Supernatural Review: The Three Amigos

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What do you when there’s a bad angel on the loose? Go find the King of Hell.

I always knew having Crowley locked up for the first 10 episodes of Supernatural Season 9 would come in handy. Too bad using his powers weren’t under better circumstances.

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 10 put Dean, Crowley and Castiel together on a quest to save Sam and rid him of Gadreel. But they still don’t know Metatron is meddling about yet, do they?

Off on a Road Trip

The cold open to the hour was fantastic and hauntingly reminiscent of when Sam and Dean had a funeral pyre for their father. There’s something visually powerful in watching a character silently mourn the loss of a friend while the flames flick high above them.

It’s tough to see Dean have to struggle through the consequences of his actions and feel the heavy burden he has bestowed upon himself. I’m just glad he didn’t retreat to a corner and give up.

I’m a little wary of Castiel with his newfound grace, just because it seems too good to be true. That said, having a fully powered angel comes in handy.

And, of course, Crowley working his demon magic was pretty much the only option Dean had left. Frankly, I’m surprised working with him didn’t end up with a worse end result for Dean.

These three amigos seemed to work pretty well together, and despite the painful look of pins in Sam’s head or the obnoxiously overly perky demon, it was entertaining watching Dean, Castiel and Crowley getting to Gadreel.

Although, it was a bit disappointing that Gadreel was so desperate to get away from his past dealings that he was willing to kill his best friend. I felt sorry for him before, but now, I’m just ready for the Winchesters to take him out.

I know he seems easily manipulated, and Metatron does a pretty good job of that, but I was still hoping he might have been swayed back to the good guys.

At the same time, even though Gadreel was only expelled from Sam, I’m glad he wasn’t killed. Yet.

Having him returned back to the original vessel from Supernatural Season 9 Episode 1 was cool, and I actually really like the actor’s portrayal. Sometimes it can be more fun when it’s not just Dean fighting some altered version of Sam. I hope this version of Gadreel lasts at least a few episodes more.

But with all the angel fighting going on, it does make me wonder where the demon battle for boss of Hell fits in. I know Abaddon is gathering her forces and Crowley is campaigning for the leadership role, but what of it? What will be the repercussions and how will it fit into the current storyline?

I just hope it’s not a wasted side story that ends up with Abaddon dead before anything really happens for her.

Trying to Help Sam

Yet, it was the end of the hour that proved interesting and also has me questioning where the season is headed.

It’s good to see Sam is OK and Castiel can help him, and I’m glad Sam and Dean were able to discuss Dean’s choices about tricking Sam. There was such an honesty in that moment, especially with Dean telling his brother he couldn’t give up on him. He had to find a way even if it meant blindly trusting an angel.

So why did the episode have to go the whole “we’re not good together, let’s separate route”?

I know Dean’s hurting. I know he wants revenge. But does he have to leave his brother. Does he have to do it all on his own?

The emotions were all there, but it’s a routine we’ve all been through before. Working alone for them never works. I just figure after everything, you’d think the two would stay together.

Guess we'll see how long that lasts.

Overall, this was an entertaining episode and getting pretty much every core character together is always a treat. Plus, it was good to see Gadreel out of Sam and Crowley out of his lockup, and with Supernatural, I'm always looking forward to what's coming up on the road ahead.

Should Dean have left Sam to go it alone?


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Dean DID NOT trick Sam. Sam said yes without getting the deets that on Sam not Dean. Would everyone stop slapping around Dean for Sam's choices?


I didn't want the brothers to break up, but knew it was inevitable. Sam will hang out with Cas for a while so Sam can continue to heal. It looks like Dean and Crowley going it solo next week anyway. We all know the brothers will be apart temporarily until Sam forgives Dean and helps him take out Gadreel. I can't blame Sam for his anger at Dean, who knew darn well that Sam was ready to die and couldn't bear to live without him (as usual). Dean just doesn't get it, and probably never will. Love, Robin


Is Sam forgetting he's supposed to be still near death? Gadreeal was still far from finished healing him and even Cas says it's going to take a while. So it's possible Sam would have been more of a handicap to Dean in his 'quest' - just someone else for him to worry about. I anticipate Sam sweeping in and saving the day at some point in the future. They are better as a team, for sure, but they are a right pair of drama queens too!


All in all I think that it was a really good episode, but the ending was quite disappointing its all been done before. I love Supernatural and will watch it while they're still making them, but I think they should have wrapped this up a while ago maybe after the apocalypse.


fantastic return although the ending was super predictable. it would not be a season of supernatural without the essential "breaking up" episode. at this point it is really really goddamn annoying.


the only thing that annoys me about this show is the constant focus on DEAN'S feelings and reactions....Sam was not given a was taken away by Dean. IF the tables were turned Dean would take FOREVER to forgive Sam (past episodes prove this to be true) but as usual we are supposed to feel sorry for DEAN and Sam always has to sacrifice..I just wish it wasn't SO one sided. At least Sam attempts to talk to Dean about their feeling and Dean always seems to blow him off...It just gets frustrating. Sam has suffered JUST AS MUCH as Dean and I just wish the writers would show that as equally as Deans' suffering...The lopsidedness is getting old!

Judy taylor
@ jackie

Not sure if you understand Sam's character. Yes they have both suffered but Sam has never been fully committed to hunting. Also Sam has done something for Dean twice that I remember. He tried to keep him from going to Hell and Dean stopped him and he had faith in Dean to resist Michael. Otherwise for the most part Sam has done things for Sam because he's always thought of himself and a better hunter than Dean. That's why his speech in Season 9 just seemed false ( the one where he did the first trial, Hell hounds). Dean would forgive Sam in a heartbeat for going something to save his life, that's way he was go pissed when Sam didn't look for him. That was typical Sam.

@ Judy Taylor

Since when has Dean EVER forgiven ANYONE in an instant? He's the king of holding grudges if he doesn't agree with the decision. They are BOTH flawed, and what makes me mad is that the writers and fans of the show obviously forgive Dean quicker than Sam even though they have both made HUGE mistakes. So Sam is selfish because he was forced to be in this hunting life and stayed for his brother? That's the whole problem, people see Sam as being selfish, but last time i checked Sam is the one trying to talk and work through things and Dean always blows people off when anyone tries to talk things through.

@ jackie

Yes, they are both flawed, but it seems that Dean is always being blamed for the relationship issues. The problems with the brothers goes both ways, it's not just Dan, but just like in Season 5, I think we're going to get speeches that only Dean has to change. But, Sam needs to also change, it's not just Dean's fault.

@ jackie

Sam is always the selfish one regardless of how Dean act's and the harm he does. It is the company line.

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