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Castle Review: To Jav or Javi Not

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Usually when I watch a show I review, I take a lot of notes during the hour.

But something happened during Castle Season 6 Episode 11. I stopped writing about half way through because I couldn't take my eyes from the screen.

"Under Fire" became just that intense as Esposito and Ryan fought for their lives, trapped in a secret sub-basement of a warehouse being engulfed in flames.

A Body Burned

The explosive that started the inferno was massive. For a show that has done its share of explosions, this was the most impressive one yet. 

The search for the serial arsonist had me on the edge of my seat, particularly the conversation with Adam Ferguson. Somehow the word creepy just didn't cut it.

As Adam described the arsonist as an artist who listened to the music of the fire, the roar of the flames and the moans of the buildings finally giving in…I couldn't help but shiver. He may not have been our bad guy but as he spoke there was no doubt this was one twisted man.

I was also impressed with Captain Gates. I never doubted how much she cared for her team but she was quick to take control of the bullpen and keep everyone on track as emotions threatened the group. They had a killer to catch, one that may have taken down two of their own. As everyone worried about Javi and Kevin, she made certain they stayed on task.

And wasn't it great to watch Gates and Castle build theory together to figure out how to save the boys? These two characters have both come a long way and watching them bounce that conversation back and forth was riveting. 

Speaking of Ryan and Esposito, we already knew how solid their partnership was so it was no surprise that Espo didn't even begin to look for an escape route until he got the concrete beam off of Ryan. 

I'll admit, I had tears in my eyes as Kevin and Jenny shared what they thought could be their last conversation just as their child was about to enter the world. It was heartbreaking hearing Jenny insist that they had to pick the baby's name together.  And then the line went dead and there was nothing anyone could do but look on.

I loved that Javier was the first name Kevin picked for his future son. And just as I was reaching for the tissues, Esposito was good enough to make me laugh with this Castle quote

Javier? You're going to name a white, Irish kid Javier.


If I had one disappointment for this hour, it was that we never actually had the pleasure of a little Javier Ryan but it's really hard to complain when Sarah Grace was darn cute.

Castle and Beckett had lots of smaller moments in this episode. First, they shared one of my favorite interactions before any of the drama got started.

Ryan: Rather than pick a name for my kid you should pick a date for your wedding.
Castle: Pick a date for my wedding? I was planning on bringing her.
Beckett: Really. When is that? I might have plans.

I do hope we get a wedding date out of these two soon. And I'm still lobbying for a Hamptons wedding (fingers crossed.)

Did anyone else notice that Beckett casually called Castle babe while at the precinct? I don't believe that's ever happened before. 

And it was wonderful to see Lanie run into Javier's arms and Kevin and Jenny admire their baby girl as Rick and Kate held on to one another. Just the way things should be in the world of Castle. 

Now I'm off to watch it again. 

But tell me Castle fans, were you rooting to see a little baby Javi or are you perfectly happy with Sarah Grace?



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Longest episode ever!! At some point it felt like we were near the end of the episode, and I looked at the clock only to realize we were half way through. That's how intense this episode was. Christine, you put every emotion I was feeling into words. Great episode.


Please let me clarify that I like BOTH of them very much!! This was not meant to be a fire starter for those that seem to hate 1 of them. I know absolutely NOTHING about the BTS of the show. It's just the feeling I'm getting. Irritates the Hell out of me when you out there feel the need to bash either of them!!!! That's not what I am doing here.....again, I know nothing about what goes on there & neither do you.

@ carbona

I try not to compare series but I must admit that season 6 of Castle has been almost devoid of Caskett interviews, compared to the promos for Bones Season 9, where both leads appear together in interviews and promos, and genuinely seem to like each other off stage. The scarcity of intimate scenes this season on Castle does call up questions about the off-air chemistry. I hope that is not the case, but rather that the show's creators have a different endgame in mind. I do love both characters and the actors who portray them. There's just something missing this season and I do not only mean the "near kisses".


I do hate to say this but I am really & truly beginning to believe the rumors about our 2 favorite leads not getting along very well. It's really the only explanation that I can come up with as to the lack of kisses & all of the near misses. Actually really saddens me & is beginning to become distracting. I do hope I'm wrong about that cuz I like them both very much but why else would "a sweeping love story" as AM has called it hold back on the romance unless the actors demanded it.

@ carbona

I had not read any rumors, but I have been wondering the same thing all season. These two characters act like co-workers, not lovers, most of the time. If they really have had a falling-out, that is way too bad, but they need to act over it. If Marlowe is trying to avoid the Moonlighting trap, then he is trying too hard, because this season grates. It is just not right-feeling.

@ Sue Ann

I love the show and this episode. I almost went to my MAC to see if either Ryan or Espo was leaving the show. I didn't and waited it out. One thing concerns me, Watching the trailers for upcoming episodes, Kate says to Castle, "Do I have to worry about a commitment to our engagement?" I hope not.

