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Castle Review: To Jav or Javi Not

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Usually when I watch a show I review, I take a lot of notes during the hour.

But something happened during Castle Season 6 Episode 11. I stopped writing about half way through because I couldn't take my eyes from the screen.

"Under Fire" became just that intense as Esposito and Ryan fought for their lives, trapped in a secret sub-basement of a warehouse being engulfed in flames.

A Body Burned

The explosive that started the inferno was massive. For a show that has done its share of explosions, this was the most impressive one yet. 

The search for the serial arsonist had me on the edge of my seat, particularly the conversation with Adam Ferguson. Somehow the word creepy just didn't cut it.

As Adam described the arsonist as an artist who listened to the music of the fire, the roar of the flames and the moans of the buildings finally giving in…I couldn't help but shiver. He may not have been our bad guy but as he spoke there was no doubt this was one twisted man.

I was also impressed with Captain Gates. I never doubted how much she cared for her team but she was quick to take control of the bullpen and keep everyone on track as emotions threatened the group. They had a killer to catch, one that may have taken down two of their own. As everyone worried about Javi and Kevin, she made certain they stayed on task.

And wasn't it great to watch Gates and Castle build theory together to figure out how to save the boys? These two characters have both come a long way and watching them bounce that conversation back and forth was riveting. 

Speaking of Ryan and Esposito, we already knew how solid their partnership was so it was no surprise that Espo didn't even begin to look for an escape route until he got the concrete beam off of Ryan. 

I'll admit, I had tears in my eyes as Kevin and Jenny shared what they thought could be their last conversation just as their child was about to enter the world. It was heartbreaking hearing Jenny insist that they had to pick the baby's name together.  And then the line went dead and there was nothing anyone could do but look on.

I loved that Javier was the first name Kevin picked for his future son. And just as I was reaching for the tissues, Esposito was good enough to make me laugh with this Castle quote

Javier? You're going to name a white, Irish kid Javier.


If I had one disappointment for this hour, it was that we never actually had the pleasure of a little Javier Ryan but it's really hard to complain when Sarah Grace was darn cute.

Castle and Beckett had lots of smaller moments in this episode. First, they shared one of my favorite interactions before any of the drama got started.

Ryan: Rather than pick a name for my kid you should pick a date for your wedding.
Castle: Pick a date for my wedding? I was planning on bringing her.
Beckett: Really. When is that? I might have plans.

I do hope we get a wedding date out of these two soon. And I'm still lobbying for a Hamptons wedding (fingers crossed.)

Did anyone else notice that Beckett casually called Castle babe while at the precinct? I don't believe that's ever happened before. 

And it was wonderful to see Lanie run into Javier's arms and Kevin and Jenny admire their baby girl as Rick and Kate held on to one another. Just the way things should be in the world of Castle. 

Now I'm off to watch it again. 

But tell me Castle fans, were you rooting to see a little baby Javi or are you perfectly happy with Sarah Grace?



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Thanks everyone for explaining all the abbr. Now I feel like I'm one of you guys!!!


IMHO in my honest opinion??
LOL laff out loud?
anyways almost finished my farscape rewrites on tor so might be looking for a castle fanfic site and write on how they should have done some things :)
I mean if the official writers won't do others will in the fantasy fan-base I reckon


Thanks ukno1stanafan, for explaining what PDA means. Im an old timer, not up on these abrevations. So what does IMHO and LOL mean?

@ karkar

ATM: "at the moment"
BTW: "by the way"
COTW: "case of the week"
IM(H)O: "in my (humble) opinion"
ITA: "I totally agree"
LOL: "laughing out loud"
Mary Sue: A character who's just too perfect to be believed
OMG: "oh my God"
OT: "off-topic"
ship/shipper: "ship" is short for "relationship." If you are an X and Y "shipper," that's short for "relation shipper," i.e. you want those two characters to be together.
snarky: sarcastic commentary
TMI: "too much information"
TPTB: "the powers that be" (Marlowe)

@ karkar

in MY Humble Opinion and Lots Of Love

@ nottrampis

I stand corrected


Nottrampis. I hope you are right about the wedding being the S6 finale, but somehow I get the feeling that AWM will not go that route, even though S7 should be a given, if he waits, then that will probably secure it. As for Castle being the focus of the wedding, absolutely correct, but it will not happen. AWM is a total Beckett fan and he portrays Castle still, as the immature idiot, he never gets credit for anything, and I do not see AWM changing course now. All I hope, is that when the wedding does take place, there is no stupid disruption. The fans have waited too long, for it not to be a joyous occasion, with no angst, but I wouldn't bet on it!

