Castle Round Table: "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

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Rick and Kate traveled back to high school to catch the killer of a mean girl in Castle Season 6 Episode 15, "Smells Like Teen Spirit."  

Below, TV Fanatics Chandel Charles, Robin Harry, Jim Garner and Christine Orlando are joined by Denise from the Castle Fan Forum the 12th to decide if telekinesis is a plausible murder theory and to debate they thought of Castle and Beckett's song.

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Do you believe in the possibility of telekinesis?

Chandel: Not particularly. It all seems like nonsense to me, but there are some things out there that can't really be explained, which leads me to believe telekinesis could very well be among those inexplicable things.

Robin: Not really. I do believe that there are things that defy current explanation, but I'm very Scully-like; there's most likely a scientific explanation.

Jim: Absolutely. I've seen Telepaths and Empaths, so Telekinetics seems to make sense.

Denise: I suppose anything is possible, but I have to say, like Kate, I am a skeptic when it comes to these kinds of supernatural things.

Christine: Looks like we're mostly Beckett's at heart. Although telekinesis sounds incredibly cool, I've never seen anything that makes me think it's actually possible. 

Castle RT - depreciated -

Were you satisfied with the special effects explanation or do you think Lucas was covering up Jordan's special powers?

Chandel: I was convinced the answer was in the science the whole time, so when they finally let the cat out of the bag, I was comfortable with special effects as the answer.

Robin: I thought the special effects explanation was adequate. I honestly doubt Jordan has "powers", though I did like how they left the floating-object-show at the house all open-ended.

Jim: I think Lucas has the special powers and was using Jordan to cover his abilities. 

Denise:  It makes as much sense as anything.  He could have gotten rid of everything before CSU searched the house.  I'd just really take some convincing that Jordan had telekinetic powers.

Christine:  I really enjoyed that they left some question marks about the special effects because I don't see how wires and magnets pull that off in a crowded cafeteria and no one finds any evidence of it. 

Are you happy with Rick and Kate's song? Do you remember when the show first played it?

Chandel: The song was "In My Veins" by Andrew Belle, first heard in Castle Season 4 Episode 23 "Always." I knew it immediately because I had put it on my iPod! Definitely like that they chose to resurrect it to be their song.

Robin: I'm really happy about that song choice!  I recognized it instantly from "Always" - beautiful song, and so integral to one of the biggest moments ever on Castle. I'm so glad the-powers-that-be decided to go with that. 

Jim: I don't remember when they first played it, but I'm glad they have one finally. 

Denise:  Totally happy with their song. It was first played in "Always," the Castle Season 4 finale... which I then had to go back and rewatch.

Christine: Yup. That song's been on my iTunes for a while now. I love that they used something from the history of the show. I really hope we get to see Rick and Kate dance to it at their wedding. 

This episode referenced Stephen King's "Carrie." Do you have a favorite Stephen King book?

Chandel: I have not read any of his books and I have no plans to do so in the near future. Not my genre at all!

Robin: I have not read a single Stephen King book - I like sleeping soundly at night! However, I am glad they referenced the book and not just the movie - I'm happy for any reminders that Richard Castle is a novelist!

Jim: Not a big horror fan, sorry. Though I did love Rick saying he was going to talk to Stephen.

Denise: I'm familiar with the Carrie story, but I've never read a Stephen King book. Not a fan of that genre.

Christine: Wow!  Looks like none of us are horror fans. If I read a Stephen King book I'm afraid I'd never get any sleep. I remember watching the movie Christine at a slumber party as a kid. It's about a car that kills. Hopefully the book was much better. 

Why do you think Rick was such a problem for so many schools? Any guesses as to Martha's reaction when he got kicked out?

Chandel: I think Rick was a magnet for trouble, whether he intended to be or not. I can't help but think that Martha didn't take it too well, then again, he did manage to finish school, which means he must have done something right eventually.

Robin: Rick has a really active imagination and a penchant for mischief; that's a principal's nightmare.  I'd imagine Martha was frustrated; she was a single mom and her scholarship son couldn't keep quiet!

Jim: Rick is an extrovert on steroids, how could he not be a problem for the standard school system?!? Martha was probably supportive, after all, she is an actress.

Denise:  I think Rick had so many problems because of his lonely childhood and lack of a real family structure.  Martha did the best she could for him, but her focus was on her career.  He's mentioned in the past that he attended many different schools, and didn't have a lot of friends.  By that point, Martha was probably quite used to Rick getting kicked out of school. I can just see her shaking her head, "Richard........"

Christine:  I can see Rick being smart, mischievous, a little bored, and willing to go all out to make friends. That leads to all kinds of trouble. Poor Martha. She probably admired his creativity but it had to be frustrating to watch her scholarship son get kicked out of school while the trust fund kids got off scott free. 

