The Mentalist Review: A Whole New World

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Two years.

It's been two years since the end of Red John and as The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 9 opens it looks as though Patrick Jane is living in paradise.

And who can blame him for becoming a beach bum after a decade of chasing a serial killer? Everything about Jane looks relaxed. He's smiling. He's conversing, as best he can with the locals. He's entertaining the kids with his magic tricks and enjoying his tea. 

A Walk On the Beach

Two years after Red John, this is the life of Patrick Jane…but it's not quite paradise. 

Because as he tells Kim in this The Mentalist quote

Turns out being understood is an underrated pleasure.


Despite the sun and the surf and the peace, Jane is lonely. He misses having companionship. He misses speaking English. He doesn't necessarily miss murder mysteries but he definitely misses Teresa. 

As a matter of fact, he's written her letters. Two years worth of letters that he's had his carnie friends sneak to her. And no doubt I'll be going back and pausing those scenes to try and decipher exactly what he wrote. 

Fortunately or unfortunately - I'm still not sure which - Jane's friends weren't as stealthy as he'd hoped and the FBI traced those letter back to him. 

Unfortunately because who wants to get dragged out of paradise. Fortunately because it brings him back to Lisbon.

Back in the US, Lisbon looks good. Gorgeous in fact. Her hair is probably the best I've ever seen it. But the job…well it's quiet. And she's telling herself she wants quiet. Maybe it's not such a bad thing. 

As for the rest of the team, Wayne and Grace couldn't look happier. They're running their own digital surveillance business and they now have a baby daughter named Maggie. At least it appears they'll be getting their happy ending. 

Cho finished his training at Quantico five months ago and he's now an official Fed. Loved it when Jane asked him if they put a chip in his neck because he did seem even more robotic than usual…and that's saying something when it comes to Cho.

As for the girl Jane met on the beach, I suspected she was with the FBI as soon as I saw Abbott hit the island. It was just too much of a coincidence for two people from the US to cross Jane's path on the same day. 

At least she makes an excellent cup of tea.

One of my great disappointments of the episode was that we never got to hear Jane's list of terms for returning to the US. Once again I'll be going back and trying to decipher exactly what he wrote. 

But I don't think any shipper could be disappointed in the reunion between Patrick and Teresa. That hug was a long time coming. Finally there was no ulterior motive and no pretense. Just two old friends who were bursting with joy to see one another again. 

Just friends? For now, but Patrick was positively beaming. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. 

Although I'm sure the road ahead won't be easy, I believe that Jane finally taking off his wedding ring was a huge sign that he's ready to begin moving forward in his personal life. I can't wait to see where that leads.

Of course some things won't change and we probably wouldn't want them to…

Lisbon: I've got a job. I'm not going to drop everything just because you suddenly decided to come back.
Jane: We'll talk.


Yes, Jane expected Lisbon to follow him to the FBI.  Was that presumptuous? Definitely but I simply don't think he can do this without her. Hopefully she feels the same way.

I know that while some fans couldn't wait for the Red John story line to be over, others lamented that the show would die along with the serial killer. If anything "My Blue Heaven" has me more excited to watch The Mentalist than I was before it started.

It's a whole new world and I can't wait to see what happens next. 


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Just finished watching seasons 1 thru latest show of season 6. I'm dissapointed that the last episode seemed like the "same old same old." I greatly enjoyed all of the past episodes (adore PJ) but am ready for a more cunningly sophicated FBI agent PJ in a more expansive venue for his "gift," his intelligence and fabulous sense of humor. Texas might be a good location. I don't see Lisbon and Jane in a romantic relationship. I hope Agent Abbott is out soon (can't stand him.) I would want Krista to come back as a romantic interest for Jane.


Judging from the promo and the TV listing in today's paper, it looks like Jane gets the upper hand over Abbott big time. The FBI is asking Jane for help, apparently NOT arresting him. I think Jane knew Abbott would double cross him so he set something up with the hotel guy (Morales). Should be a fun episode! Don't know how much Lisbon knows of Jane's "great" plan for his new life. She may have reacted in last week's ep according to a script they are playing out. I'm really intrigued that Jane's terms include an Airstream trailer. He has known only carney work all his life. Is he planning something that involves traveling, with Lisbon as his "magician's assisstant"? Can't wait to find out.


