Supernatural Review: Lethal Weapon

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It’s interesting to think that earlier in the Supernatural saga, it was Sam who appeared destined for darkness with his demonic blood powers and eventually the realization that he was Lucifer’s vessel.

At the same time, it was Dean on the flip side of that coin as Michael’s vessel.

Sure, the two eventually broke through the black and white concept of the apocalypse, but I find it creatively clever that Supernatural Season 9 seemingly has the Winchester brothers headed in the opposite direction.

Sam seems more aligned with the angels and grace, where Dean - especially after this recent episode - appears headed down a dark path with the demons.

But even so, I still think that their bond as brothers and their desire to fight for family will ring true in the end no matter what obstacles tear them apart or dilemmas rise up to meet them. At least I hope so.

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 11 was a very entertaining shift in the story that maintained the hunt for Gadreel, but also reintroduced the other opponent causing problems: Abaddon.

And while I really enjoy seeing Sam and Dean together, their pairing off with Castiel and Crowley was fitting for their current paths and just plain fun to watch.

There was something very emotional and quiet when it came to Sam and Castiel working together. Sam wanted to do everything he could to stop Gadreel, even if that meant putting his life on the line in the process.

Yet, it was fantastic to see that Castiel’s time as a human had allowed him to cherish life and the occasional peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It allowed him to understand the grief and the sorrow and the two were able to bond through it.

We often see Dean and Castiel have those type of moments, but here it was especially important to not only reiterate Sam and Dean’s choice of each other in Supernatural Season 8 Episode 23, but give Sam a chance to interact with the angel on a personal level.

Simultaneously, while it seemed rather a quick fix that Sam was fully healed, I appreciated that the retrieval of Gadreel’s left over grace didn’t receive that convenience factor. The tracking spell didn’t work, but even so, it wasn’t a deterrent for Sam and Castiel to stop their efforts.

Dean in a Fight

As much as I want Dean to not carry the burden of Kevin’s death, there’s something new and compelling about watching him act angry and charge headlong into danger.

He’s determined to find justice (revenge?) even if that means teaming up with Crowley, who can’t help but continue to spout off those wonderful one liners.

It’s always fun to go back and reference John Winchester, but I was pleasantly surprised by the end result of searching for the legendary first blade that could kill the knights of hell.

Kudos to the brilliant casting of Timothy Omundson (Psych fans rejoice!) as the father of murder, Cain. Maybe it was the beard, but his presence was perfect for the type of big name character to appear on the show.

He was scary without being goofy and mysterious enough that you wanted to know more, even if it could have cost Dean his life.

It definitely made Cain’s story about why he killed his brother Abel all the more fascinating and tragic. Doing it to save his brother? Is that a foreshadowing of something to come for Dean?

Either way, Cain was great to watch in simply watching Dean fight for his life against a group of demons.

I have to say, it feels like it’s been a while since we’ve gotten a good fight scene and this one certainly delivered. Even Crowley’s one kill amidst Dean’s “audition” for Cain fit in nicely.

I’m not surprised Crowley was playing the long con in manipulating Dean into getting the mark of Lucifer from Cain, but it does make me wonder if the further on Dean goes the more likely he will follow through and kill the king of hell. But will he be able to kill Cain when he calls on him? Will it all be worth it? Will it help him get back to working with Sam?

This was a powerhouse entry into Supernatural Season 9 and engrossing from start to finish. The statements about family, life and what they are fighting for were very relevant, as was the change in direction for the characters and story. This was the type of hour that has me excited to see what’s next.

What did you think of Cain?


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John kidby

"Tastes like... molecules." Possibly my new favorite Cas-ism. Speaking of which - no mention of the implication that Cas burned out all his grace healing Sam, and is now mortal (again)? I can't be the only one who got that.


i found the pairings interesting, the angelic human with the demon and the demonic human with the angel


And to move on from the bible discussion and back to the TVSHOW that we are all watching: I love Crowley and Castiel. I would watch a show with just the two of them, and that is saying something since the Winchester boys are amongst my favorite characters. I like the switch in darkness and light between Dean and Sam, but I hate it when they are split up. We've seen that so many times and everytime the lesson is, they are better together.

@ nasne

Alright, I am good with that. Weirdly, I prefer Crowley to Castiel, maybe I haven't forgiven Castiel for the treason yet, but with Crowley, at least, you know where you stand, he's the king of hell for pete's sake!!

@ Didine34790

Thanks :). I agree with you Crowley is currently my favorite character. I love his one line sneers, and I can't (weirdly enough) wait for the next time he turns on Sam and Dean. I wonder what is going to happen.


Didine - Yes, everything in the Bible is true.

@ ryan jones

So, Darwin's theory is a lie, so Galileo was a liar? the sun rotates around the earth?! Mankind spurred out of the nothing already "Homo Sapiens"? @Tyler, THANK You! I thought I was alone! xD


I don't know if it was the beard or what, but Timothy Omundson was totally sexy in this episode. :) And PLEASE let me look like the actress who played Tara when I'm her age. Awesome!
I just wanted to jump through the screen and give Dean a big hug tonight.


Ryan - I too got in to it when they were chasing urban legends. These were the days. I confess I have completely lost track of how we got into the Biblical ride we are on now. I watch because I like the characters - but the story is completely losing its way. I hope they wind the series up soon and give it a proper end.

@ Fudgefase

I agree with you Fudgefase... where did the Knights from Hell come from? I watch for Dean and Sam... but I'm getting a little out with these shifts they are going through.


Man, Supernatural really likes to screw around with God's Word. Can't they ever stay true to the Bible? People that watch the show and don't know the truth might think the stuff from the Bible that they twist around is the truth. And before you ask why I'm watching this show if I don't like it, the reason is I got hooked in the early seasons when the show was about Sam and Dean hunting down urban legends and I just continue to watch out of habit and to find out what happens with the storyline.

@ ryan jones

Why not? those stories are myths, just like the urban legends. I, for one, like the creativity spin on it

@ Didine34790

The Bible IS NOT a myth. Everything that is in the Bible is true.

@ ryan jones

The bible is written by men so that already means its full of lies. And has been rewritten so many times its absurd that anyone thinks there's any truth to it.

@ ryan jones

Yea, suuure... I'm curious, do you mean to tell me that the "adam and eve" story is also true? Btw, I didn't read the bible, just read the cliffnotes, and just abt some chapters, so I am not even sure that *story* is in there.

@ ryan jones

Dude...chill out. If people are watching Supernatural to get Bible lessons....they are idiots. Come on now! Geez. It's a freaking tv show!
Hopefully you can get some self control and break your 'habit'.


first off this episode kicked major ass !! I would love to see Crowley and Dean team up more in future episodes. it was awesome and fun. that Mark that Dean received can't be good right ? I hate it when there is a strong episode followed by an off beat goofy episode. I always want the mythology to continue week after week, especially when its really good like it is right now. so I am a little bit disappointed that we are going to go in the Fun Zone with Garth next week. All in all though this was a five star episode easily.

@ ilk_vomit

No it can't be good with the cain mark


I loved the character of Cain but I've loved watching Timothy Omundson ever since he played Eli on Xena and Sean on Judging Amy. Loved the beard. Would have loved to have Tara show up again. The woman's arms were like Linda Hamilton's in Terminator!
One question; Does the mark of Cainake Dean Immortal?
Also loved the Sam and Castiel bonding time!

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