Arrow Review: Laurel Gets Her Mojo Back

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Despite the title, there was little about the blast that commanded attention on Arrow Season 2 Episode 10.

However, the radius of all of the other stories and the way they're reaching beyond their immediate focal point hit home.

For those eager about word regarding Barry and the STAR Labs explosion, it was addressed immediately. Felicity has been at his side on and off for the last five weeks while he lay helplessly in a coma, which has made an already edgy Oliver even more agitated.

That was big story number one.

The bigger, overarching story was about Sebastian Blood and Mirakuru and giving Laurel some legs to stand on this season. It's wonderful how all encompassing what happened on the island is really becoming at this point. It makes a lot more sense to have gone though the more boring bits on Arrow Season 1 to get to this meaty stuff.

Laurel Turns to Oliver

Is the battle of wills between Oliver and Felicity confusing any Olicity shippers out there? On the one hand, it's easy to see that they have some feelings for each other, and on the other hand, it's sometimes difficult to tell to what degree those feelings really go.

To use an 80s movie analogy, I think of Oliver and Felicity a bit like Sam and Jake from Sixteen Candles. They aren't in each other's league and are wholly aware of one another and attracted to each other, but there will have to be a very special circumstance for them to end up together. 

So, for now, Felicity is still having feels for Barry and Oliver is supporting it, despite his need to have her nearby and on his team. At least that keeps her close and until they reach a more comfortable personal place between them, that will have to suffice.

It's really good to see Laurel feeling stronger about herself and enough so that she's willing to do a little digging about Sebastian Blood when she senses something off about him.

Did I miss what she sensed? She was on to him way before this, but I was disappointed in Oliver not smelling a rat when Blood held the Unity Rally. Simple deductive reasoning tells me that he would do that if he knew who was behind the bombing. 

It didn't matter whether Blood knew the bomber or not. Just putting the public into such a harmful position with such blatant disregard for them would make me immediately question everything about him. Blood's slick use of words has everyone fooled. It's a tad embarrassing. 

We may have learned why Slade was clenching and unclenching his fist when he was behind his desk in Arrow Season 2 Episode 9 -- because that's the hand he used to throttle Oliver on the island and he was clenching it then, kind of in awe of it's strength.

The island scenes are up and down for me right now. Oliver seems to have lost some of his mojo, reverting back to the dork he was when he first arrived. It was especially noticeable when Slade gave him Shado's hood. I just can't wait to see the day the two of them meet about Shado. It's going to be terribly painful.

Oh... back to Laurel. While Oliver is throwing campaign parties for Blood, Laurel is sifting through papers on his desk and having Lance run background checks. She's going on her gut and it's taking her places. Poor Maya Resik. She's no aunt at all, but Blood's mother who watched her son murder her husband before he sent her to the loony bin. No wonder she's mumbling and rocking back and forth.

Since Oliver is Blood's new best friend and Lance thinks he's Prince Charming, I suspect what we're going to see here is a situation where Laurel knows -- KNOWS -- Blood is behind something truly awful and that being elected Mayor will be the worst move for Starling City.

She will try to stop it, but her ex-boyfriend and her father will start saying she's using drugs or drinking and, if Blood gets wind, may force her to use those things to make sure she looks as bad as she should.

The rock bottom she's going to hit will be because she cried wolf, didn't get the help people wanted her to get, got well on her own and had the nerve to question the man who is not only becoming the most powerful in the city, but is running an army of Mirakuru juiced men and doing it under the supervision and with the blessing of Oliver's most powerful enemy -- Slade Wilson. Wouldn't he take pleasure in seeing Oliver's ex fall asunder?

Other thoughts:

  • While it was interesting to see Roy heal and save Moira, despite having Mirakuru running though his veins, he really has no interesting story to tell at this point. What a shame.
  • Alright -- So Lance has been able to SEE Oliver's face this entire time when he's The Arrow? He asked, "What's with the mask?" That leads me to believe he can see Oliver's face perfectly well. Is his vision otherwise that bad? If he can see the eyepaint is gone, then he surely can make out Ollie's facial features. Gimme a break!
  • At least we have absolute confirmation that Oliver chose to save Sara. He said it out loud. They must be reading our round table discussions. 

How do you think Laurel's story will progress?

Here is the promo for Arrow Season 2 Episode 11:


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Fearless diva

Question: Putting our love for Olicity aside, do you guys think that since episode 6 of this season, the writers are definitely going down the endgame for Oliver and Felicity? But it makes you wonder, does that mean this season, or the next we will see the death of Sara and Laurel take the reign as Black Canary? Cause to be honest, I don't think at this point Laurel can believably pull it off. Both Oliver and Sara spent years honing their skills. Could, dare I say it, the writers be brave enough to get rid of Laurel? After all with Tommy's death last season, it proved that unless your name is Oliver Queen, everyone is a fair game...

@ Fearless Diva

if you think Oliver and Felicity are the endgame couple
for this show seek help immediately it's painfully obvious they'll get together for a while at some point before the show ends but Oliver will end up with Laurel: FACT amazed some people actually cant grasp basic story setup


Why the HELL should SARA die just for that annoying, useless "women" to BECOME BC when WE already have a BC that is magnificent and DOES the job well and has a BACKGROUND to how SHE BECAME the BC! It's STUPID how the WRITERS ARE PUSHING to OFF one lovely character just SO the useless ONE can BE BC or whatever.. God, to have 4 or 5 ep of "laurel" is just going to SUCK the fun out of the next few weeks!!

