Community Review: The Color Blurple

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Pierce Hawthorne, we hardly knew ye.

Actually, wait, that's not quite right. I, at least, felt like I knew Pierce a little too well.

Hawthorne's cranky, volatile rages (which themselves were not so distinguishable from Chevy Chase's own cranky, volatile rages) were regularly the weakest element of Community; and Hawthorne himself was often the weakest link, much funnier on paper than he was in action.

Questioning the Study Group

Which is what made Community Season 5 Episode 4 the perfect tribute to Pierce - from weirdo religious cult to gross-out semen jokes, the episode played with Pierce as a concept, and served as a reminder to me of just how damned funny that concept was (an idea that was easily lost while watching Chase pucker his way through Hawthorne's belligerent antics every week).

Pierce was at his funniest when he didn't actually exist, it turns out. Go figure.

Unlike the tightly coiled lunatic majesty of Community Season 5 Episode 3, this half-hour wasn't perfect; it was mostly a delivery system for searing Community quotes and one-liners. But when the one-liners are this good, can you really get all that mad about it?

This episode also marked the beginning of the end for Donald Glover on Community. Glover's Troy was perhaps the opposite of Chase's Hawthorne: a goofy, child-like ex-jock who didn't sound particularly special on paper, but was a delight (dare I say luminous?) ( No, I dare not) on the screen.

Of course, Glover's delightful on-screen presence is exactly what's carrying him away from Greendale, on to greener pastures that are rightfully his as the show's break-out star.

His send-off was classic Community, and nicely represented the tenderness and innocence that Troy brought to the group - a silly moment turned surprisingly sweet, for a second, before turning back again. Who will temper Abed's madness now? Who will think about Annie's Boobs? Who will have an awkward sexual past with Britta that we're apparently never going to mention ever again? We're just gonna have to wait and see.

Will the gang choke on their lack of child-like wonder in Troy's absence? Will someone else have to step up and become the villain with Pierce out of the picture? And, most importantly:

Will you miss Troy?


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This finally felt like the Community I know and love, after a year and a half. Although it was sad, with Pierce being killed off and especially with Troy leaving, I was laughing out loud throughout it. I wonder why Abed was the only one who didn't get something besides sperm? Also, I love that only 2.9 percent of voters will not miss Troy. I know I will. I just love his guilelessness.

Sarah silva

Troy and Abed are in mourning!
This was a great episode, but sad as next week is the last we will see of Troy. He is in next weeks episode, he is in 5 this season and next week is the 5th episode, it also shows under is IMDB info. So Troy will get a better and proper goodbye.
I found it funny that there was a mention of the 20 million dollar estate, but no one got money except Troy, well only if he sails around the world.


Funny that there's a tiny Cougar Town pop-up at the bottom of my screen for this review. Maybe the "Crossover Gods" are trying to tell me something. Or maybe Abed's hacked into the interwebs. Anyway, I actually started missing Troy last week after Glover's performance in the Ass-Crack Bandit episode. Troy's bequeathing and the group's reaction to it was a bit of a downer. However, I'm glad to see Britta Perry did get her used iPod Nano, as predicted in season one's The Art of Discourse. Well deserved. There's something about Community that the writer's just know how to write good bottle episodes I guess. This one definitely delivered.


For me, it was the best episode of the season so far and right up there with cooperative calligraphy. Community as its finest.

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Community Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Troy and Abed: Troy and Abed are in mourning!
Jeff: Will you guys please stop doing that?
Annie: I can't believe you did it during your eulogy. SO UNCOMFORTABLE.
Abed: I don't think the audience got that we were singing "mourning" with a "u."
Troy: You were singing :"mourning" with a "u"? Oh no!

I guess I knew Pierce was part of a weird, futuristic cult, but I wasn't prepared for a funeral with so much beeping.