Castle Round Table: "Under Fire"

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Murder, arson, explosion  and even a baby.

There wasn't much more they could have thrown into Castle Season 6 Episode 11 as Esposito and Ryan found themselves literally "Under Fire."

Our TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Robin Harry, Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando are joined by Lisa from the Castle Fan Forum the 12th to see who cried and what took them completely by surprise.

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Were you hoping for a little Javier or a little Sarah Grace?

Jim: Sarah Grace. Ryan needed a "daddy's girl" and I'm betting she will be!

Robin: Like Jim, I was hoping for Sarah Grace. Ryan would just totally fawn over a baby girl!

Chandel:  Definitely a little girl because I love the name they chose, but also because I can see Kevin having a little girl he dotes on.

Lisa: Honestly, I didn't really have a preference before this episode but I can't help but feel as though Ryan having a baby girl just as Castle did is a really nice way to give these two something more and something deeper to really bond over.  They are already such great friends and Ryan clearly looks up to Castle as well, so this is something that may really heighten that even more.

Christine: I actually thought a little Javier would be really cute and I would have loved to have seen Esposito's reaction to his name sake.  But it's hard to complain about Sarah Grace and I agree with Lisa. It will be great to watch Rick and Kevin bond over their girls. 

Castle RT - depreciated -

Did the episode make you cry?

Jim: Good God yes! Between the touching moments and the haunting music, how could you not! 

Robin:, my cheeks just needed watering, that's all...(side-glance).  Honestly - I watched the episode twice, and cried both times during Ryan and Jenny's goodbye. 

Chandel:  No, it did not. But I was emotionally moved with what took plan nonetheless.

Lisa: Let me tell you, I'm not an emotional person at all but I was absolutely bawling from Ryan's phone call to Kate and then to Jenny all the way through the end of the episode and well past the credits.  I laughed at myself for being so emotional but I couldn't help it as the writing and the performances (and the music!) were just so perfect that I felt it was impossible not to feel everything the characters were feeling.

Christine:  Several tissues were sacrificed during Ryan and Jenny's phone call. I think I even saw one in my husband's hand. (Don't tell him I told you.)

What was your favorite bromance moment of the night?

Jim: Loved the interaction after Ryan told Jenny to name a boy Javier. Even in the face of death, they kept the bromance steady.

Robin: Ryan tells Esposito to go, Espo answers with, "Shut up, I'm trying to save your life." Ryan just laughs in response, but also in affirmation. They just understand each other so well. 

Chandel: Clearly Espo telling Ryan, "Shut up, I am trying to save your life." In the midst of all the life or death drama, they kept the characters true to themselves.

Lisa: I loved Ryan asking Jenny to name their potential baby boy after Javier and the guys joking around about it afterward and I loved Esposito refusing to give up on rescuing Ryan from the debris before looking for a way out but my absolute favorite moment was actually when Esposito passed out and Ryan was begging him to stay awake with him.  That was a really heartbreaking but incredibly moving moment.

Christine:  I agree with all of the above but my favorite was Ryan wanting to name his son Javier and Espo's great Castle quote, "You're going to name a white, Irish kid Javier?"  It brought me from tears to laughter in the span of a moment. 

What was the scariest moment of the hour?

Jim: The firefighters coming in and finding them laying on the floor unconscious. Having had basic first aid training I know that Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be lethal even if you get help before you stop breathing.  

Robin: That minute when they found the bomb and Ryan yelled to run - and then that incredible, terrifying explosion. 

Chandel: What part of it wasn't scary in some form? The whole episode could have seen our characters going a lot of very difficult ways. It was less scary than it was compelling.

Lisa: Just before the rescue, we saw Ryan and Esposito both passed out on the basement floor as the camera panned out far above them with the flames raging throughout the building.  For me, this was the scariest moment of the hour because it kind of felt like they were ending it that way and we'd have to wait a whole week to find out what happened next!  Lol.

Christine: For me it was Jenny's phone call to Kate. That moment when Beckett had to figure out what to tell Ryan's very pregnant wife felt terrifying in its own way. 

Was there anything in the episode that took you completely by surprise?

Jim: Not so much surprised as impressed. Captain Gates coming down on the website owner in the interrogation room was pretty impressive.

Robin: The bomb. I knew there was going to be a fire, but I didn't see that coming. 

Chandel: Nothing except how emotional it got and how well it was played. You sometimes forget how much range this cast has once it gets into a comedic groove, so it's always nice to be surprised by seeing it on screen.

Lisa: With Andrew Marlowe and David Amann writing this script together, I wasn't surprised at all that it was the powerful and emotional episode that it was and I certainly wasn't surprised that the cast really delivered their A-game with this kind of material, but I was actually really pleasantly surprised at how Gates truly took charge and came through to rally the troops to save her team, even spinning theory with Castle to try to solve the case despite her supposed indifference towards him and his abilities.

Christine:  I was surprised how much I enjoyed Castle and Gates spinning theory together over the phone. It was a compelling scene, even over the phone line and great to see how far the relationship between these two characters has progressed. 

What was your favorite scene?

Jim: That 42 minute part right after the opening credits.

