Nashville Review: Co-Dependent Relationships

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It could all go away.

That's what country superstar turned PR disaster Juliette Barnes thought as her world continued to fall apart around her.

The fallout from Juliette breaking up America's favorite couple and screaming "There is no God" only grew worse on Nashville Season 2 Episode 12.

I would say that Juliette has reached a real low. Then again, if you got that kind of lashing from your boss wouldn't you be hiding under the covers or in the bottle? Thank goodness she only puked and didn't pull a Jolene!

We all know through Rayna's dealings with Jeff that he is a snake. (By the way there are a lot of harsher words I'd prefer to use.) He is stubborn, blunt and rude. But - my goodness - he also just might be lacking a conscience. He has a lot of balls to march into Juliette's house and gut her like that.

Do you think you’re talented? Do you think you deserve this house? Cause I think you’re just visiting. That you’re just trailer trash, hiding under a pile of sequins. You should thank God for your good fortune, not deny he exists.

Jeff [to Juliette]

Does Jeff realize how much money she makes him? Sure, right now they are in the middle of a huge scandal, but to speak to your main artist like that when what she said was taken out of context in the first place? Jeff must be snorting cocaine in the office The Wolf of Wall Street style to think that was acceptable.

It goes without saying that Juliette made a huge mistake. Even though what she said was taken out of context, she should not have engaged with an angry crowd. She also should not have slept with a married man, famous or not. Juliette is impulsive and hot-headed, we know this. But I have never felt so bad for her (except when she found her mother overdosed) than after that moment in her house.

First of all, who the hell handles Edgehill's PR department? Because whoever you are, YOU'RE FIRED. Judging by this awesome tweet from Scandal's twitter handle, Olivia Pope has got this handled y'all. Layla giving one press conference announcing the truth was a mere start as far as handling things.

I'm just scared as to how Juliette would be faring if it weren't for Avery. And that's where we get into talking about co-dependent relationships.

Let's be real. It applies to more than one duo on this show. Avery has been a total savior for Juliette and frankly I agreed during Nashville Season 2 Episode 11 when Scarlett said they were like a pair of old slippers. Avery and Scarlett don't belong together, but maybe he and Juliette do?

As for the other co-dependent relationship? Rayna and Deacon were the main target for Scarlett's scathing little comment in the bathroom.

Scarlett: You might have weird co-dependent relationships with you ex-boyfriends but I do not.
Rayna: What are you talking about?
Scarlett: Deacon. If you say jump he will always ask "how high?"!

I mean, sure, I'm evil on no sleep so I get it, but I'm also not in show business. That's the life, sweetie. Gunnar did like five huge things in one episode, including co-writing with Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts and you don't see him crumbling to the ground.

By the way Scarlett, if you ever speak to Tami Taylor that way again you and I are going to have to have a little chat and you're not going to like it, do you feel me?

Regardless of how it was realized, Rayna and Deacon do have an old habit of falling back into a place of comfort together. But then again, there's also a reason for that which is hard to ignore. I'm just glad they realized that despite one good song, collaborating again soon would not be a good idea.

Teddy was a bit back burner tonight, so it was hard to get focused on his storyline. Also, it is completely unsurprising that Lamar is the one who put the hit out on him. C'mon, who didn't see that coming?

So which camp do you fall into? Are you glad that Rayna and Luke are going public? Or do you want to see Rayna and Deacon continue to make beautiful music together?


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One thing bothers me. Having your own word twisted is always hurtful and frustrating. But even if Juliet was indeed saying that she do not believe in god, whatever happened to respect of other people's beliefs (or lack of)? I know that the video shows her being angry (and maybe a bit hateful) towards those who believe in a God, but let's be honest, 6000 refunds and many concerts cancelations seems extremely far-fetched.

Sarah silva

At this time I am feeling bad for Juliette, when Jeff was saying those words to her I was shocked she did not punch him in the face!
I know Juliette is in a bad place but she does seem to want guys that are not available and not that Avery is and pretty much tells her he wants to be with her she has not interest.
This is what I predict will happen, it may take awhile. Juliette will sign with Rayna. SO will Will and he will realize that he can be himself and will come out and Rayna will support him. Then all that Jeff will have is Will and Layla and I do not think Layla will have the longevity that Juliette has had up until recently that is.
I think Teddy will not allow Megan time to do her job and get to the bottom of he case, he will kill Lamar, and then go to jail.
Rayna's talk with Scarlett about needing to decide whether or not she wants to be a singer was great!


I laughed out loud reading the reviewer's "if you ever speak to Tami Taylor like that again...." because I am ALWAYS wishing for Coach Taylor to PLEASE show up and rescue Rayna from all these weak men.
I agree with others regarding Scarlett...don't know if it's the way it is written or acted, but I can't stand the character. I'd much rather watch Rayna and ANYONE or Juliette and Avery, please.

Leigh r
@ Lindalou

Texas Forever baby!! Did you hear Kyle Chandler is getting a new series on Netflix? Can't wait!

@ Leigh Raines

Now Kyle Chandler back on my tv has to be a good thing! FNL was never given its should have been rewarded by showing marriage realistically and capable of LASTING with work, compromise and love. You bet, TEXAS FOREVER!

@ Lindalou

Count me another Kyle Chandler fan! Thanks for the news about the Netflix series, LR, I hadn't heard that. In a world of metrosexual actors, Kyle Chandler is SUCH a breath of fresh air! Hope he gets another series worthy of his talents.


I think I like Scarlett less with every episode! So mealy-mouthed! So goody two-shoes! Such a victim! And Iike Avery and Juliette together. All this psycho-babble about "codependent relationships" seems a little too much to me -- is there ANY relationship that would withstand the scrutiny of what the immortal Orson Welles once referred to as "dollar-book Freud"?

Leigh r
@ Renee

I just needed to think of a title and felt like "co-dependent" relationships" was a good theme throughout the episode. But you're right, no relationship would withstand outside scrutiny if they listened to it. Deacon and Rayna run that risk of falling back into each other but it's because of their undeniable connection. I don't think Avery is dependent on Juliette and I actually think he's one of the healthier things to have happened to her! Juliette runs this fine line of being really independent and then jumping into stuff with new guys with both feet, totally blind, giving her everything. But that's what makes her Juliette. And I'm kinda over Scarlett at this point too. Some of these characters just seem so lonely, it's sad in a way.

@ Leigh Raines

Oh, I didn't mean to sound like I was getting on your case for the "codependents" thing -- you just picked up on the theme sounded by Scarlett. Avery is one of the healthier characters, isn't he? He really screwed up, he realized it, and he's tried to fix things and be better. I'd take advice from him before I would take it from the rest of "young Nashville."

Leigh r
@ Renee

Yeah I think that the writers realized that nobody liked season 1 Avery. He has done a great 180 in season 2.


I don't know that Rayna and Luke will work. She can deny it all she wants but she still loves Deacon and Deacon still loves her. That's obvious from last nights episode. Scarlett.........she can't handle her new found fame and all that comes with it. Some people can't.............. At this point, I think Juliette and Avery are just taking things one day at a time......Juliette just wants her scandal to blow over and Avery is just being there to help her through it....... Indeed, who else was surprised to see that Lamar was behind the hit on Teddy? ........This arc definitely has been put on the back burner and perhaps this revelation will bring it back to the fore front. Will Teddy tell Rayna what he knows?

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For better or for worse, you and I have written a lot of hits together.

Rayna [to Deacon]

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