Modern Family Review: Dinner for Schmucks

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Three dinners, three different dramas, three ways to put your foot in your mouth!

Modern Family Season 5 Episode 13 gave us one that was surprising, one with difficult emotions and one that ended up really, really awkward.

So which was which? Dig in and find out!


Claire and Phil took Haley out to dinner to discuss her future. Apparently their good cop/ bad cop tactic just wasn't working that well. They wanted to make sure that Haley wasn't wasting her whole life sleeping in and taking selfies...or what I like to call: the Not-So-Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Turns out Haley had the last laugh because she has a plan and that's more than either of her parents could say at her age. She wants to be a stylist. Sure, she may not have 1 million Instagram followers dedicated to looking at her butt, but she does have a blog where women follow her for fashion advice.

I truly loved Haley being the grown up at dinner while Phil and Claire got drunk and forgot their wallets. I've said it before, Haley Dunphy is the MVP.

Difficult Emotions

Everyone knows that Jay isn't Mr. Softie. He leaves the mushy, emotional stuff to his stepson Manny.

Manny: You have to face it Jay, one day I’m gonna be moving out of this house.
Jay: Can I get that in writing? Cause I just can’t shake this image of a 30 year old you, eating my food and cuddling with my wife.
Gloria: Boys should never stop cuddling their mothers.
Jay: I’m gonna have nightmares!

However, I believe that when Jay cares about something and someone, he does so with his whole heart. Gloria was right that Jay was lashing out about Shorty's move to Costa Rica because he was worried about losing him and would miss him. Jay and Shorty's tearful hug goodbye almost had me in tears myself!


Cam and Mitchell needed a romantic night out to reboot from all of the wedding planning and stress. They found they have nothing to talk about and endd up chatting with the adorable Katie (Leslie Grossman) and her beau at the next table.

After making fun of Kate Winslet's accent in Titanic (literally laughed out loud), they find out that Brandon is about to propose. Naturally Cam offers to film it for them.

Katie says no, Brandon storms off and Cam drops his "devil phone" that can't stop replaying the recording of Katie saying no. They try to fix things but end up steering Katie in the wrong direction and away from a life with Brandon. They try to fix things AGAIN and cheer up Brandon by bashing Katie but then Katie comes back to tell him she changed her mind.

Cue a very quick exit!

By the way, the best part of that whole scene was probably Cam continuously dropping his phone and almost trying to drink out of the candle when he got flustered.

So, which dinner do you think was the most dramatic? Vote below and sound off in the comments!


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I like what the writers have chosen for Haley's "direction in life". It's been said that you should always play to your strengths: being a stylist suits her character perfectly. The scene with Jay and Shorty near the end was sweet and believable. All in all a great episode!


Ok, this one was funny and it's about time this season...

Sarah silva

This was one of the funniest episodes.
I loved every moment.
My favorite dinner was Phil/Claire/Hayley. Hayley is not as dumb as she looks. Her blog is a great idea and she would be a great stylist. I loved how the tables were turned and Phil and Claire were they immature ones. Hayley having to pay for dinner because Phil left his wallet at home Claire left her purse there too. There were tons of great Phil moments too.
Seeing Cam and Mitchell not having anything to talk about at dinner was a little sad but it turned out to be funny. There dinner was great too, it was a close second with the funny moments.
Jay and Gloria's dinner had some dramatic moments to it and I really enjoyed it too. I found myself getting emotional when Shorty came back and he and Jay talked and hugged and cried.
Plus finding out that Mitchell's initials are MVP and Jay saying they were premature on that one, was super funny.


one of the great eps from this series... the format of the three dinners was perfect... was serious and funny... we learned new things about rhe characters... i like how they are moving everyone forward... and was nice not to have everyone here... no alex who had a lot last week... no lilly... no luke... sometimes too much is squeezed in the 22 minutes... or is it 21 now?

@ dommy

The problem for me is that one episode of 22 minutes is too short for a large cast, including guest cast

@ annihilator

the show would benefit sometimes by being a little longer... esp with the kids growing up... the kids could be a series all their own

@ dommy

I'm with Tommy. Unless Luke or lily are overly obnoxious or devious, then they seem to waste screen time.

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Modern Family Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Phil: He seems like a real go-getter huh?
Haley: Why cause he goes and gets things?

Is this what you’re gonna do with your life? Sleep late and take a selfie?

Claire [Haley]