Justified Review: A New Kind of Family

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Now that Breaking Bad is off the air, I consider Justified the best drama on television.

And with the return of Raylan, Boyd and company - along with the appearance of the always interesting guest stars - the Justified Season 5 opener lived up to that billing.

Whether it be the Crowders, the Bennetts, or even sometimes the Givens, the series has always been great in telling stories about troubled families.

Justified Season 5 Episode 1 proved to be no different with its introduction of the Crowe crew.

David Koechner on Justified

Between the aggressive and controlling Darryl, the sneaky and feisty Wendy, and the now ridiculously wealthy Dewey, the Crowes should be a ton of fun for however long the stay on our TV screens.

With Darryl stating that there was nothing left for them in Florida, I expect these goons to stick around Kentucky for a while.

Raylan's trip to find the Crowes and their Cuban friend Machado was filled with non-stop entertainment. There were gators jumping out of the water, brothers turning on brothers, Raylan deciding not to see Winona and the baby and the ever enjoyable David Koechner spewing wise and sage-like advice to Raylan as Deputy Gregg Sutter.

With the cowboy down in the Sunshine State and Boyd up in Detroit for most of the hour, next Tuesday will likely be our first real return to Kentucky.

How great were the twists and turns of Boyd's story? Who would have thought that they would get Boyd into this racket with Detroit only to kill off nearly everyone involved in the Detroit mob in the first episode of season five?

With ID pulleys and chainsaw guys, I don't think Boyd and Wynn Duffy were made for that world anyway, so I think we're all better off with them turning their attentions to Mexico.

I loved the shock factor that went down when Mr. Picker decided to side with the Canadians and gunned down his boss, Sammy Tonin. I was more in awe than Boyd and Wynn...and they had blood splattered all over their faces.

As great as that scene in the high rise was, I probably enjoyed their meeting with the Canadians even more. Granted, it is mostly due to the fantastic casting of Dave Foley and Will Sasso as the mobsters.

The line of the night came out of the calm mouth of Foley's character when he stated: "The idea behind organized crime is that it's supposed to be organized."

He's right. That Detroit business was as messy as it gets. I'd stay as far as way from it as possible, which is what the Canadians are going to do, and that's why Boyd will have to get involved with Mexico if he wants in the drug game.

As a last resort to get Ava out of prison, he made one final bloody stop. Mr. Paxton went down without a fight after refusing Boyd's offer, but you have to wonder if leaving his young wife alive will come back to haunt him. It seemed like he was wondering the same thing when he turned back and looked inside before shutting the door.

"A Murder of Crowes" was a great start to the season. What did you like about? Was there anything missing? How much trouble are the Florida Crowes going to be in Kentucky?

And who is your favorite Crowe?


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Where is the review for last nights show?


Enjoyed your review and will follow weekly. I have watched Justified since the beginning and this season opener didn't disappoint me one bit. In fact,I searched for a review before I watch tonight just so I wouldn't forget any important moments--it was filled with one shock and awe after another.Well,Dan--you are the go to man from now on.Enjoy tonight's show and I will do the same!!!!!!!


I don't understand what Mr. Paxton thought he was going to accomplish by constantly insulting Boyd and coming up with an offer that would obviously never be accepted. He thought Boyd would just walk away with his tail between his legs? Strange scene.


You might notice that the baby did kinda wave her hand at the screen when "the ladies" were saying goodnight.


I enjoyed the show, though it lacked a little of the punch I was hoping for a season premiere. Did I misunderstand, or was the Coast Guard guys body found, prompting Raylan to be sent down, only to still be in Dilly and Elvis's possession? There just seemed to be a timeline, continuity discrepancy there that had me scratching my head for a second. I'll have to re-watch and see if I missed something, specifically in Art's information pass to Raylan. In hindsight, what did bringing Raylan in really accomplish, other than the plot and having him introduce the Crowe family? Nothing I could see that a local marshal couldn't have done. Totally okay with that, though. But what bothered me most is Raylan slipping the Dewey info to the Haitian with no explanation. It seemed like he did it on purpose, to facilitate some response from the Florida Crowes. I waited for that, only to find it treated like an afterthought vehicle for sending the Crowes back to Kentucky. I'm not fond of convenient plot devices, especially in a show of this caliber. This has been my favorite show on television since day one, mainly due to the fantastic writing and attention to detail, so I'm hoping that these holes don't become the norm.

@ jr

I think Raylan is a bit upset that Dewey got the $300k and wanted to aggravate him and to put a wench into whatever plans Boyd might have for Dewey's money. That $300k number did get tossed around quite a bit during the episode.


This is the most enjoyable series, I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for its return. It did not disappoint. A little sad that Raylan didn't stop to see his daughter. The Crowes are going to provide a fine ride this season. Bring on Tuesday nights.

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