The Mentalist at Midseason: Grade It!

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After five seasons of hunting the notorious serial killer, The Mentalist Season 6 saw Patrick Jane not only find Red John but do exactly what he said he'd do when he found him.

He killed the man with his bare hands. 

Since we have to wait until January 5 for The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 11, we thought we'd recap some of our favorite - and not so favorite moments - of the season so far in the following TV Fanatic Report Card.

Scroll down and jump in to the debate now...

Green Thumb Scene

Best Episode: Surprisingly, The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 10 ("Green Thumb") turned out to be our favorite of the season so far. Patrick Jane was back to his antics and the FBI scrambled in their attempts to wrangle him. But best of all was when Lisbon told Jane off for taking her for granted and not consulting her before demanding she work for the FBI. It was the beginning of a new chapter in their relationship and we look forward to seeing where it leads.

Worst Episode: "Red Listed" Bob Kirkland was certainly creepy enough to be on the final list of Red John suspects but it was no real surprise to learn the rogue agent had his own agenda. But having him torture and kill others on the list in order to find the serial killer himself seemed over the top. And the story about his twin brother deserved some follow up. Unfortunately, when Reede Smith shot him in the back at the end of The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 4 that probably ended this story line for good. 

Happiest Moment: Jane walking into the FBI and finding Teresa Lisbon waiting for him. After two years without her, Jane's smile shone as bright as we've ever seen…and it was completely infectious. 

Most Pivotal Episode: A decade after his wife and child were brutally murdered, Patrick Jane not only found Red John, but put an end to his terror when he killed him.  "Red John" left some fans thrilled with the closure while others were dissatisfied that several plot threads were left dangling. Still others debated whether Jane had the right to murder his arch nemesis at all. No matter how you feel, no one can argue that The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 8 may very well be the most pivotal of the entire series. 

Biggest Dangling Thread: What was the trick? Red John knew Jane's list of seven suspects before Jane ever wrote it. How? Jane swore it was some kind of a trick. Red John claimed it was his psychic abilities. Now that Red John is dead, it appears we'll never know.

Most Intriguing New Twist:  A whole new world for The Mentalist.  The angst and darkness of hunting Red John is over. There's a lightness to Patrick Jane that we've never seen before and thankfully he can now look at the the people close to him and not worry about finding them dead with a bloody red smiley face painted over their bodies. It opens up a world of possibilities. 

Hopes for 2014:  

  • Patrick Jane reassessing his relationships. Without having to play cat and mouse with a serial killer, we look forward to watching Jane look at the people closest to him with new eyes.
  • As Teresa told him herself, she's tired of playing sidekick to Patrick Jane. We can't wait to see how Teresa Lisbon fits in at the FBI and what her new life is like in Texas.
  • More of Kimball Cho. As much as we've always liked Cho, We think his deadpan humor works even better at the FBI.
  • A Jane / Lisbon romance. Yes, we're shippers here at TV Fanatic and although we want them to take their time, we'd like to see Teresa and Patrick get to know one another in a whole new way this season. 

Overall Grade:  A+

Okay, TV Fanatics. What grade would you give The Mentalist Season 6 so far?

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Beverly brooks

I just love the show. I read on another tv reviewing website that The Mentalist maybe canceled. I do hope not! I grade this season an A.

@ gatvfan

All show have to come to a end at some point


I don't see a problem with the jisbon shipping. It's only on the chat groups. For viewers who mainly just watch the show it's a personal opinion. Either way it affects nothing. I see the shows' "jisbon" moments as fascinating insights into Jane's character. He shut off all emotional involvement for 10+ years to obsess about RJ, yet some aspects surfaced occasionally to be quickly submerged: The restroom scene in the Kristina episode, the "love ya" statement and similar expressions/behavior in life-or-death situations, that Erica kiss where Jane looked liked he'd just cheated on his wife; the slightly sexual tension with Lorelei, the looks of yearning both Jane and Lisbon had re her old boyfriend's family life in the Red Snapper ep, and more. Jane's feelings have been so bottled up he has not been able to see how hurtful it was for Lisbon to be so inconsiderate of her feelings. The only feelings not bottled up were those for children. There we've seen total love and joy for them and lethal wrath for anyone who hurts them. Interesting character development. It's one thing I love about the show. It gives depth to the stories.


It seems impossible to have a show any longer where people don’t immediately start “shipping”. It takes over the show and usually ruins it for the people who are actually interested in watching a good story.


FYI re CBS and TM. The following Q&A column by Rob Owen was in my paper's TV section today. It featured a photo of Baker as Patrick Jane and described TM as "a popular Sunday show that often is delayed by NFL games."
A fan of TM asked "What is wrong with CBS?" and complained about the erratic start times of TM. Here is the answer:
A. I've written about viewer frustration with CBS' Sunday night schedule many times over the years. Here is the gist: CBS doesn't care about annoying viewers. In July 2012, CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler said football overruns are "great for us because our [ratings] numbers are up across the entire night." Set a DVR to record a two-hour block, and watch the show later. CBS clearly doesn't deserve live eyeballs on Sunday night, so I feel no remorse about recording and watching later.

@ rationalgal2

You almost have to do this if you're going to catch the show ASAP.


I love The Mentalist. I love The Mentalist II even better. I very much want to see how the writers would define Jane's life AFTER he's fulfilled his long-term goal; especially that goal seemed to be his sole purpose for being existent in the past 10 years. What kind of life would interest Jane now? I don't think a steady relationship would be it, at least not yet.