@ ukno1stanafan

I think this episode gives us hope but I still doubt it. Angst and Marlowe go together.
He seems to think it is good TV. I do not think it is!


I agree with many pertaining to the importance of castles books in dealing with kates fears-would not hold my breath its been 6 1/2 years and still no mention plus why would the writers want to make Rick out to be a savior of sorts to Kate-for he is their "foolish" card they have used over and over for many years and i'am sure you will see it before the season is done.


Whilst I agree that the eye contact etc between Beckett & Castle in S6, show a couple completely in love, but surely that is only part of a love affair. It still seems to me totally unrealistic, that this season we have had hardly any PDA (Private Displays of Affection). In S5, the stick man scene, the valentine gift scene, the Jordan explanation, and the bucket list scene were brilliant, surely we could have had similar scenes in some episodes in S6, where we get some explanation about Castle's divorces, Beckett telling Castle about how his books meant so much to her after her Mom's murder, the fact that Sorenson knew and Castle still doesn't seems wrong to me. I just think AWM has missed some opportunities here.

@ ukno1stanafan

I agree to some extent Captain Cook.
I think the PDAs have been quite nuanced. They are engaged you would expect to have some talk and then PDA after that.
the more I think about it the more I think they will leave the Castle books helping Beckett until she tells everyone of this at the Wedding reception ( at Maddie's restaurant?).Actually if the wedding and reception do not make me teary eyed then I am sending Castle's Dad after Marlowe!!

@ nottrampis

Nottrampis. Hunt has already been hired, if Marlowe screws this up, just one call from me and it is done! Do you think we will get the Caskett wedding in S6?

@ ukno1stanafan

The weddiing must be this season.
Surely a wedding where we all get teary eyed would be the best way to end series6.
Thus it makes sense you make Kate wait until the reception when she tells how much Castle has helped her through her life. Starting with the books and ending with Castle making her the final finished product with no scars etc. thus Castle becomes the focus of the wedding and naturally so because without his magnificent partience there would be no wedding indeed no Caskett!


I love this show. It's about good over evil. The cast is great except Castle is whipped. No man I've ever known has been so gutless.

@ Sharon

totally agree on that. I wonder whether that has something to do with Kyra and his two divorces. He NEVER calls out any bad behaviour ( Except Beckett in 4x24) and always takes the blame ie Alexis this series. Allow him a backbone Marlowe!

@ nottrampis

In the upcoming spy daddy episode “Deep Cover”, I hope we don't get a badass Beckett confronting Hunt instead of Castle standing up for himself with his dad. Castle is a grown man who has already been disrespected enough by Alexis and I hope he doesn't get run over in the same way by his father. I don’t object to the idea of Castle's father being a dark guy, having darker impulses per se, and exploring Castle's reaction to that and whether he has his own dark impulses at times given his interest in the macabre. I trust that this particular senior writer, Terence Paul Winter, will explore that subject in a serious way, but I am still managing expectations because this is the same person who wrote 5x10 “Significant Others”. It seems odd that the show runner would cater to Brolin's wishes for his characters. Let's hope that means they will put even more effort than usual into the script.

@ Vince

Significant others was a bad episode. Castle doesn't tel his ex-wife to go to a hotel.
Beckett is easily manipulated by a transparent liar ( Shades of Vaughn!) and even then she doesn't ask Castle about why he and Meredith ended in divorce. but the idea of a man having sex with his ex-wife whom he caught in his own bed with another man was absurd in the first place. Having said that Marlowe performed well above expectations in this episode


Yep Lemming was my bad. It was a typo that just stuck lol.
Writers forget that we, the audience, watch and remember how the actors behaved in the past. I don't know but it seems like writers seems to lose continuity along the way.
For an engaged couple there's no PDA, even in bed your flat out seeing them do anything but talk.
In my real life I've been called babe a lot of times and it doesn't mean a thing.
I liked the ep but I don't do tear jerkers, those parts I usually FFed through.
Castle running out of the building on the bomb thing was patently stupid, made him look like a ass. I know it was meant to be funny but he also ripped the guts out of a atomic bomb with seconds to spare and wouldn't leave her when she tripped a bomb in the building.. yes?
Christine if you get a interview with Stana pin her down to why no PDA between Caskett when obviously in the past she was all over other guys in the station house. I don't believe it's so she can act professional in the station. She didn't before.


