Pretty Little Liars Review: A(li)'s Game?

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Well... we were all waiting to see Alison again, and tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars delivered. But, of course, we did have to wait until nearly the end of the hour.

Good thing  Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 16 was an entertaining outing all around. It wasn't a great one, but it had its moments. Mostly, this installment continued the trend of building a solid mystery around Ali's return to Rosewood. Is she truly a victim? Or is she the one playing games?

And even though the liars continue to fall into the same old traps, the show's emphasis on character development has been much appreciated this season.

As we've seen in the past, Spencer is pretty good at isolating herself. Once she found out about Toby, she pushed everyone away until she ended up in Radley in Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 22. Tonight's episode was no exception.

From her father to Emily and even Toby, she couldn't help but get into aggressive arguments about what she believes, what she knows is right.

With Toby and her dad, Spencer won't let the Radley issue go. Plus, the way Spencer's father kept protecting Jessica DiLaurentis makes her suspicious about his intentions. While I do think there's something fishy going on with this parent, I really think she should change her tactics.

Toby found out what he wanted to know, and her frustrating continued crusade just keeps reopening his old wounds. It would be better if Spencer paid more attention to her father rather than encouraging Toby to fight Radley.

Her fight with Emily also made me irritated with Spencer. Granted, Emily is being a little too naive about Alison when just a week ago she seemed to lose faith in her former friend. But it wasn't fair of Spencer to interrupt the meeting between Alison and Emily.

Why couldn't she just trust Emily to tell her what happened later? Why does Spencer always need to insinuate herself into everything?

The meeting with Alison did raise some compelling issues. Emily thinks Alison only trusts her and is truly remorseful for her past behavior. Ali has changed. Spencer believes that the whole thing is just another game to Ali. A way to divide the group and keep them looking out for A. Who do you believe?

Both sides seem compelling, but should we really buy that just because Ezra's been unmasked that there aren't more As out there? Since the EzrA reveal we've still been getting scenes of hooded figure doing A work. Why not just show Ezra if that's who it is? Could Ali be part of or the leader of this A team?

Regardless, it looks like Ezra has upped his creepy factor and become way more dangerous. Between screaming at the blonde woman (any guesses on who that was?) and possibly sabotaging Jake's training equipment, I can't help but feel anxious every time Aria is alone with him. Clearly, he's seems okay with hurting people, and whoever put those knives in Jake's punching bag isn't afraid to play dirty.

Shana's return also cast the character in a new light. She says she's been working for Alison, investigating possible suspects. Would a childhood friend really go through the trouble? As Emily said, Alison did have the ability to gain people's trust and affection. But it looks like Shana might be A's next target.

In less intense news, Hanna's attempts to move on from Caleb lead her to a quick hook-up with Travis. Bad move? Maybe. But Travis might be a good rebound for her.

Should Travis be Hanna's next boyfriend, a rebound, or just a friend?


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I don't think Ezra is the real A. I love the concept that he could be, as he's always been my favorite character and now has an even more interesting storyline. I would also love it if Aria were also in on it, however I don't believe it's either of them. I will agree with Spencer that Ali could be playing games. I've always kind of hoped that she is the real A, however I'm quite enjoying Ezra's storyline.
While he could've sabotaged Jake's bag while out getting whipped cream, other times we see a hooded figure, he seems to be with Aria. I'm sure it could be one of his minions, but I really don't think it's him. One can only hope though...


Spencer is in for a downward spiral. I do think she knows a lot more than the others about Alison's disappearance. I am so ready for Aria to find out that Ezra is a bad guy and part of the A Team. I am not or have ever been a fan of Ezra. Something just isn't right about him even before he was unmasked. I like he gets creepier as the show goes on. I hope Aria breaks for good from him. I want Jason back and I like Jake....I hope we haven't seen the last of him. I like Travis he has just enough mystery to be entertaining to solve. I want him to be a good guy. I don't want him rebound though...bring in another rebound guy. Let Travis be the ONE. (Yeah I like and miss Caleb but he's her first real love not her last). So far Hannah is my favorite liar. She's grown much more than the others I think. I hope Mona returns to her bad betrayal self. Toby bores me. I'm ready to see Mike and though I think Wren is super bad I so enjoy his boyish charm and how "innocent" he appears.


spencer might have shown bad judgement for not trusting Emily, but the way she broke down crying after speaking with toby I could feel the pain she is going through. and I don't blame her for being so emotional and cautious about all of this, because there has been so many lies told and you never really know who you can trust. not one of them has been unscathed by this emotional rollercoaster that they have been on, even before Alison's disappearance. if i was spencer i would let go and move away from rosewood permanently like toby said. its better to let go than to hold onto the past that prevents you from having a future. but spencer wont move on until she knows the truth, which in the end will do more harm than good for any of them. if spencer really wants to save herself any more harm, i would do what Alison did and just disappear.


Good episode. I wonder who the blonde was that Ezra was yelling at because she seemed to make him pretty angry. Spence ruined the meeting with Ali when it was just starting to get good. I know that Hannah's upset and wants to move on and I want her to be with Travis next but she's going about it wrong she just broke up with Caleb and needs some time she shouldn't be making a move this fast and she's doing it for the wrong reason. I can't wait to see what happens next especially after Ezra but knives in Jake's punching bag.


Something's clearly wrong with Spencer. Remember the day Alison went away/died? Spencer screamed at Ali, because Ali was forcing her to tell Melissa about the affair, and she screamed to Ali "You're dead to me". And it's really weird that all of them were okay during the night at the barn, as if they didn't fight earlier. And she was the one who told everybody else that Ali was gone. Maybe they fought outside or something else happened. It seems like she's stalling the confrontation between Emily and Ali coz it might dig up something from the past. I really hate her for ruining the moment, and also for pushing Caleb with the Radley thing. Come on, help the guy move on!

@ PLL Addict

and another A reveal coming up... seriously how many members do they have????

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Ashley: Trust me, throwing yourself at a new guy is the not the way to get over the old one.
Hanna: You're one to throw stones.

Aria: I'm not afraid of Ezra.
Jake: Maybe you should be.