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Time slipping. It's not a punishment. I'm supposed to help her.


Aidan: Look, Josh was attacked by a couple of vampires last night. Do you know anything about that?
Kenny: I sent them to kill him.

Aidan: Josh, I've never heard of a wolf who was able to turn at will. Not even purebreds.
Josh: I don't know what's happening to me.

Here's a hot tip. All leadership ever comes down to is either kill or be killed. Is that what you want?


Sally: Nora, the spells, they're burnt into me.
Nora: What?
Sally: I remember them. All. It's like they're a part of me now.

Josh: Seriously, when's the administration going to catch on that you, me and Nora are like the worst nurses ever. Between the three of use we've taken like a combined 18 months leave in the last two years.
Aidan: Are you serious?
Josh: Yeah, thank God there's a nursing crisis in this country.

Josh: You know I love that we have the kind of relationship that we can discuss menses first thing in the morning, but when your pupils roll back into your face and you're growling...
Sally: Just resting my eyes...
Josh: Yes, but it's terrifying when you rest your eyes, so...

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