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2 Broke Girls Review: Full Disclosure

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There are key moments in any relationship that you will always remember:

The first kiss, the first date, the first "I Love You," and, of course, the first time you find out your dumpster-dwelling boyfriend is rich. 

Okay, so maybe Max is the only one who has to deal with that last one. But, to her credit, she processed through a lot of emotions in 2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 15, even going so far as saying she loved Deke. So can you really blame her for being taken back by the learning that the guy comes from money?

Actually, it was interesting to see how Caroline and Max handled Deke’s financial status. It appears that after more than 60 episodes of struggling for cash, Caroline was more comfortable with the idea of Deke being poor than Max was when she learned of his background.

Both girls clearly have their comfort bubbles. But if Caroline can learn to be content, even happy being poor, can Max figure out how to be satisfied with Deke being rich? 

Of course, the bigger news of the night was Max’s willingness to say the L-word to Deke. She’s always been a bit commitment-phobic, so it coming so easily to her with Deke should show how much she cares about him. 

Granted, there has to be a story behind Deke deciding to live in a dumpster like a hobo. I hate giving up premium cable channels when money is tight, I can’t imagine what would drive a rich kid to live in a dumpster. Let’s hope we get a chance to find out. 

Overall, it was an excellent episode. Hysterically funny in places, touching in others, and the biggest surprise of all, it had a nice moral message, which can be hard to work in with penis jokes. So, I’m giving this episode 4.8 chocolate I Love Yous in honor of Deke and Max sharing their hearts.

Do you think Max and Deke will get past him being rich?



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He couldn't have really ran from the money that much because they said his rich parents paid for pastry school. But it will be interesting to see how this story unfolds. I'm loving the addition of Deke to the show. As others have said, it does make Max more interesting. But I've always enjoyed her more when she had a love interest. Caroline is even more tolerable with Nicholas around too. She actually has some funny scenes because of him. I usually don't find her all that funny. This was a great episode, so I hope they keep Max and Deke together!


I have a feeling that Deke's family is rich but he either ran from that life, or they cut him off for some reason. He probably wanted to prove he can make it on his own, without money.


This was probably my favorite episode of 2 Broke Girl$ ever. Every actor was on their game! Sophie had some awesome zingers, Max and Deke were hilarious, heartfelt and relatable all at the same time, and Big Mary with the "Lindsay Slowhands" reference was the icing on the cake (pun intended)! 5 stars from this reviewer. Haven't laughed that much in a long time from this show.


I agree Marissa, Deke makes for a much more interesting Max...


Good episode. Caroline didn't really like Deke at first because he was poor but the when she found out he was rich she liked him and Max liked him when he was poor but doesn't when he's rich. They are totally different people. I hope Max can get over it and accept that Deke is rich because they make a great couple. I can't wait to find out more about Deke and can't wait for the next episode.