The Mindy Project Review: Body by Danny

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As we met back up with Mindy for the first time in the new year, we saw her and Cliff experiencing a number of firsts in their relationship.

Mindy, of course, referenced the traditional moments, like the first kiss and the first overnight, but in typical fashion, she also noted some not so romantic firsts... like going through your partner's medicine cabinet and how perilous satin sheets can be.

Mindy quickly went from doe eyed to bug eyed on The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 12 when Cliff suggested they spend a weekend away skiing. She was scared a dip in the hot tub would turn to a hot mess once Cliff saw her body.

Mindy: Guys over the holiday I had five hams and a goose. Like, I am a wolf in a children's story. And guess what? Cliff's gonna have to see me in my bathing suit soon.
Danny: Just get one with a skirt, like the moms at the pool.

Training Mindy

Despite taking a hilarious slap to the face, Danny ended up agreeing to train Mindy after her nightmare session with Morgan. Mindy's reaction to Danny's gym was great as she noted the lack of elliptical machines and TVs playing Bravo.

After the Mickey Goldmill approach failed, Danny struggled to motivate his friend, who cares more about red carpet dresses and celebrity murder movies than squats and pushups. 

If Mindy wanted to avoid working out, she shouldn't have chosen a trainer who knows her so well. Danny showed he's flipped through an US Weekly or two in his day, though, when he found a way to finally make Mindy sweat. Things really heated up though after Mindy walked into the steam room naked.

As things with Cliff develop, I was wondering how the chemistry between Danny and Mindy would factor into the mix.

Well, with the drop of that towel, we saw a renewed level of awkwardness form between the two doctors. Mindy's slip and fall created enough distance for the moment, but Danny still couldn't help paying her a very sincere and sweet compliment.

You're a woman and that's good. Look like a woman.

Peter also saw a new side to one of his coworkers when he caught Jeremy faking sick so he could stay home and play doctor with a couple of naughty nurses.

Jeremy certainly deserved some fun after finally shedding the weight and it allowed for the funniest episode turned in by Peter Prentice to date. I liked seeing the over confident Peter after he assumed control of the practice, but the scenes where he came unhinged - like when the delivery guy laughed about the glove delivery - were my favorite.

Oh you got jokes? All of a sudden you're the King of Queens?


Other scenes, like the collective discussion about Tinder and Tamra discussing Sleepy Hollow, were also great moments in what was a great start to 2014.

What did you all think?


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My fav scene: When Mindy is skipping in the gym singing 'she jumped so high, high, high, she reached the sky...' Hilarious!


He said 'Body by Dan'... Not 'Body by Danny'...tsk


This was such a funny episode. I like the fact they are inverting the leads relationship hinting at chemistry but going completely the other way. Its leading to some really strong chemestry between the two but in an unexpected way. Hillarious and Hot! The face slap was classic and these two do physical comedy so well together. I want to see more of these two outside of the practice because that's where the magic happens. Also, more Cliff he seems like an interesting character. This was also the first episode where I bought in to Peter, he was actually funny, feeling the comedy chemestry is begining to bed in. Great Ep!


I love the Mindy Project, I hope it gets a third season. I keep hoping for new fox shows to fail, and I never outright wish for new shows to fail.

Leigh r

i didn't even know it was new last night before I came home and saw it on my DVR. Such a pleasant surprise. I love this damn show. Dr. C can totally be my personal trainer too.


I can't believe how different adding a new character to two shows can really be. Like adding Coach back to New Girl was a complete fail, but adding Peter to the Mindy Project was a huge win! I'm glad this show can handle the task of making a brand new character fit in easily and be funnier than most others on the show. He had me cracking up. Danny and Mandy have a great friendship dynamic together. Him being her personal trainer was a great route to go since we got to see how well, again, that he really does know her. But I want to see more of her and Cliff!


i totally love this show. actually fell out my chair when Mindy slapped Danny

Drea xoxo

It was hilarious and i am loving the developing emotions between danny and mindy!! H O T! but i also like how it's organic and not being forced or rushed

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The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Mindy: Guys over the holiday I had five hams and a goose. Like, I am a wolf in a children's story. And guess what? Cliff's gonna have to see me in my bathing suit soon.
Danny: Just get one with a skirt, like the moms at the pool.

Peter: Cliff hasn't seen you naked? I thought he was gettin up in them guts?
Mindy: Oh he is. UTI level gettin up in them guts.