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Supernatural Picture Preview: Knives and Needles

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The CW will welcome a special guest star on Supernatural Season 9 Episode 11.

A very relaxed special guest star, we should say.

Timothy Omundson (Psych) will stop by "First Born" as Cain, the owner of the only blade that can kill Abbadon. And when Crowley and Dean go to retrieve it, the latter will get into a rather bloody brawl... but Omundson's Cain won't seem the least bit affected by it.

Check out his chilled-out state in the following episodic photos, and also get a look at Castiel hoping to extract leftover grace inside Sam so they can track Gadreel.

Supernatural Photos from "First Born"
Castiel makes an extraction in this Supernatural scene. He's trying to heal Sam.
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A Sam Extraction

1. A Sam Extraction

Castiel makes an extraction in this Supernatural scene. He's trying to heal Sam.

Crowley Makes an Entrance

2. Crowley Makes an Entrance

Crowley knows how to make an entrance. He proves as much in this Supernatural scene.

Tim Omundson on Supernatural

3. Tim Omundson on Supernatural

It's Tim Omundson on Supernatural! The Psych star appears on "First Born."

Dean with a Knife

4. Dean with a Knife

Dean is on the attack in this Supernatural scene. He is wielding a bloody knife.

Kitchen Fight!

5. Kitchen Fight!

Guest star Tim Omundson looks rather relaxed in this Supernatural scene. Dean? Not so much.

Dean in a Fight

6. Dean in a Fight

Nice try. But it takes more than this to take down Dean Winchester!

Table Fight!

7. Table Fight!

Dean fights for his life in this Supernatural scene. But not everyone present seems to care.

Dean Wins!

8. Dean Wins!

It's safe to say Dean won this fight. Check out the scene from the Supernatural episode "First Born."

Sam Waits

9. Sam Waits

Can Sam be fixed? This is a scene from the Supernatural episode "First Born."

Castiel with a Needle

10. Castiel with a Needle

Castiel thinks he can help Sam. But it may hurt a little.

Playing Doctor, Patient

11. Playing Doctor, Patient

Castiel is ready to play doctor. Is Sam ready to be a patient?

Prepped for Surgery

12. Prepped for Surgery

Castiel has some surgery to perform on Supernatural. And Dean appears prepared for it.

Remember: You can always watch Supernatural online if you need to catch up on past episodes.

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