Don't know why this just popped into my head, maybe I'm just excited for tonight's episode, but Jane knew that Kim was FBI. Something that struck me as odd was when she asked him what he does, he replied that he finds people; that's not what he does. That was Jane's way of calling her out, that he knew that she was there to find him. Just a thought.


It is Sunday! About 10 hours or so to go. I ran across the best blog on CBS a few days ago. It was under Insider's Blog, by Matt Gossen, Assistant to Simon Baker. I clicked on the photo My Blue a Heaven dated 12-02-13. Anyway, it was really good, taking us through the episode, explaining a lot of things. I hope he does this again. I was tickled to realize he played Lisbon's awkward front office assistant. Regarding tonight's episode, I wonder how Patrick is going to woo Lisbon from her current position. She won't be his boss. They will
Probably be under Ms. Fisher. That should be interesting. Going to keep an open mind and maybe she will grow on me. I am assuming Agent Abbott is over her. Whatever......I'm in for the long haul.


I don't expect Jane to be so much of a judge/jury/executioner from now on. That was fueled by his vengeful rage over the murder of his family, so his reactions to evil killers was knee-jerk visceral. The rage is gone now so he may be OK with letting the wheels of justice do their slow grinding. OTOH I think anyone who hurts young girls is still going to be in deep trouble with Jane. That nightmare of opening that door is not going away.


Great comments everyone, especially for filling in the blanks about Jane's letters. It is clear that Jane recognizes what Lisbon means to him and he feels free to pursue that now that RJ's death has rid him of his emotional straitjacket. Christine gave us Jane's "terms" and his request for an Airstream trailer is intriguing. Could reflect a desire to not be tied down (but then living in a motel serves the same purpose). Is he planning his own version of a traveling carnival but with positive helpful and educational purposes? Looks like TM is going to take us off in some fascinating directions and very different from before. Could be a testing ground for continuing the series but with a new format. But the viewer numbers will never go up as long as TM is relegated to an erratic Sunday night schedule.


I wish the writers would get away from Jane's unorthodox since of justice. I don't think Jane needs to make decisions about what kind of justice should be doled out to a criminal. That's what we have the justice system for. If he doesn't like that for himself then it's a little hypocritical to do to someone else. I don't mind how he gets his man but don't be the judge and executioner too! I get where he's coming from but sometimes it's hard to tell him apart from the bad guys. I hope that he will see the justice system as a tool to aide him in catching bad guys and not scoff at it so much.


@Rationalgal, you are right about that. I hope they get it right. His character is quite complex psychology. He really lives on the fringe of society and that's a hard place to be mentally. It has been pointed out to him on several occasions that it was a shame that he never took up a profession. I'm sure he has thought about that. It has to a bit frustrating at times. So, for him, if he can't have it, he'll just piss on it! which I think is pretty funny!


Yeah, Ani, I'm with you on that! Jane is at heart a decent person. He just has his own way of expressing that because of his unorthodox upbringing. I hope the writers will give us more of that upbringing because it is central to understanding Jane's behavior.


I really had a chance to think about Jane's character. Ok, so he's done some bad stuff, more then any of us. His up bringing pushed him into most of that and this is completely normal. He took what he was taught, the only things he knew and made a good living. He was raised in a very unorthodox and untraditional manner. He was taught not to trust people. Because he was raised outside the box, being naturally intelligent he could see how both his lifestyle and the society around him was not what he wanted in his life. So he decided to live by his own rules. He found out that he could manipulate both sides of the world's he lives in to his will most of the time. What makes Jane's life fun is that no matter how smart people think they are he knows that their intelligence is limited by the boxes they live in. This allows him to be able to constantly out maneuver them. He finds this amusing. He knows how to take care of himself and if he commits himself to another person, he knows how to take care of them too. He has a needy side which he doesn't expose to many people. He needs a deep unabiding love from the woman he will give his heart. Because he knows the real dangers in life through personal experiences he will protect those he loves with virtuosity, humility and a lion's heart. Freeing himself from Red John will allow him to let go of everything that was wrong in his life and eventually never look back. This is the Jane I'm looking forward too! Self redemption!

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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Lisbon: When are you guys going to give up chasing him?
Abbott: We're the FBI. We don't give up.

Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do so worse things don't happen.