Pretty Little Liars Music: "Close Encounters"

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She. Is. Back.

On Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 16, Alison made her (VERY) long awaited return to Rosewood, raising a number of questions about the mysterious character.

Can she really be trusted? Emily seems to thinks so. Spencer has some understandable doubts. And Ezra? Well, he's just off being creepier and creepier each week.

Another question: Who was the blonde woman on the receiving end of his wrath?

Ponder these topics, watch Pretty Little Liars online and then download the latset songs from the ABC Family drama below:

  Song Artist
Hannah miller little bit Little Bit Hannah Miller iTunes
Lia ices love is won Love Is Won Lia Ices iTunes
Jules larson cruel world Cruel World Jules Larson iTunes
Song Disconnect Felicia Barton
Hunter hunted operating Operating Hunter Hunted iTunes
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You forgot the best song of the whole episode!!!
The song played at the very end of the episode! Perfect song choice by the way!
Satellite call-Sara Bareilles

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Ashley: Trust me, throwing yourself at a new guy is the not the way to get over the old one.
Hanna: You're one to throw stones.

Aria: I'm not afraid of Ezra.
Jake: Maybe you should be.