@ Sue Ann

I don't know. I think that most of the interactions are on the job, and because Beckett is so professional, they keep the kissing away from the workplace. Whenever they do a scene at home it's different, but TBH, I like it that way. The show is about the crime and solving it, and I don't need Castle and Beckett to be kissing or cuddling to "get my fix" as it were. I can enjoy the show without all that.

@ Stephie59

When they do scenes at home, it is not very different. There is still very little chemistry between those two no matter where they are, any more. At home, there should be some steam. I see none.

@ Stephie59

Stephie59 I totally agree. I like the story lines, the action, Castle and Beckett when they're solving a mystery and finish each other's sentences. I like the playfulness and flirting but don't care to watch full blown love scenes.

@ Stephie59

oh that's the wetpaint interviews re: Nathan and Stana not liking each other, you can Google it.
Interactions on the job? Something went wrong there. I mean Kate was all over lemming in the office when they were dating. Remember? I think they tried to make her more professional this time. Also there's no angst involved such as was with the lemming..
Seriously though if I had never heard of Castle and came in now watching the series I'd honestly think that they were just co- workers due to the lack of PDA.


Awesome episode!! I knew they were going to survive yet I still had a few tears drop as well. Very well acted. I did catch that "babe" comment too; couldn't believe it would be Beckett that used a pet name instead of Castle. Funny! I do however, completely agree with you guys on the lack of kissing & Beckett's lack of emotion in both Valkyrie (when she told him he had less than 24 hrs) & then part 2 in the hospital. Something off.


Someone give Seamus Dever his own show, please - the man is an INCREDIBLE actor. Whenever an episode is Ryan-centric, Seamus carries it so masterfully. I'd even argue that he's probably the most skilled cast member (and I say this being a HUGE fan of Nathan Fillion). I can't even describe how awesome this episode is.


I totally agree that this was probably the best episode for pure drama. There were some sweet moments between Castle and Beckett (the date for the wedding banter). But I totally concur that this season has had a different mood as far as the Caskett emphasis goes. Marlowe and crew continue to deliver great plots but have brushed aside the romance in favor of "near misses" and "near kisses". Next week's episode with Castle's father looks to be on the serious side as well, but I hope there is more chance to see the "couple" aspects of this relationship. Marlowe, bring back the passion we have enjoyed for five seasons!


Christine, why do you think we have now gone 10.5 episodes without a ILY and 7 episodes without a Caskett kiss? This is, after all, an alleged long sweeping love story!!

@ ukno1stanafan

Captain Cook, These scenes didn't need a kiss. The touches, the eyes ,the looks done to perfection mainly by Nathan but also by Stana were of a very loving couple IMHO. Acting at its finest. Never has been, is not now and never will
be a couple who can act like a loving couple as Nathan and Stana. Greatest of all time

@ ukno1stanafan

In previous episodes, the lack of kissing or any love scenes have bothered me but not in this installment. Since everything took place on the job, kissing would have felt inappropriate to me. I was satisfied with the way they held one another at the end and the way Rick and Kate were there for one another throughout the drama. Plus I was so engrossed in the story I really didn't think about it. All of that being said, I definitely hope we get many more affectionate scenes between our favorite couple as the season continues.


Good episode, great scenes with espo & Ryan, and especially between Ryan & Jenny at the end. One thing is still bugging me, it's the way Caskett are being portrayed, Kate shows more emotion over Espo & Ryan's fate, than she did over Castle's predicament in Eps 1&2, this just seems so off to me, there appears to be a deliberate ploy here to keep Caskett moments to an absolute minimum.As this show is all about them, I wonder why?

@ ukno1stanafan

I would argue that this is a testament to Beckett's character. She loves Castle so much, she felt responsible for the situation he ended up being in, and she knew that she was the one who had to make it right in the end, so she could not allow herself to break down until all the avenues were exhausted. That being said, I did have a problem with her lack of emotions displayed during Dreamworld, at least in the end. I would have expected from her to have a huge sigh of relief, or I could totally picture her going in the hallway and just breaking down, crumbling and sliding down a wall., letting all those suppressed emotions out. As to her emotions in this episode, she felt helpless, vulnerable, she was terrified, but she had Castle there as her rock, so the damn just broke as much as it can when Beckett is concerned, and she wore her emotions on her sleeve this time. At least that's the way I see it, although like I said, I still think they should have at least showed her relief when she knew he was gonna be ok in Dreamworld. And as far as their scenes and kisses go, the scenes are still on the same level for me, although the frequency isn't, and I know that the show is not strictly about them and their romance, but it's really starting to bug me that we have seen overall of 2 or 3 kisses this season :/


The best episode for a long time. I knew Espesito and Ryan would survive but it was still exciting! Castle at it's best doing drame. "The Good The Bad The Baby" was Castle at it's best doing comedy. I didn't like the first 3 episodes of the season but we have had some really good ones lately.


Loved, loved the episode! The COW didn´t get much of my attention, as the focus was somewhere else:)
Loved everything, hard for me o pick just one moment, but that phone talk was beautiful! And great acting from everyone!
And totally agree with you, Christine, that scene with Adam Ferguson about the fire? Totally schilled me, ugh!