vampire nonsense since BEFORE Twilight.


Dean and Abaddon were *really* on fire .... *___* I want more.
And I second the Dean's powers badly. I want them to take him somewhere dark and stick with it ... not like they did with the purgatory stuff when they cut his storyline short imo, maybe cause it was too risky ..


Worst Episode: agree w/ you about the Dog Dean episode. After that one 9.08 isn't my fave either, but because it had Jody Mills being so badass I enjoyed at least half of it Best Character: can't decide! Kevin, Crowley, Abaddon, and Charlie all light my up my screen (I mean, in terms of who I'd pick after Sam, Dean, and Cas) Worst Character: April, although I think the actress did a great job and she could've been an interesting villain. But the show's frat joke humor was especially unpleasant given the consent issues--girl possessed by a reaper having sex with Cas, who was seduced, tricked, tortured, and murdered Best Dean Hook-Up: I enjoyed the hostile electricity between Dean and Abaddon although not sure that counts as a hookup. (Sadly the Dean/Suzy hook up was offputting for me, I just didn't buy the Dean characterization and disliked the implications of that scene) Hopes for the rest of the season: Sam gets his agency back and we get his perspective on what's happened. Hoping he has an active role to play somehow in getting Gadreel out of his body. Dean gets a purpose and issues explored beyond replaying being Sam's protector for the millionth time. Castiel is with Sam and Dean without plot contrivances keeping him away beyond where fans are able to understand it any more. Sam and Dean more honest with each other and the brother bond put back together, more Dean and Cas scenes. I also hope Kevin isn't gone for good, I think removing this character was a mistake. Also more Jody, more Charlie, more Abaddon.


I so loved Dean getting some too, the smiles and how much he enjoyed that was so awesome, loved that he made Suzy feel better about her past life. Sometimes you need that to strike a better balance when trying to get out of something.

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