Robin: That scene that Seamus Dever was in. Man, when he's given heavy lifting to do, he just owns that screen. He was brilliant. 

Chandel: When Kevin saw his little girl for the first time. That was a really sweet moment.

Lisa: That's a really tough question because there were so many incredible scenes, but I really do have to go with the phone call scene between Ryan and Jenny.  It was such a powerful scene and so full of emotion and while it was painful to watch them say their goodbyes, it was truly a beautiful and moving scene and it was definitely one of the biggest highlights of the episode for me. Plus, Seamus and Juliana were just so incredible in this scene and it was great to see them have that opportunity to really steal the show together.

Christine: The very last scene with Kevin, Jenny and their baby, Lanie with Javier, and then Rick and Kate holding one another. It's the way every Castle episode should end.

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Trying to think why Javier Ryan is a strange name. Maybe because Canada is a country more open to multiculturalism, but within my own friends and family we have names that show either a mixed heritage or at least a cheerful disregard of heritage in favour of the right name. Polish/Irish, Polish/ Bengali, Scots/Japanese, Nigerian /Salish, Irish/Italian, Scots/Ukranian, and one woman whose name indicates she is Scots/French but whose parents were German and Bengali.
Don't Americans do that? And surely there are lots of 'Irish" kids named after St Francis Xavier?


this was a great episode.
The naming of his kid Javier was sentimental and silly. Espo was correct.
no but you didn't have to. I think the small but really well nuanced scenes between Caskett. Little said but so much said. no nothing was a great surprise except that Marlowe is a better writer when there is no angst! I am still perplexed by Gates. Jordan Shaw recognised Castle's worth halfway through her case but Gates has known Castle for over three years. Are they saying she is that slow and stupid? no favourite scene. I would add two things. the I'm marrying him looked snarky not funny.
What the hell is Espo doing at the end. Everybody else is looking at Kevin, Jenny and their girl, He isn't. why?


A standing ovation to the entire cast for the incredible emotion they all portrayed!
1 - I was hoping for a girl. Ryan and Castle are already so close and both having daughters will add an even deeper dimension to their connection.
2 - You bet I cried! I was tearing up when Kate told Ryan they thought they were dead and then I lost it completely when Ryan talked to Jenny.
3 - I have to just say the entire sequence of scenes of them trapped in the basement. There were too many wonderful moments to pick just one.
4 - Seeing Ryan and Espo unconscious at the end was the scariest for me. I guess I thought they'd be rescued before it got that serious.
5 - I, too, was pleasantly surprised with Castle and Gates building theory together.
6 - My favorite scene, hands down, was Ryan talking to Jenny. It was incredibly moving.


Favorite bromance and favorite scene: Ryans head on Espo's chest. So emotional and heart breaking!
Scariest moment: I know better, but the boys really looked like they were going to die in the explosion.
Biggest surprise: The whole cast (excluding Alexis and Mom) All had important and emotional parts for a change. Nice to see Castle and Beckett in the background in several scenes, observing everything like us the viewers. Also enjoyed them showing affection tward each other,it was nice to see.
Christene O , This has nothing to do with your questions, but why was there 2 strips of black tape on Becketts right 2 fingers in the ending secene when she hugged Espo and Ryan?
Also didn't Stana look stunning at the annual Peoples Choice award last Wed. Glad she won favorite dramatic TV actress and "Castle" won favorite TV crime drama!


I'm glad I guess that some people liked this episode. Unfortunately for me I'm not one of you. Ratings took a hit , possibly due to other reasons, but for me, it is an ep. I won't be re-watching. Better luck next week, Papa Castle may give me a keeper.


I really liked this episode. It was a nice change up and very well done. I know that a lot of people didn't care for it, but it is one that I would watch again. It is too bad the ratings weren't was a great episode and more people should have watch. lol

@ Guest

I didn't realise a lot of people didn't care for this ep. I've seen mostly favourable reviews. I certainly loved it. What in it was there not to love?


The episode completely touched me and kudos to Seamus and Julianna Dever for not playing scenes over the top, but fairly calm under the circumstances. I loved how Kate relied on Castle's strength and positive attitude once again. Lanie was so strong for Jenny and well played. Great overall.


Enjoyed every moment but when Ryan kind of fell into the ambulance with Jenny and the baby was best.


I loved every minute of this episode. I watched it twice and cried both times. It was so touching. I especially sobbed when Seamus took the phone to talk to Jenny. Also, before that when Espo passed out and Seamus just rested on his head and cried. I loved even the looks between Castle and Beckett when they were fearful, and when the guys were rescued. Just thinking about it I want to cry again. Lol. So touching.


And Castle is back in full force,as good as before,and even better.Nice to see Ryen and Esposito carry they're parts so well.Job well done.
Also great to se Beckett letting her guard down,showing her worry for these two guys,and Castle trying to support.
Really one of the best episodes I have seen...Looking forward to next episode.

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Castle Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Ryan: Rather than pick a name for my kid you should pick a date for your wedding.
Castle: Pick a date for my wedding? I was planning on bringing her.
Beckett: Really. When is that? I might have plans.

Castle: A crime scene at a fire. I've never done one of these before.
Ryan: After this you might not want to.