Castle Review: To Jav or Javi Not

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Usually when I watch a show I review, I take a lot of notes during the hour.

But something happened during Castle Season 6 Episode 11. I stopped writing about half way through because I couldn't take my eyes from the screen.

"Under Fire" became just that intense as Esposito and Ryan fought for their lives, trapped in a secret sub-basement of a warehouse being engulfed in flames.

A Body Burned

The explosive that started the inferno was massive. For a show that has done its share of explosions, this was the most impressive one yet. 

The search for the serial arsonist had me on the edge of my seat, particularly the conversation with Adam Ferguson. Somehow the word creepy just didn't cut it.

As Adam described the arsonist as an artist who listened to the music of the fire, the roar of the flames and the moans of the buildings finally giving in…I couldn't help but shiver. He may not have been our bad guy but as he spoke there was no doubt this was one twisted man.

I was also impressed with Captain Gates. I never doubted how much she cared for her team but she was quick to take control of the bullpen and keep everyone on track as emotions threatened the group. They had a killer to catch, one that may have taken down two of their own. As everyone worried about Javi and Kevin, she made certain they stayed on task.

And wasn't it great to watch Gates and Castle build theory together to figure out how to save the boys? These two characters have both come a long way and watching them bounce that conversation back and forth was riveting. 

Speaking of Ryan and Esposito, we already knew how solid their partnership was so it was no surprise that Espo didn't even begin to look for an escape route until he got the concrete beam off of Ryan. 

I'll admit, I had tears in my eyes as Kevin and Jenny shared what they thought could be their last conversation just as their child was about to enter the world. It was heartbreaking hearing Jenny insist that they had to pick the baby's name together.  And then the line went dead and there was nothing anyone could do but look on.

I loved that Javier was the first name Kevin picked for his future son. And just as I was reaching for the tissues, Esposito was good enough to make me laugh with this Castle quote

Javier? You're going to name a white, Irish kid Javier.


If I had one disappointment for this hour, it was that we never actually had the pleasure of a little Javier Ryan but it's really hard to complain when Sarah Grace was darn cute.

Castle and Beckett had lots of smaller moments in this episode. First, they shared one of my favorite interactions before any of the drama got started.

Ryan: Rather than pick a name for my kid you should pick a date for your wedding.
Castle: Pick a date for my wedding? I was planning on bringing her.
Beckett: Really. When is that? I might have plans.

I do hope we get a wedding date out of these two soon. And I'm still lobbying for a Hamptons wedding (fingers crossed.)

Did anyone else notice that Beckett casually called Castle babe while at the precinct? I don't believe that's ever happened before. 

And it was wonderful to see Lanie run into Javier's arms and Kevin and Jenny admire their baby girl as Rick and Kate held on to one another. Just the way things should be in the world of Castle. 

Now I'm off to watch it again. 

But tell me Castle fans, were you rooting to see a little baby Javi or are you perfectly happy with Sarah Grace?


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Best episode of Season 6, and one of the best "serious" Castle episodes. (Always better to differentiate between the lighter and serious Castle episodes, since they require everyone involved to bring different qualities to the table.) I disagree with most on here that leaving the building made Castle look bad. Sure, if they'd made is sound serious that everyone was in imminent danger, then fine. I didn't exactly find it funny, but I don't think it made Castle look like a d**k either. The Ryan-Jenny call made me cry. Brilliant acting from both Seamus and Juliana. I guess it helps the on-screen chemistry when you're a couple in real life. For me, the Caskett romance has never been about the PDA. It has always been in the quieter moments. The joke about Castle bringing a date. The scene Christine mentioned where Kate calls Castle babe. The emotions they display when trying to get their friends out. And Kate laying her head on Rick's shoulders towards the end. That's what the Caskett romance is about. Not PDA. At least, that's how it's always been for me. That's what makes this relationship so special. It is the chemistry they share to make a scene with no dialogues work. To make a scene with only them sharing eye-contact work, to let the audience know how much they mean to each other with just a look in their eyes. For example, the scene in S04E07 - Cops and Robbers, where Kate enters the bank dressed as a paramedic. There are numerous other examples like that. Next episode sounds really interesting with the return of Jackson Hunt.

