Being Human Review: Clinging and Compelling

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It seems like Sally might have finally banished Donna for good on Being Human Season 4 Episode 3, as she discovered by using the spell book that she was actually bringing the two of them closer.

For once, though, Sally's anger was so great she set everyone ablaze, absorbed the spells and Donna disappeared.

That seemed almost as easy as crawling out of Purgatory, now that I think of it. Donna will probably make her way back somehow. There's no doubt, however, that the more spells Sally ingests the more powerful she becomes.

Tonight she removed Nora's scars that were a constant reminder of her abusive relationship and of killing Will while in werewolf form.

For a minute there, it seemed like Josh might have been back to normal.

As they all sat around the table at breakfast, talking about menses, it felt like old times. He even started back to work at the hospital, and verbalized what we think all the time -- how in the hell do they manage to keep their jobs?

Josh: Seriously, when's the administration going to catch on that you, me and Nora are like the worst nurses ever. Between the three of use we've taken like a combined 18 months leave in the last two years.
Aidan: Are you serious?
Josh: Yeah, thank God there's a nursing crisis in this country.

Being Human has always had that self-awareness that sets it apart from other supernatural series, and I guess that's because it's about beings that are fully aware that they are trying to be human in a world they no longer fit into. Being human is a constant chore for them, and there is always an excuse that needs to be made to ensure they make it in the real world.

Josh's unknown state is really making things difficult. His first day on the job with his heightened senses made it impossible for him to function. He could hear and smell everything and it drove him nuts. Going on a run meant someone almost became lunch.

At least he made it into the hospital that morning. Aidan was kidnapped and taken to see his son, Kenny. Kenny has built this world in which he is king and he's going to give everyone a safe haven to feed. He's also been compelling everyone to see him as normal when he is still, in fact, quite deformed. That was a nice twist.

Showing his face to Aidan after Aidan had just had the memories of Kenny's first hour out of the bubble, running outside and generally being free was a nice juxtaposition because it elicited the right amount of horror. It was also just after Kenny admitted to putting a hit on Josh to try to get his daddy's attention.

Am I the only one who expected the blood club killer to be Josh as payback for putting a hit on him? Until I saw the cross. Then I didn't expect that Susanna would uncover her face and stare into the camera. She must be ready to die. She's come back to Boston, made her peace with Aidan and is now placing a price on her head. Who isn't going to want her dead?

The best thing about the time slipping story is Sally is popping back to the 70s; a time I love to reminisce about. Since she's using the phrase time slipping, I'd also appreciate it if they would use The Steve Miller Band "Fly Like An Eagle" with the lyrics, 'time keeps on slipping slipping slipping into the future..' because I'm pretty sure it's from the 70s and it's too good of an opportunity to pass up. What else does The Steve Miller Band have goin' on?

It does appear that she'll have a completely different view of magic once she discovers what happened in the house long before she lived there. Sally is using magic for good while it looks like Lil Smokie's parents were using it for evil. Perhaps to summon the devil? Maybe that's how Donna found Sally.

Josh is clinging to every bit of himself that he can to keep the wolf from taking over, and Nora knows that since he has friends and the wolf is alone he'll win out. But the wolf has Josh on his side, and he can turn at will -- something no other wolf has ever done to their knowledge. It might be more difficult than Nora thinks. 

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Darryl w

Great episode as usual!! I genuinely did not see Josh being able to semi transform into a wolf coming. Aidan's (ex) wife being a vampire slayer makes sense, seeing as she flogged herself in her room and she didn't want to be one from the beginning. The only thing that I am not looking forward to seeing, is when Kenny finds out that Aidan not only has been lying to him about knowing Susanna's identity, but that he technically was choosing her over him....his "son". I'm not going to lie, I like Kenny and I want him to be around for awhile. I'm calling it now, Aidan will kill Susanna to save Kenny b/c somehow, someway he's going to find out that she killed their only son.


Good episode. I was deffinetly not expecting Susana to be the one that killed the vampire and it probably just made things awkward for Aidan because he woulnt want to hurt her because she's his wife and Kenny will want to hunt her down and kill her for killing his vampires. Josh being able to turn at will is interesting and I can't wait to see where that goes. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.


I've always thought the same thing, how do these nurses keep their jobs? LOL They're rarely at work! It's wonderful the writers addressed it in this episode. Poor Kenny, I liked him before "the turn" but can't help feeling he won't be around much longer. Henry was such a different "son" to Aidan. As far as Susanna, I had no clue she was the vamp killer but it makes sense. She's the new BLADE! I'm curious where the writers are going with her character. Aidan's eventually going to have to put her down. I loved Sally healing Nora's scars. Those little moments are part of what makes this show so enjoyable for me. Totally confused about the Donna and little girl stuff, though it is interesting.

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Being Human Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Josh: Seriously, when's the administration going to catch on that you, me and Nora are like the worst nurses ever. Between the three of use we've taken like a combined 18 months leave in the last two years.
Aidan: Are you serious?
Josh: Yeah, thank God there's a nursing crisis in this country.

Josh: You know I love that we have the kind of relationship that we can discuss menses first thing in the morning, but when your pupils roll back into your face and you're growling...
Sally: Just resting my eyes...
Josh: Yes, but it's terrifying when you rest your eyes, so...