The Mentalist Review: A Whole New World

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Two years.

It's been two years since the end of Red John and as The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 9 opens it looks as though Patrick Jane is living in paradise.

And who can blame him for becoming a beach bum after a decade of chasing a serial killer? Everything about Jane looks relaxed. He's smiling. He's conversing, as best he can with the locals. He's entertaining the kids with his magic tricks and enjoying his tea. 

A Walk On the Beach

Two years after Red John, this is the life of Patrick Jane…but it's not quite paradise. 

Because as he tells Kim in this The Mentalist quote

Turns out being understood is an underrated pleasure.


Despite the sun and the surf and the peace, Jane is lonely. He misses having companionship. He misses speaking English. He doesn't necessarily miss murder mysteries but he definitely misses Teresa. 

As a matter of fact, he's written her letters. Two years worth of letters that he's had his carnie friends sneak to her. And no doubt I'll be going back and pausing those scenes to try and decipher exactly what he wrote. 

Fortunately or unfortunately - I'm still not sure which - Jane's friends weren't as stealthy as he'd hoped and the FBI traced those letter back to him. 

Unfortunately because who wants to get dragged out of paradise. Fortunately because it brings him back to Lisbon.

Back in the US, Lisbon looks good. Gorgeous in fact. Her hair is probably the best I've ever seen it. But the job…well it's quiet. And she's telling herself she wants quiet. Maybe it's not such a bad thing. 

As for the rest of the team, Wayne and Grace couldn't look happier. They're running their own digital surveillance business and they now have a baby daughter named Maggie. At least it appears they'll be getting their happy ending. 

Cho finished his training at Quantico five months ago and he's now an official Fed. Loved it when Jane asked him if they put a chip in his neck because he did seem even more robotic than usual…and that's saying something when it comes to Cho.

As for the girl Jane met on the beach, I suspected she was with the FBI as soon as I saw Abbott hit the island. It was just too much of a coincidence for two people from the US to cross Jane's path on the same day. 

At least she makes an excellent cup of tea.

One of my great disappointments of the episode was that we never got to hear Jane's list of terms for returning to the US. Once again I'll be going back and trying to decipher exactly what he wrote. 

But I don't think any shipper could be disappointed in the reunion between Patrick and Teresa. That hug was a long time coming. Finally there was no ulterior motive and no pretense. Just two old friends who were bursting with joy to see one another again. 

Just friends? For now, but Patrick was positively beaming. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. 

Although I'm sure the road ahead won't be easy, I believe that Jane finally taking off his wedding ring was a huge sign that he's ready to begin moving forward in his personal life. I can't wait to see where that leads.

Of course some things won't change and we probably wouldn't want them to…

Lisbon: I've got a job. I'm not going to drop everything just because you suddenly decided to come back.
Jane: We'll talk.


Yes, Jane expected Lisbon to follow him to the FBI.  Was that presumptuous? Definitely but I simply don't think he can do this without her. Hopefully she feels the same way.

I know that while some fans couldn't wait for the Red John story line to be over, others lamented that the show would die along with the serial killer. If anything "My Blue Heaven" has me more excited to watch The Mentalist than I was before it started.

It's a whole new world and I can't wait to see what happens next. 

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Hmmm. I could watch Patrick Jane if all he was doing was watching paint dry. And it's the character. The roles he played in other TV shows/films were great but not nearly as compelling as this. Oh well. I watched the ep again to see if there was anything to Ani's opinion that Lisbon is pregnant. Maybe, maybe not. Nothing she wore was tight fitting as in previous eps. If she is pregnant, she's no more than 4, maybe 5 months along. But she was drinking wine, which is not recommended. We'll see. Would be interesting. Can't imagine Robin not timing a real-life pregnancy to avoid messing up the series finale. If she is pregnant (real or for plot reasons) they guy is probably Walter Mashburn. This could be a real plot twist as well as emotional setback for Jane because he sure loved seeing her again - couldn't stop looking at her. Don't really think this is in the works though. We had enough of that with Riggsby/Sarah and Amanda's real life pregnancy.

@ rationalgal

I went back and rewatched the very beginning of the episode where Lisbon is talking to the kids and then sitting at her desk -- her uniform is form fitting. Standing, the belt is bulky so it is hard to tell, but when she is taking everything off and putting things in her drawer you get a very clear shot of her torso and she is as thin as she's ever been. That may mean nothing since this episode would have been shot weeks ago but in this episode she does not look pregnant.

@ rationalgal

Wasn't me that Saud Lisbon was pregnant. I read the same thing too. I can't remember who wrote it.

@ rationalgal

Apparently Robin is pregnant( real-life!). I don't know how they are going to deal with it She is no grace to hide her behind computer screens or send her to some courses for "a month"! But wines on the set can be just juice ;) don't worry :)


i was wondering about the complaints here that TM is looking just like other TV shows. It always has, at least it pretty much copied "Monk." That series was about a quirky detective looking to get revenge on the guy who killed his wife. Lots of plots are basically the same because there really isn't much new under the sun, just different ways to present it. TM is also kind of a takeoff on Sherlock Holmes, yet it is done differently, just as "Elementary"is also a takeoff but done differently. What counts is how well a show is done, and Simon Baker has made it astonishingly good with the character of Patrick Jane. So complex and multi-dimensional, so beautifully acted. I expect Jane will soon feel able to remove his wedding ring for good and we will see a different aspect as the burden of grief and need for revenge leaves him. Should be interesting.

@ rationalgal

Monk was a fun show and the character interesting. But Patrick Jane is a far superior and believable character than Monk, in my opinion. I never watched Monk until re-runs started and I could only take so much of it at a time. Still haven't watched all the episodes and probably never will.