@ Balaji Sivaraman

I totally agree with you about Caskett Romance being nuanced and subtle and not about PDA. Their witty banter, the small things that they do is what their relationship means to me as well


Nottrampis. I know we let you win the Ashes series!! But can I politely question your comment that the latest episode is the best ever. I dispute whether it is better than any of the following: Flowers For Your Grave
Tick, Tick
To Live & Die in LA
Cops & Robbers
The Blue Butterfly
After The Storm
Murder She Wrote
Probable Cause
The Lives of Others
Number One Fan Disciple
The Good, The Bad & The Baby I accept the Special Effects in the latest episode were good, the Espo/Ryan and Ryan/Jenny scenes were well done, but the scene where Castle left the building, was crass and totally unnecessary, IMO, but seeing that AWM was the co-writer, I'm not surprised. The glue that has made Castle the best show on TV, is the romance between Caskett, intertwined with the weeks case, since E4, that romance has all but disappeared, IMO, much to the detriment of the show, yes we get the occasional bit of small banter between the two leads, but not much else. What has happened to the closing scenes between Caskett, we got in S5, where they were clearly in love with each other? I just get the feeling that all is nor well BTS on Castle, and it is beginning to show. I expect that I am in the minority here, but with each new episode, I look forward to it more in hope than expectation.

@ ukno1stanafan

Captain Cook, you gave us the Ashes ll!! This episode had everything to me. I agree on the Castle leaving but that was bad directing IMHO.It looked like snark when it was about humour. I think the romance in this episode was breath-taking. I am with Balaji on this. The eyes, the looks that couples do were superb/ Nathan and Stana are easily the BEST of all time. They out loved an actual married couple IMHO. Espo look lost. He was the ONLY one not looking inside the ambulance at the baby.


I really enjoyed the “Under Fire” episode. There was nice camera work and special effects work – the fires and basement pit were all well done. I really had no issue with the interaction between Castle and Beckett in this episode. I saw them connected to each other emotionally in the fire scenes, and the hug at the end was adorable with plenty of eye contact and smiles. I love that Castle was working at Beckett’s desk, sitting in her chair, and she didn’t care. Instead she just caressed his shoulder and asked what he’s doing.
I had trouble with the comic moment where the woman Fire Inspector says get out and Castle says “sounds good” and leaves first, then Beckett says: “I’m marrying him”. Castle was ready in “Still” to take a bomb with Kate, but he turns and runs out of crime scene at the sound of building collapse without his bride-to-be in tow? It just seemed like a cheap shot from the show runner to include that kind of weird behavior in the sequence. If Beckett's ad-lib comment had included even a hint of a smile it might have seemed affectionate, but her delivery came off as kind of snarky to me.
The Gates scene at the 12th in front of her staff seemed overdone and unnecessary. The birth scene in the ambulance seemed just right and Jenny did a great job with the phone conversations. The last four episodes have been really good since the end of Alexis arc.


I watched it about 4 in the morning and cried, then watched it again with my husband this afternoon and cried again. It was one of the best episodes I have every seen. I was glad Lanie went to Javeri and hope they get back together.


Loved the drama on this episode! Seamus is such a seasoned actor. I shed a few tears yesterday,went to the Cinema and saw " Saving Mr. Banks" and then Castle. Both made me teary eyed.
One scene bothered me. About 4 minutes into the episode, why did A. Marlowe have Castle rush out of the creaking building? Thats when Beckett made the comment to Ryan "Im marring him?" Did Marlowe think that was funny? I think it made Castle look like a jerk.

@ karkar

Kart at, I don't think Castle looked like a jerk for leaving. I don't know why people are up in arms about that. I re-watched the scene and actually found it funny, cause it was typical Castle. That's how he always acts and often runs away from danger. Remember he is not a cop or has a gun; he is a civilian and acts as such. And Beckett did not say "I'm marrying him?" That was no question. She stated in her usual funny/perplexed manner: "I'm marrying him." As if she meant, would you believe I'm marrying that guy? People need to stop reading into things and looking for flaws that aren't there.

@ Stephie59

Her "I'm...marrying him " comment was not part of the script which makes a big difference. If she had just included even a hint of a smile with the ad-lib remark, it might have seemed affectionate, but her delivery came off as kind of snarky. IMHO

@ Vince

totally agree there Our Roy Montgomery

Sue ann
@ karkar

So did I. It was a classless move, in contrast to the way he stayed with Beckett when she was standing on the trip plate for that bomb, even after the time had expired to be beyond the kill zone. Sometimes I think they get people writing these episodes who have never seen one before, or who do not look at the show's bible, or who think the viewers are too stupid to remember a few episodes (or years) back. Castle should not have run out like that. He went INTO Beckett's apartment when it was on fire, after it blew up with her in it. He stayed while she stood on the bomb. He did not run away from the nuclear device in the back of that van. This was utterly ridiculous.

@ Sue Ann

Don't forget the Tiger!!

