Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review: All Aboard The Rashomon Express

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Over the last handful of episodes, Agents of SHIELD has really hit a great story telling stride.

This week only picked up speed as we got to see how the team worked in smaller groups when a mission goes south.

Right from the beginning, the use of the Italian announcer as the starting point for each of the different views around the same event has made Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 13  my favorite hour to date.  

Okay, Stan Lee's appearance helped. But, come on - its Stan-freaking-Lee! How could you not love his cameo! 

Beyond my fanboy crush on Mr. Lee, watching Coulson and Ward struggle to work the holotable while trying to mimic the motions that Fitz normally does had me and my wife giggle pretty hard. 

Did anyone else notice Simmons throw herself on a grenade for Skye and Fitz? Given that she had no idea that it wasn’t deadly when she did it, I'm pretty sure that makes her the most heroic nerd out there. Of course, waking up and nearly shooting Coulson in the face reminded us she’s not a field agent. 

There were two really big shockers in this episode; the most unexpected was the reveal that Mike Peterson is becoming Deathlok!

While this was announced last week, I was lucky enough to have avoided it being spoiled. And the main reason this is a surprise is because in the comic universe Deathlok’s last name was Collins - not Peterson - so I hadn’t even considered the idea for our Mike. 

Looks like Mike may yet get a chance to do the right thing and be a hero after all. 

Of course, the biggest shocker of the night was Ian Quinn shooting Sky (twice!) and leaving her to die in the basement.

While I’m hopeful that she will pull through since the team found her, any long term Joss Whedon fan (which I am) knows that even his most beloved character can be killed off in the name of good story telling (thinking of you, Wash).

What makes the entire event even worse is that Agents of SHIELD is taking another long break and is not returning for a month (March 4). Come on, ABC.

Overall, I’m giving this episode 4.8 held breaths in the hopes that Skye pulls through when the show comes back. 

How do you think Skye will survive?


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My guess there going to be giving her "power" thru near post tramatic experience it's in the marvel world so it's either mutant gene or something that a whole village died of :) cannot wait to see!


This show is just getting better and better although, like everyone else here, I don't understand the many lengthy breaks. A lot of people would like to have an alternative to the nightly dose of Olympic figure skating that NBC is sure to cram down our throats - why not run an episode or two during the next month to keep people engaged? In any case, I expect Skye will survive but not without some kind of dramatic change (maybe she will become her true Asgardian self). If she doesn't survive, a lot of people will bail on the show, myself included. Really looking forward to the shows's return.


Didn't like that Skye got shot. I liker her character too much for her to get shot up. She was brave going in there alone with such little training.


@Nikki I get that... They just shouldn't have had these past few weeks off for no reason then.


This episode was amazing it's probably one of my favorite episodes so far. Simmons yelling at Coulson and holding her mothers ashes was so funny she's right she's better at preparing than improvising and when she prepares a background she really prepares one I mean I would have loved to of hear the aquatic life they saw on there vacation. Ward is really not a tech guy, him and Coulson trying to zoom in was funny and them just messing the image up completely was funny. Seeing what happened to everyone after they got split up was great. When Skye was shot it shook up the whole team Coulson felt terrible, Simmons was upset and Fitz was there to comfort her, Wards upset and it looks like he blames Coulson, and May seemed a little shaken which kind of surprised me I mean I know she's not made of steel but I always figured if anything were to happen to a member of the team she would be the one that was the least fazed like she wouldn't show the pain and would be the most level headed one. I don't think they'll kill off Skye because even though the Clairvoyent is the main story of the show Skye's story of being an 0-8-4 is the only real character story going on right now and it's also a pretty big story and it can't go on with out her and the other reason is that her character is just totally awesome but that's just my opinion. Mike Peterson's story is interesting and Skye now knows he's alive so she has to wake up and tell the others about him because even though he's not a bad guy he's with the bad guys and he can be a dangerous enemy. I hate how we've waited forever for the show to come back on and now we have to wait forever again but hopefully after this wait there wouln't be anymore break at least not any really long ones. It's torcher we wait for the show then it comes back for one episode and does something pretty big like put a main character between life and death and we're left wondering what's going to happen next but we have to wait another few weeks for that. Stupid Olympics I get why they don't show anything during the Olympics but I still don't like it. March 4 is a little less than 4 weeks away which is like forever when you're waiting for a show but I can't wait to see the next episode because of the way this one ended the next one should very good by the looks of the preview emotional.

@ marissa

Actually from February 4th to March 4th is *exactly* one month :) hehehe.


First off, I also don't understand the ridiculous length of these breaks. Why even bring it back for one episode? Just seems silly to me. Anyways, moving on... I thought the episode is great. I love watching the growth of each of the characters. I mean, Simmons not even stopping to think of what would happen to her. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite characters! Skye also showed she can be brave by going in alone, her only thoughts on catching Quinn, which is also a little wreckless, but she had good intentions. I love to see a good fighting scene from May. The frozen scenes were sort of creep but fun to watch! And yes, I do think Ward was jealous when Coulson was helping May. And I think he blames Coulson as he was stating earlier that this all seems sort of personal for him. Though the scene with Coulson and Ward trying to figure out how to use that table was hilarious. I also don't think they'll kill of Skye. I think her past and her being the 084 is what will save her somehow. I can't wait to find out anyways!

@ Amy Lynn

I agree @Amy Lynn breaks are bad. Remember the writers strike long ago. That big break is what I think caused Hero's to loose it's momentum - not to mention that they story got a little off kilter with the Shogun stuff.

@ Amy Lynn

The breaks with all shows now are because of the Winter Olympics


Are 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' episodes are now officially a once-a-month thing?
What's with all the breaks?

@ and123

The Olympics run for most of February. Live sports cause many series to go on hiatus. AoS could have done what ONCE UPON A TIME did, and just stop for 3 months, not returning until mid-March. But, because it's a new series, I suppose ABC didn't want the "out of sight, out of mind" syndrome to befall AoS.

@ KansasGuest

i get not wanting to run against the olympics but knowing fan base this may not be the best plan. however i would be ok with that if they hadnt just been off for 3 weeks. If they were knew they were taking off february why not air the last few weeks(excepting the state of the union). this is the kind of scheduling that made lost and 24 so frustrating and me so happy when they went to a no-break run. I think i would rather have a long hiatus between seasons then constant breaks each week


So how DO you ZOOM IN on that thing ?!?!
Simmons was really brave this episode,
and May really kicked some ass!
Skye is awesome and there IS chemistry between her and Ward.
Maybe May and Coulson should give it a try :)


I'm the kind of viewer who tends to give new shows an entire season to prove themselves. So, you won't find me here nitpicking on AoS. But, the Clairvoyant is quickly sounding like Red John from THE MENTALIST. He has his fingers in every pie, and every villain is connected to him. It took us 8 seasons to get rid of the "mastermind villain" on that show. PLEASE have AoS finds their Big Bad sooner than that because even the patience of die-hard MENTALIST fans was stretched thin at the end. Now, who is Deathlok?...

@ KansasGuest

You can learn way more than you ever want to about Deathlok here:


Was anybody else Geeked out when they mentioned "Blonski's Chamber in Alaska" - (The ABOMINATION that Edward Nortons Hulk fought in the Incredible Hulk). I always wanted to know what they did with him at the end of the movie.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

You’re the least supportive pretend girlfriend I've ever had.


Ward: Really? You think Coulson will take that excuse if he finds out about us?
May: He took it ok when I told him.
Ward: Wait? You told him?
May: Yep.

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