@ Kay

do shut up, moron X )

Fearless diva
@ Kay

Last season, other then the whole Laurel/Oliver romance, Thea was the weakest link as well and what seemed to be dragging the show down. However, this season, she has vastly improved but it seems that the writers don't know what to do with Laurel at this point.


I think Laurel's downfall could result to the reappearance from Sara, but how she'll compare to Sara's skill is another question. Are they getting rid of Sara by season finale? Would be better if Sara trains her during the summer break (with another time jump), that would make sense to compare them both as the canary, rather than have her be injected with mirakuru, dont we already have Roy for that.

Fearless diva
@ aa

I heard a few months back that Stephen Amell said that there was a possibility for a death again this season. Think he was talking about Laurel?


I think that something bad will happen to Laurel, which will trigger her metagene allowing her to use her Sonic Scream.

Fearless diva
@ Guy with Idea

In the Arrowverse, she has no metagene, she's a regular girl. Even Sara, who is currently the Black Canary doesn't have a sonic scream. It's really a box that unleashes it.


I really love Arrow at this point.
I loved that they gave Laurel something to do. I liked Roy super power. Sometimes I wonder how Oliver can do all he does without any.
I love Oliver and Felicity, I love that things are going slow, it may never happen, maybe they'll never be brave enough to face their feelings, but still I love te way they care about each other.
And I love Diggle, Oliver, Felicity working together.
Did I say love a lot?

Fearless diva
@ Cece

Besides Olicity, I would say my favorite scenes involve that of the trinity(Oliver, Felicity and Diggle) those three are my favorite. I'm still waiting to see where they take Roy this season though. I don't think him becoming Arrow's sidekick as Speedy, Red Arrow or Arsenal is set in stone though. For all we know, they could morph him into an anti-hero of sorts.


Well done Katie Cassidy its just goes to show when the writers get over the olicity fluff they can show your potential ,good stuff

Fearless diva
@ Ackerlover

Olicity was never the problem hun. There just wasn't any chemistry with Katie and Stephen to have the audience believe they were in love. I'd like to point that its neither actor's fault because Katie did have chemistry with Collin and Stephen with Jessica(Helena), Celina (Shado) and ofcourse Emily (Felicity). If you rewatch the scene where they start making out and Tommy sees them in season 1, there's an obvious space between them.

@ Fearless Diva

wrong but whatever if you dont care about Laurel and/or Laurel and Oliver you might as well stop watching now because sooner rather than later it's going to be JUST them as a couple just like when it was ALWAYS Clark and Lois on Smallville


Really annoyed me that they aren't progressing with the flash story. Thats what i was most excited about going into the break, he better not be in a coma for months until the end of the season.

@ Tyler

he's going his own show, genius. that's where they'll be continuing his story amazing some of the clueless tripe people actually complain about on here

Fearless diva
@ Tyler

Hate to break it to you, but you won't be seeing Barry/The Flash anytime soon. The reason they included that scene in the midseason finale was because, initially they were going to have a backdoor pilot, where Barry would return in episode 20. But apparently the Cw execs decided it could stand on its own and have since decided to order a pilot instead. Which if approved will come with series slated to premiere in Fall 2014.

Sarah silva

I really enjoyed this episode.
Oliver was harsh on Felicity and I think it is because he likes her and is jealous.
Everyone is saying that Katie Cassidy lost weight but I do not notice.
Slade coming back and wanting revenge on Oliver seems to go back a long way, the moment Shado was killed.
Sebastian sure is a good liar! I had a feeling the woman in the mental institution was his mom and that he killed his dad.
I too laugh when people like Lance are face to face with Arrow and do not know it is him, but I know it is part of the show.

Fearless diva
@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Honestly, I think her drastic change in appearence this season is deliberate. I think they are trying to showcase that since Tommy's death, Laurel is on a downward spiral and she can't always look her best if they are to address that.

Spindae 2o

It was an solid episode I loved the reveals and the emotional display of the episode. I must say that my first thought was that Barry was in a coma and that is stated in my Review or RT comment ;) . It's just the easiest way to prolong it and connect the pilot with Arrow 301.
I loved Laurel going for it. She is a good attorney she has great instincts, but the writers overplay it a bit and put her to be the Demsel in destress. I look forward to see where that rock bottom is the writters are talking about.
Felicity: I think that now they are back on track. I got what you were saying Carissa about not knowing if there are loving each other as friends or lovers but I think there is that attraction to each other character(not only the physical) that puts it on a higher level. And maybe they will go the Rachel&Joey way and let them say that they are to good friends to be lovers. I loved their apologizing scene Felicity is so strong in therir conversations.
I agree Roy needs some back story some way to be useful, but it' s not only him Thea should get some independent focus as well.

Fearless diva
@ Spindae 2.0

I think Felicity being in Central City, it basically states that at least she will show up in The Flash Pilot.


Really good episode. I loved the argueing between Oliver and Felicity and then at the end he apologized to her and that moment they had was really sweet and showed how much they really care about each other. I'm glad they brought up what happened to Barry because I almost thought they wouldn't. Laurals story is becoming interesting and she's on to Blood and I can't wait to see where that goes. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Sara: Ivo killed Shado. He’s the one that pulled the trigger.
Oliver: Because I chose to save you. He needs to know the truth

Diggle: I've just never seen you spooked like this before.
Oliver: That should tell you something.