@ rationalgal

Monk was after someone who killed his wife, but I don't remember the person left behind as many clues as RJ did neither I recall him making as much mess as RJ... Anyways, other than the "revenge" idea, they have nothing in common in my opinion...
And I am sure TM creators would be so proud to hear they were compared to Sherlock or any version of it. I might lose faith in TM, might not! I used to watch it bc of the cases and because sometimes I couldn't guess who the murderer was or how Jane found out... After that huge Red disappointment, I am in the "bored" phase now... neither Monk nor any versions of Sherlock made me feel this way... I hope I get back to "interested"/"shocked"/"entertained"/"amused" phase soon... I think if you get the chance to watch the show non stop in a week... and couple of episodes each day, you'll see that the Jane we all like is not that complex. I am looking forward to seeing some big changes in him, too. Which I doubt it happens... I'll wait and watch...


fischer/swallow is annoying...there is something bugeyed and amphibian-like about her....her voice borders on masculine. if she is supposed to be patricks new romantic interest im done with the show.

@ sk

So funny, I think so too. I don't think we have to worry about her being a love interest for Jane, not really. But I think what is weird about her is that she has REALLY thin eyebrows and very prominent cheekbones.


helooo!!!l haven't been hre in along time!Great review Christine, as always.And yes, I am happy the episode was so well done.But keep in mind everyone that this was just an intro, the real action starts next week.Just Jane's face eating and being arrested and making fun of some poor guys makes me giggle.I am sure the writers will surprise us in a very wonderful way.This show is quality and I think we'll have our share of drama, comedy and mystery. So, welcome aboard Mentalist 2.0!!


re: the woman in the church She was just another RJ disciple. I'm sure there are many others. Questions: If Kim Fischer knew how to find him, why was Abbott asking around, trying to find him? Why did Jane talk to the Vietnamese? What did that achieve?

@ Sid

My take......the drug creep booted the little boy in the butt and called him a name for no reason, then tried to engage Jane. In payback, Jane talks to the drug buyers, warning them that the drug dealer was FBI informant.
In the mean time Jane arranged a meeting with Abbott, using the hotel room number that the drug dealers were in, telling him to just knock on the door and he would be expected. Abbott then realized what was coming down and arrested everybody. I don't think Jane had any intention of the drug buyers killing the seller because he had it set up for Abbott to meet him there, knowing he would take care of the drug deal.....buyers and sellers.
The best part of the whole deal was when Jane kicked the drug seller in the butt, uttering the same language the drug dealer used on the poor little boy. Payback is a b$@ch.

@ Wagurl36

I know he was getting revenge on the dealer, I'm saying all he needed to do was tell Abbott.

@ Sid

Where's the fun in that? What we saw was classic Jane. He has never just told anyone anything. He makes them work for it.

@ Wagurl36

That's our Jane. I can't wait til he gets his payback on Fischer for lying and manipulating him when he was at a low ebb. I don't think it will matter to him that she was "just doing her job."

@ Sid

Even if they had escaped Abbott, the Vietnamese would have killed the drug dealer -- so Jane would have eliminated him (maybe like he set up that one serial killer to be killed by Red John seasons ago).


I didn't like too much the episode. I don't know, if it's good idea to change spirit of the serie - it was liitle boring and lot of "deaf" places. We'll see, at least, the last seconds of ep and promo promise the fun...


This episode was just ok for me. Only because it's a lead in to the new change. But I was right about Jane saying I'm sorry. I think this is going to be fun. I hope it will be. I don't like Abbott and I hope Jane trashes him. When Abbott was talking to Jane at the end, it reminded me of the opening scene from The Guardian, the terms. I have no expectations and I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea that Jane has killed people. When I see him in a sad or needy state, I want to just feel so bad him. I really want to think of him as cute and cuddley but I can't. After seeing Jane carry and use guns, shoot people, kill someone with his bare hands and bash that mysterious woman in the head with the candle stick. Have sex with a women for info, let a murder escape, set up people to be killed and so on, I guess I do see a whole new Jane. He should just become an FBI Agent.


First I want to say that some of you had me rolling with laughter! Wow!


Seen at the bottom of the letter Patrick sent to Lisbon...... "I've been meaning to apologize for leaving you on the beach that night.
You being absent is the one thing that has made this new chapter strange and sad". "Miss you". Several characters were listed on the right, but I probably didn't get it right. It was hard to decipher. They looked like this....v no hoi

@ Wagurl36

"I've been meaning to apologize for leaving you on the beach that night." I have a lot of questions about this... but we can wait and watch, maybe my questions' answers will come up in next episodes...

@ Wagurl36

It says: U no hoo! You know who. :-)

@ bonaduz

Ahhhhh Thank you thank you! ;)


We love to watch The Mentalist because it is a mind game between the viewers and the characters in the show. That is why several commentators think Jane will outsmart FBI. We want to be in the role of the clever Jane. Kudos to the writers for their efforts to move one with RJ theme, although I am not sure that RJ stuff is completely gone from the show. That woman in the church that tried to kill Jane, and tried to help RJ - she will definitely seek a revenge or even continue RJ work. The number of viewers will jump to more than 15 mill at the end of this season.

@ David-Adamson

i hope it jumps to 15 million. i'd hate to think that we'll be down to our last dozen or so episodes after next week.
hope rj stuff continues to filter in - the woman in the church better show -- we are still owed info on that story.

The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Lisbon: When are you guys going to give up chasing him?
Abbott: We're the FBI. We don't give up.

Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do so worse things don't happen.