Drea xoxo

Show could have got an A had it explained red john in further detail. as in why jane? what was the history!!! had that been done then the show would have had justice and justification for the abrupt removal

@ Katerina's Gladiator

I agree. It would have been so easy to take the material at hand and just expand it to show a credible RJ. Kirkland with the twin brother the writers created but did nothing with would have worked well for this. There was background info and a persona to justify becoming a serial killer, there was political position and resources from that and Visualize to operate as RJ, there was the Lennon episode to show the twin-characters dynamic; there was Jane reading "A Tale of Two Cities" to frame how one lookalike (the twin) could be killed to allow the other (RJ) to go free and take the real RJ off the list of 7. And on and on. Why this credible and easily portrayed scenario could not have been used I cannot understand.


Good work their basic copying everything White Collar and Burn Notices have done

@ M

All shows are copies of previous shows. There are no new themes going all the way back in theatrical history. Everything is a reimagining of earlier stories. The differences are in how they are presented,cast, acted and directed. How many times has the Sherlock Holmes story been redone? Too many to count. TM is one of them, Elementary is another. There's another one PBS. All the same theme, all very different in the presentation. TM has the same theme as Monk, yet look how different it is. I don't understand these postings that object to a theme being copied. It's always done all the time, always has been done and always will be done.

@ rationalgal2

So are all these other shows built around a character who was born and raised in a traveling carnival, was indoctrinated into assuming all outsiders were "marks" to be exploited, yet had a basic decency to reject that but was forced by circumstances to use his extraordinary mentalist skills to exploit vulnerable people, finally managed to leave the carney world with his wife, allowed his hubris to overtake caution so that he triggered the wrath of a serial killer who then killed his family, leaving him so emotionally shattered he spent most of a year in an insance asylum and found his own redemption in finding and killing the killer of his family, etc, etc. etc. All the while maintaining a cheerful, engaging, even endearing public persona as a super sleuth? Jeez, I didn't know that White Collar and Burn Notice were the same stories only with different actors. I should watch so I can enjoy TM three times a week instead of once. Are the others located in Sacramento too? Thanks for the info.

@ rationalgal2

The different is they put their own spin TM it just plain ripping off

@ Mike

Hmmm. If TM is just ripping them off, wouldn't it have the same "spin" as those those? If it doesn't, then it must be having it's own spin, therefore it's a different show. I don't understand this argument about shows copying other shows, since they all do one way or another. There is nothing new under the sun, just different perspectives and "spin."


Glad RJ is gone. He was just another Moriarity. What happened to the women in church? The writers are doing a great job - keep up the good work.


Wild speculation: The woman in the church was a plot device to get Jane and McCallister out of the fanciful religious environment and into a natural environment. Possibly to show that RJ's ideological blather about a "big picture" and a heaven-like RJ version of an afterlife through worshipping him as an all-powerful godlike entity was a lot of crap and the real world of real life and real consequences is what counts.


I got some good news if you can call it that suppose either Blue Blood or The Mentalist is not coming back

@ Michael

If you mean not coming back for a season 7, that's to be expected given the dismissive treatment CBS has given it and other shows it doesn't own and cant get revenue from syndication and DVDs. We've been told that TM is contracted for a full season 6, and there's no reason for CBS not to run the episodes. Both TM and The Good Wife have promos running for the new episodes starting in two weeks.

@ rationalgal2

You keep thinking that but they gave us the middle finger


There is no reason to assume that, with RJ gone, the show will have nowhere to go for the rest of the season. Heller and the TM writers would be stupid to run the season out with pointless crime of the week episodes. They have their professional reputations to consider. There is a lot of potential in Jane's past, the left over RJ minions and plot threads, and the Jane/Lisbon relationship to work with. Let's just watch and see what happens. It might be surprising. (Why does Jane want an Airstream trailer?)

@ rationalgal2

I tend to agree although I'm a bit nervous as to how this show can fill 12-14 remaining episodes with these little subplots. They were able to get by the past 2 episodes without doing that case of the week filler because of the 2 year jump in time and making Jane's life radically different but that appears done and eventually things are going to settle down and Jane will be part of the FBI. What happens then? Case of the week filler with some side scenes exploring things like Lisbon's new boyfriend? That's what I fear and really when you think about it the past two seasons have had lots of the case of the week fillers without too much else when there is no RJ focus.

@ black white and red all over i

Your so right look at Law and Order and CSI both has suffer from it

@ black white and red all over i

I LOVE cases of the week! T M does them better than any other show on the tube right now. The characters are entertaining and interesting and Jane is always up t something. It's just plain fun and I'll be really glad when they make this turn into the reboot and we can get our light-hearted series back. And maybe some real action between Jane and Lisbon. I'd like to see that! Jane's love quest, instead of his revenge quest. Yeah. That would make a fun arc!

@ black white and red all over i

Even if they do mostly case of the week episodes to fill out the season, that's not all bad. Shows such as CSI have run for years on that format. They just have to be interesting and entertaining. Many of my favorite TM shows are case of the week. They always deepen our understanding of Jane's character (Ruby Slippers, Something's Rotten in Redmunde, the ep where Jane helped Dr. Steiner die with dignity and many other eps where Jane showed compassion for people who needed help or illuminated his background). All good and all worthy of being a reason for the series by themselves.

Kitanishi h mcdonald
@ rationalgal2

- Don't care about Jane/Lisbon generic romance. Every procedural has that bs.
- RJ minions were interesting before because there was a almost twin-peaks-y mystery surrounding RJ, now they are just another criminal organization.
- Jane's past only packs a punch when it has relation to present - unless he pissed off a couple other serial killers, that's not going to happen anymore.

The Mentalist Quotes

Tea? It's like a hug in a cup.


Jane: What's your trick, Max?
Max: Inner peace.
Jane: The kind of peace you get when you shoot your wife's killer?