Loved the babe comment. But she did call him that when she told him in the two parter he was going to die. Could have a little more personal time but tatbisbte way this show is


A few of you refer to "lemming". What is that?

@ tvland

The "lemming" reference is really Tom Demming, the robbery detective that Beckett was dating in Season 2. He was a jerk. It is interesting how Beckett let Demming put his hands all over her in the hallways at the precinct during that period, but we see nothing like that now from our engaged couple. I always did wonder why Captain Montgomery let that happen out in the open area in front of co-workers.

@ Vince

Vince, I believe Beckett allowed more PDA with Demming at the precinct because he was a cop. Castle on the other hand is a civilian and is subject to being banned from the precinct despite his tie to the mayor if the reigning captain feels he is compromising the police work that is being done by distracting Beckett with PDA and others who may be watching. Remember, Kate is used to keeping her relationship on the down-low with Castle, something she never had to do with Demming. Also, to all those viewers who are upset about not enough Caskett PDA at work, even to the point of suggesting behind the scenes trouble between the two leads, I say get over it. Just because you may feel a need for more PDA in your own life to perhaps feel more secure, doesn't mean that everyone has to. It's your preference to be sure, but don't bash the writers simply because they're not writing to specifically please you. I, like many others who have commented, believe there is plenty of evidence of love and mutual attraction in the looks, slipped in comments like "babe" and other conversations between Castle and Beckett.

@ Candlestar

Our Roy Montgomery.
Castle never makes the first move on women.
I always thought she dated Demming to get Castle to move. Castle retaliates by dating Maddie. ( More Maddie please).
Beckett is clearly more concerned that Maddie is going after Castle than her FIRST date with Demming.
I think She thought Castle would be there all the time and when Castle learns of The Demming/Beckett dirty weekend he thinks he has lost her forever hence going to the Hamptons for the summer. People alwasys focus on Beckett there but Castle is devastated by this. Indeed IMHO Castle doesn't ring up later because he thinks Demming and Beckett will be living with each other.A natural progression after sharing a weekend together.

@ Candlestar

Point well taken about Castle being a civilian, but it doesn’t explain her behavior in the open in front of co-workers. Just because Demming was a cop, she let him slobber all over her with those kisses on her neck in the precinct? It presents more to me that she was playing with Castle’s emotions precisely because she knew Castle had to keep things professional at all times because he was there as a favor to the mayor. It is hard to believe that Kate didn’t know how much Castle was interested in her long before those wake up conversations with Montgomery and Esposito. Otherwise, why her startled response when Castle told her that it was his last case with her. She was devastated, yet she felt the need to lie earlier to Castle about her vacation time.

@ Vince

Our Roy Mongomery. Demming was a nice bloke. Indeed the nicest Beckett date. The biggest jerk was that pretentious prat Josh

@ nottrampis

because the writers have forgot. She is a one and done gal. The two divorces would loom very large on the horizon for such a gal but she is mute about it? does not compute

@ nottrampis

Good question about the books. How come Beckett has not told Castle how much the books helped her? Same question about his two divorces. Where are those conversations?

@ nottrampis

So why did she tell Sorensen of how important Castle books were to her to getting over her mother's death? That is intimate stuff. Re Josh It is patently clear Beckett lied to Josh thus his incorrect interpretation of the vents.

@ nottrampis

It was always Sorenson who bugged me the most. Waiting two months before letting Kate know that he was back in town, only to then commandeer her into his investigation, and choosing one that had a similarity to a prior one they had worked on together, which was clearly difficult for her. Also, I felt that in some of their conversations, Will was condescending towards Kate, re: the skates and stuff. It felt kind of awkward to me, rather than playful as was probably the intent of the writing. Of all of them, Sorensen was the only one that I find myself wondering “Why were you with this person?”.
My only thing with Josh ("I really, really liked him") was I wasn’t wild about the way he interacted with Castle, especially towards the end. I understood why he was upset about Kate getting shot, and why he pushed Castle away in the hospital hallway, but it didn’t say much about him either, particularly acting out the way he did in his place of work.