Girls Review: The Big 2-5

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All hail the birthday bitch!

If you know Hannah Horvath, you know she's the kind of girl who inadvertently wants a big deal made out of her birthday even though she claims it sucks every year.

Girls Season 3 Episode 3 had us celebrating in style with a party thrown by Marnie and Hannah's parents.

Gaby Hoffman on Girls

I mean, thank goodness Marnie found something to do besides scream at people to take down a YouTube video that she was totally complicit in making with Charlie. You know Marnie was down when Charlie filmed it. We're talking about the same girl who rapped a mortifying rendition of Kanye in Girls Season 2 Episode 9.

The thing about Girls that makes the show what it is, is that these characters are all a bit self-absorbed. They are early 20-somethings in a generation often referred to as Generation Me, so this isn't shocking news. It's how each girl relays that selfishness and relates to each other that makes the show entertaining.

Take Hannah for instance, who tells Adam not to worry about Caroline because she's great at reading people and Caroline seems harmless. This is Adam's SISTER! Of course he knows how much trouble she is.

And trouble she was, between biting Ray on the dance floor, showing up with the mysterious bruises and that last glass shattering scene with what I'm going to assume was a merkin. (Regardless of your personal grooming preferences that was...extra voluminous)

Gaby Hoffman did an amazing job portraying Adam's messed up sibling. I think now we can see where Adam's rescuing, caregiver side comes from. When people were shocked the way he ran to Hannah in the Girls Season 2 finale, I suppose his interaction with his sister would serve as a great explanation of where that side of him comes from.

He's clearly been taking care of her for years.

Oh and you guys remember Adam from my period of mental illness.

Hannah [to her parents]

Elsewhere, Shoshanna continued to progress into self-serving college student with absolutely no verbal filter. As funny as I might find her this season, others have argued that she's turning into kind of a crappy person. I know that Ray would have to agree. We all know his meltdown wasn't just because a great Smashing Pumpkins song was turned off.

My favorite moment was Marnie forcing Hannah into the Rent duet. First of all, it was so typical of Marnie to make Hannah do something after she explicitly said she didn't want to. But truly, I'm only a few years older than these girls and I feel like the majority of my female peers were obsessed with the Rent soundtrack in middle school and could singing along to every line of that scene.

What did you think of Hannah's birthday party? Is Hannah and Adam's love nest going to get turned upside down by his sister's presence?


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And Marnie is a mess. I`m glad that her and Charlie didn`t stay together. I know that`s because the actor playing Charlie left the show in a huff but it`s far more interesting to see Marnie struggle then to be handed everything she`s ever wanted. Last episode, Rita Wilson was fantastic as her mother. I loved how she exited laughing when Marnie said she had ``fixed``everything.


I don`t think Shoshanna is turning into a bad person...She loves Ray and supported him, literally. Ray was stuck in a rut and it took Shoshanna breaking his heart to get him out of it. Also, Shoshanna is 21. She was a virgin before Ray and she needs to learn that meaninglessness hook ups are fun for a while but don`t really satisfy long term. She wasn`t ready to settle down yet. I don`t think it makes her a bad person. It`s better that she came clean with Ray, rather than cheating on him again. Now, saying all that, I love those two. They`re quirky and adorable. I hope to see more of them.


I loved this episode. I love that we get to see Hannah trying to deal with a crisis that doesn`t revolve around her. She sees Adam as a caregiver and wants to return the favor by healing the breach with his sister but finally realizes that this one is a little beyond her. I didn`t think I`d love Hannah and Adam as a full time couple but after seeing the two of them with Hannah`s parents, I was sold. Then they throw in Caroline. Wow. For those of us who thought Jessa was unpredictable, we didn`t know the meaning of the word. Gaby Hoffman did a fantastic job of balancing Caroline`s helpless despair and her complete lack of impulse control.


Don't usually watch this show, but saw this ep by accident because I thought "Looking" was on at 10:00 instead of 10:30. I think this show is GREAT.....for forcing gay men to come out da closet. Otherwise, behold the alternative. BLEEEEEECCCCCCHHHHHHHH!!!

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Girls Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

If you don't tell me what you're sick with I can't help you. And furthermore, I can't care.


You should feel very confident because I am a lot better at this when I'm not in the middle of an Obsessive Compulsive Meltdown.