White Collar Season Finale Review: Blindsided

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Just when you thought everything would be okay - that Neal would be free, that Peter and El would move to DC and Mozzie would live to be 200 - THAT HAPPENS.

Which is why this last-second kidnapping will go down in history as the most unexpected twist in the shows history - and what made White Collar Season 5 Episode 13 a breath of fresh air.

Overall the season was a solid, capped of by a solid finale.

Some highlights:

  • Everyone's dedication to making sure Mozzie pulled through.
  • Rebecca not getting away with her evil plot.
  • Finally finding the diamond!
  • The fact we thought for even a second that Neal was finally going to be free.
  • The bro hug shared between Peter and Neal.

As a matter of expectations, I clearly anticipated that the storyline that involved Rebecca to tie up with this episode. But that doesn't mean I wasn't completely floored at the fact she went rather quietly, for lack of a better term. It appears Rebecca really did have a heart and Neal convinced her that she can't keep running.

It also appeared that Neal was completely committed to keeping put and keeping out of trouble, much to Mozzie's horror. Honestly it's about time Neal got to be on his own.

Unfortunately, the higher-ups at the bureau had other plans, and Neal will have to stick around NYC a little bit longer, a move disguised as further punishment for his foray out of the country during White Collar Season 4 Episode 1.

What a complete joke! I guess that's the price of being so good at what you do.

The again, Neal might not even be in New York anymore, thanks to his last-second kidnapping by a rando we've never seen nor met prior to his not-so-covert stalking throughout the installment.

That wasn't half as surprising as Peter's decision to stay behind and oversee Neal in lieu of going with El to DC. I fear a bit for the Burke's marriage, as it has become increasingly clear that El resents how far out on a limb Peter goes for him sometimes.

Then again, this could also be a situation where they need a reason to let Tiffani Thiesson out of the show for a bit to have another child as they've done in the past.

This assumes, however, that White Collar gets the official go ahead for season 6. Do you think we'll find out what happens to Neal?


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My ex and I tottaly addicted to White Collar show, we watchit together. Please keep it going for ever. Thank u for the show.


Just want a season 6 to see what happens to Neal...Please


I just want to understand one thing.... WHAT IS WITH THE IDIOTIC SCHEDULING? It's as stupid at Burn Notice! Comes back, goes away. Comes back. Goes away... And not telling when/if it will be back next time. HTH do they expect to keep an audience this way???


I cannot believe that I come back and the season is over !!!! So wrong !!! So many things to talk about ! Rebecca being someone else... that was pretty interesting. The kidnapping tipped me off (thank you Scandal).
Anyways, then ending totally WTF ! Neal !!! I mean who would do taht ! And yes, the idea of his dad doing this crossed my mind. I really hope they renew this show because leaving us hanging with a cliffhanger that big would be criminal !
Mrs Suit going to DC without Peter, I agree, that was strange. BUT, it is a once-in-a-lifetime thing...
It was so nice to see everyone working together to save Mozzie ! I do think that Neal going straight wouldn't be ok for Moz. He won't understand...
It doesn't look good for White collar... PLEASE, GIVE US A SEASON 6 !!!!!!!


This is one of the best season finales that I have witnessed in a while. I wasn't expecting for Neil to be kidnapped. I was also not expecting for Rebecca to give up so easily. I was sure that she was going to jump into the water. Anywho, I am upset that Mrs. Suit wants to go to D.C without Peter, bad move. I was also a little dissappointed that Peter did not look into who hired Rebecca. The intel that she had on them, had to have come from someone with unlimited access to a government system. I am wondering does the fact that Neil is the reason that Rebecca did not get away with the diamond, the reason for his kidnapping. But, it could have something to do with his father. Keep in mind, that all these years that old man has been living lavish and off of what resources. Someone with nothing can't dissappear, and stay gone without good help.
I can also tell that Diana is going to be a problem. She lied to Peter at the beginning of the season when she covered up Mozzie's crime, and she was a little rude with Peter during this finale.


Could it be that it was in fact, Mozzie who arranged for Neal to be captured so that Neal could have his freedom? Just a few seconds before his capture, Mozzie says, "I cracked your old anklet and I can crack this one..." and asks Neal if he really wants him to do so and Neal tells Mozzie that he wants his freedom, anyway he can get it. So was this Mozzie's way of "cracking Neal's anklet" and helping him become "free"? What do you guys think?

@ Sindhura

I hope that you are right it's only been4days andi am experiencingWhite Collar withdrawal


I loved this last episode...a real cliff hanger! Who kidnapped Neal? Where is Neal? How will they get Neal and Peter back together? When does the next season start...how long do I have to wait to have answers? It's fine with me that El be more absent in the future. She was getting out of place in the scheme of things. WC will continue until Neal is totally free and chooses to leave the "old life.". I look forward to many more episodes before that happens, and I know Neal will find true love in the process.


What if the people who kidnap neal are Mozzie mom and dad

@ Michael

I like the way you think. Stay positive!


I certainly didn't see Neal getting kidnapped coming..........and they certainly can't leave us hanging like that! If it doesn't come back--they, at least owe us some kind of closure with the series........although we may not see it. The door is also open for there to be problems with the Burke marriage. Peter, no matter how mad he gets, is loyal to Neal. Elizabeth should know that........ The door is also open for there to be problems with the friendship between Mozzie and Neal. I think there is a part of Neal that wants to be free to live his life, however, I don't think he'll stop until he gets that. Then and only then is when he will give up being a con man.


OMG! the Hope diamond (twin). The director should cut Neil loose, after he pockets the REWARD money. Quality show, did I mention the Hope diamond? (PS - after episode s05e01, El owes Neil big.)

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White Collar Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Neal: Just like old times.
Peter: With the same outcome.

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