Revenge Review: Game Changer

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Revenge fans, consider the game changed after tonight!

In an onstallment reminiscent of the high drama of Revenge season 1, "Endurance" altered the methods of Emily's revenge.

Revenge Season 3 Episode 12 was one epic hour of television.

Jack Slugs Daniel

Let's start with that moment right up there, shall we?

Jack punching Daniel in the face was the highlight of my evening.

AHHH! Go, Jack, go! I actually raised my fist and gave out a little "yessssss!!!" and my husband looked at me like I'd lost my mind. And hey, maybe I have just a little bit.

But Daniel Grayson is such a whiny little jerk that watching him get punched in the face was amazing. That Jack was the one to do it only made it that much better. I would like a gif of that punch so I could watch it over and over again.

We learned quite a few things tonight.

First of all, Sara didn't actually try to kill herself. She just got drunk in the bathtub and nearly drowned. Not that I like the character at all or feel like Daniel needs even a smidge of stolen happiness with her given his current jerkface behavior... but the idea that she would kill herself because the guy she spent three years hating was getting married was more than a little farfetched. I'm glad we got an explanation about that.

Niko is Takeda's daughter. That explains how she met Aiden and how she's so good at the vendetta game and why we're not sure if we can trust her or want to trust her. She plans to avenge her father's death, which means Aiden better watch out since he's the one who killed Takeda.

I think Niko can take him. Hell and fury and women and all.

Finally, Nolan is really good at the Revengenda thing.

Once Emily was moved to Grayson manor, their communication was even more restricted than it was when she was at the hospital. So he devised a plan where Jack would visit and Carl would give Emily a stuffed Golden Retriever puppy as both a throwback to their childhood and a way to sneak in a walkie-talkie so that Nolan could monitor things for Emily.

That allowed Nolan to switch out the contents of the Infinity box before Patrick stole it - after knocking Nolan out with a piece of firewood! - so that Emily's identity would still be in tact. Score for Nolan!

Now the Graysons just think Emily's a grifter there to con her way into their family and she's ready to play along with them until she gets what she came for, which is their demise.

She was ready to walk away from her revengenda, but the news that she can no longer have children (which I suspect isn't actually true and is a ruse Victoria's playing as payback for the fake pregnancy) has spurned Emily to take further action and carry out her plan.

There are going to be some FIRE.WORKS in coming weeks! 

There's also going to be a shift where Emily will turn to Jack and eventually the two will end up together. The writing is all over the screen for it.

Going back to that stuffed dog for a second, it was an incredibly symbolic move going all the way back to their childhood when Amanda left her dog with Jack and the dog remembered her when she returned to the Hamptons. 

Secondly, Emily's comment about how one day she might have a family of her own while holding Carl and then finding out that she can't have children of her own (supposedly) is practically telegraphing the fact that she'll eventually be raising Carl as her own, likely resuming the name Amanda Clarke (which somehow Jack will be totally okay with because this is television).

Margaux listening to Jack and that choice costing her money and then whatever Conrad decided to do with the magazine behind her back will somehow come back around to Jack and Margaux will end things with him. 

And since Emily ended things with Aiden tonight, for no clear reason other than she just did, there's a big set-up for Jack and Emily to get together. Now we just need to place our bets on when it's going to happen.

Because it's going to happen.

It doesn't even matter if it makes sense to us that she was 8 and he was 12 or however old they supposedly were when David Clarke was framed and she left. (Why did they ever mention concrete ages in the first place?!) Jack and Emily will happen. Mark my words.

What did you think of Revenge Season 3 Episode 12? Do you love the new angle Emily's taking with her revengenda? Did Revenge just step up its game tonight?


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This coming out party of sorts for Daniel was a really good, long overdue event in this show that I really think opens up the show a lot for more opportunities. I really hope they keep Daniel's character on this trajectory. Also loved that they used "After All Is Said and Done" by Junip in the scene where Daniel enters a mostly empty Stowaway and finds Sara there - that really added a nice backdrop to the scene.


Am I mistaken or has Emily really done nothing to get back at the Graysons. It seems that they keep getting away with everything and all the people who matter to Emily are the only ones getting hurt or dying. It has been painful this season to see her turn into Victoria. I for one hope something big happens by seasons end or I might be done with this show.

@ nobody

I think its better this way because at a point she kept getting away with everything 😁. This twist kind of made the show balanced in a way.


how you think that Emily leaving Aiden means she will run for Jack's arm ??!!!!!!!!!
she kept saying that she will leave with Aiden tell she finds out she can't have children and decide to continue her plan by staying in the house and keep the marriage. I mean that means she loves Aiden so much that she doesn't want him to lose his chance to be a father with her or to lose his age waiting for her revenge and marriage to end (that it looked like she is in a long-term plan now) but I think the writers still will end her with Jack as Cal will be a great solve for her problem

@ sandy

thinking the same, but margux has something to play here with jack, otherwise why that much trouble ? i think they need to make nolan not gay ,is just the best alternative for emily at the end.


I want Aiden & Emily together!


This is obviously written by a Jemily shipper. Now that she is focused on revenge why would she want jack & Carl involved ? I can't root for them just cuz jack will never understand Emily. They have zero chemistry. It is like watching paint dry .. Yuck!

Miranda wicker
@ Amy+

I definitely shipped them in season 1. I don't so much care now who she ends up with, but I'm just calling that she will end up with Jack. The writing on the wall about that is pretty clear.


I for one want to see Jack & Emily grow closer. I'll be glad when the poo hits the fan for Aiden, when Niko & Emily discover that he killed Takeda. He's a fruit loop - I wonder if he might try to pin Takeda's murder on Emily as his own revenge for her not leaving with him (and to cover his own butt)?

@ April

I may be mistaken, but doesn't Emily know that he killed Takeda? Wasn't there a scene where she put the two and two together after seeing how he was killed and Aiden didn't deny?

@ Tennisvampire

Yes, Emily already knows Aiden killed Takeda and Aiden knows that she knows.


Contrary to the reviewer's opinion, I truly believe that Emily now can't have kids because Victoria said she could go verify it herself at different doctors' offices. I feel like Emily by the end of the series is going to get killed. She can't have kids and has lost all the family around her; she will most likely succeed in her Revengenda but die while doing it or something.


Everythign was amazing, except Aiden and Emily breaking up :(


AND maybe knowing victoria ,emily should get tested ,she may be lying as always,and the promo for next episode is cruel, daniel will get very very dark angry and mean,i guess is a change and the cast is amazing because they make us love and hate ,i hate him already ,if i were emily i would esterilize him too with two gutshots in the ...hahahaha ,see the revenge team are great!!!


wow this episode was amazing,i loved to see emily vulnerable,hurt and ready to walk away thinking for a future,i was hoping for a nemely scene and it was adorable,is very interesting that aiden went to connect with niko after killing her father ,left her to help emily ,asked for marriage and now he is hurt and done with her ,is a shame,but im guessing emily broke with him because she cant have a family or give him a future like somenone else could,is very undestandable daniel's hate ,but now he acts even worse than his parents and got some karma on his way too.

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Daniel: You think you know everything, don't you?
Jack: Yeah, I do. Now pick yourself up and get the hell out of my bar.

When my father was in prison, he wrote in his journals about how the value of life can be directly measured by our will to endure. That we have a remarkable ability to resist fatigue, to withstand pain, to keep fighting, as long as we don't lose sight of what we're fighting for.