Sue ann
@ nottrampis

Well, the tiger was death, but it was neither fire nor explosion. That's what was sticking in my mind. However, there was nowhere to run from the tiger, either.


Best Castle episode ever. As a longstanding Marlowe critic I must congratulate him on this one it was an absolute ball tearer, a rip snorter , an absolute bewdy! A few comments.
At last we now have a Captain.It took her long enough to realize how good Castle is.
Caskett outlove an actual Couple. How amazing are Nathan and Stana. Small lines and then just facial expressions but very very typical of a couple so much in love. Nathan was superb and enabled Stana to really blow away those scenes where it concentrates on her facial expressions or comments BUT he always does this. Please someone give Espo some clothing sense. Awful shirt and why wear a tie with that. Stlll no chemistry with Lanie and Espo. and Espo's look when everyone was looking at the baby was weird. BUT fantastic episode/ Only problem us the next 13 won't be able to match it.


Thought this was one of the most emotional episodes ever on Castle. It had me on the edge of my seat as the arsonist was able to view the fires. For a second I really thought either Ryan or Esposito was going to die, which is silly thinking, they ARE some of the show but that fire was engulfing everything & was very dramatic. Sweet scene at the end with Mom, Dad & baby Sarah Grace. The one thing I wish the show had done, was include Lt. Gates coming to the scene at the end to make sure her entire flock, Castle included, was a-ok. She sure was tough-nosed last night, reminds me of the very dramatic scenes Penny Johnson Jerald did when she was on 24. She & Castle sure were terrific together trying to figure it out. She knows he's not a cop but she totally respects his way of thinking. As far as Castle/Kate not having any kissing/bed scenes - their banter can be as sexy as a kiss, though I agree with everyone, every now & again a kiss & bed scene would be nice to see. Last night neither would have been appropriate. That's just my opinion.

@ MissRozie

No, I never did mean that last night's episode should have had a Caskett kissing scene in it. I'm talking the season in general. There was no place in this episode that it would have fit.

@ carbona

@Carbona - what I posted were my own thoughts/opinions, I was not replying to anyone in general ... but I do agree with you, there was no place in last night's episode for anything but happiness that Ryan & Esposito made it out of that building alive & that Jenny delivered Sarah Grace perfectly ... now for "Dad's return" next week ... LOVE James Brolin ...

@ MissRozie

Sorry bout that! The comment box wasn't working for me & only did when I replied to someone. Should have explained that then. Hope there aren't any hard feelings, certainly didn't mean to! Anyhoo, yeah I can't wait for this next ep. Brolin's been a fav since the 80's in "Hotel".


loved the episode I could not take my eyes away. I started watching it last night on TiVo and I got like 10 minutes in and it stopped because it cut off the recording so I had to finish it online this morning which I wasn't happy about but the episode made up for it because it was so good. The arsonist was really good at covering his tracks and knew fire really well so I thought the arsonist was a firefighter and was surprised when he turned out to be a building inspector but that made more since. Ryan is a smart guy using the phone to call Beckett. When he and Jenny talked I almost cried. I knew they would be ok but I was still scared for them. The ending was perfect with Jenny and Ryan with their new baby, Espo and Lanie together, and Castle and Beckett in each others arms. Can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


Thoroughly enjoyed this episode, very tense moments. Loved when Ryan jumped in the ambulance with Jenny and the baby. I like the fact that Castle and Beckett (not Caskette, I hate that phrase) are professional when on the job. Kate just isn't an emotional person most of the time, she usually has a monotone voice but I like when Castle makes her smile and she makes a funny quip back at him. I love the show, watch re-runs every afternoon.

@ Infoplease+

Forgot to mention I also enjoyed the Castle/Gates scene, sharing ideas and having a genuine discussion.


A standing ovation for the entire cast for this one! Across the board, the acting triggered so many strong emotions. I thought Gates showed more emotional vulnerability than she ever has before, especially in her voice. Stana also had a heartbreaking voice moment when she was on the phone with Ryan and said, "We thought you were dead." Seamus had me darn near sobbing as he talked to Jenny. What a talented actor! He and Jon have the best bromance on TV IMO. They were outstanding in this episode! Using that real explosion and fire was also very impressive. All around, this was a top notch episode.

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Castle Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Ryan: Rather than pick a name for my kid you should pick a date for your wedding.
Castle: Pick a date for my wedding? I was planning on bringing her.
Beckett: Really. When is that? I might have plans.

Castle: A crime scene at a fire. I've never done one of these before.
Ryan: After this you might not want to.