What was your favorite scene of the episode.

Chandel: Definitely Rick asking Kate to dance there at the end. It redeemed both their lacks of Prom attendance. Plus, I remember making a stink about the fact they hadn't danced way back in the ballroom dancing episode, Castle Season 4 Episode 18, "A Dance With Death" so this kind of rectified that for me, and it also meant a little bit more.

Robin: I loved the final scene. Castle's always been the most open of the two in the relationship and Beckett's done most of the emotional sharing so far. So hearing Castle tell Beckett that he has no regrets because everything brought him to her - that gave me goosebumps. Beautiful.

Jim: I loved Kate's "I'm not choosing our song off of a list that includes Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar on Me!" 

Denise: While I did get a chuckle from Castle's encounter with the principal, the dance was most definitely my favorite scene.  Great Caskett moment.  I loved what Rick said to Kate about everything leading to that moment with her.  It reminded me of the lyrics for Rascal Flatts' "Bless The Broken Road".  Which was the song for my first dance with my husband at my wedding.

Christine:  I was thrilled when they heard finally heard their song and then Kate telling Rick, "shut up and kiss me." Thank goodness he knows when to take orders. I'm a sucker for a good kiss.

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2) I can accept that the boy used special effects in the cafeteria and no one noticed because no one was looking. The floating professor would be harder, but Beckett has some passing knowledge of stage magic.
4) I prefer King's movies to his books. He tends to write as if he is being paid by the word. (Dickens did that too, but he was paid by the word.)
6) I loved seeing teenage Rick Rogers suddenly appear when the principal confronted him. And Rick Castle coming into his own with 'I know a guy.' Nathan Fillion's talents get overlooked all too often. CTV showed the Rosicrucian/scavenger hunt right after the Sunday new episode. Loved watching the swordfight. He's learned a lot since that shindig on Persehone.
3) I dislike the song less than I detest the dress. But it doesn't scan and is morbid and creepifying.


Favorite scene ; The kiss!!!! Castle needs to get more agressive in his lovemaking. I'll give him a "B"


Finally Rick is touching her even if it is to dance. Her character has come a long way. I think the song is appropriate and looking back at the dress it grows on you. I loved kings early boos but after his accident they sort of went to the dark side. Nothing will ever beat Christine or cujo


The movie Shawshank Redemption was actually a short story written by Stephen King. As was the Green Mile. Though Mile wasn't a shory story both very very good movies, Shawshank is actually a great flick!! Neither of them are horror stories though.


1. It would be a very cool power to have but I don't think it actually exists.
2. Special effects makes sense, I just wish they would have backed it up with more evidence.
3. As much as I like the song, it's not as happy as I would have liked. Then again, it speaks of how much they've gone through to be together and how much they are a part of one another now.
4. My favorite Stephen King story is The Body which was made into the movie Stand By Me but it's not horror.
5. Rick was an intelligent, bored, creative kid without enough supervision. I can see him getting into lots of trouble, especially when it came to making friends with the boys at new schools. As a single mother I'm sure Martha had her hands full.
6. How can you not love the dance seen at the end? I want more of this.


in terms of 5 I think Nathan fan has picked it in one. The major point is just how far Beckett has come. It is dramatic but we are not told why. Is it because she has learnt from her disastrous DC job decision failure? This is implied but never stated. The ending was superb except the song like the dress is a strange choice. Too morbid and sad for me HOWEVER if they like it then that is all that matters! It was a very good episode but marred by writers who clearly had not seen either A dearth in the Family and Food to die for.
Two major mistakes in two successive episodes doesn't say much for quality control.

@ nottrampis

What two major mistakes are your referring to?

@ Kelly

modelling at 19 not 17 in Dressed to Kill and not going to the Prom in this episode

@ nottrampis

I'll give you the modeling discrepancy but again you have totally lost it on the prom thing. Kate's references to "Prom" were based on Alexis' going to her JUNIOR Prom. Here in the US many schools, like mine, hold/held 3 big dances--Winter Formal, Junior Prom and Senior Prom. Some smaller schools may combine Jr/Sr Prom but clearly Kate's, Rick's (and mine) did not. Nothing Maddie says references Kate's Senior Prom, but does reinforce Kate's talk of being a rebel. We know she modeled at 17 after waitressing. We know she modeled nude at least once, and we know from her that the FIRST time she moved in with a guy her "parents" were mad--hence before Johanna's death. Also, going to a poetry SLAM "in the Village" is far different from a poetry "reading." They probably went on her Harley. So, in this case it is your memory that is mistaken not the writers.


1 - I have to believe that there are many things we don't fully understand so I'm open minded but, as Christine said, I've never seen any evidence of this.
2 - I thought the 'special effects' explanation was a bit vague. I don't believe either Jordan or Lucas had special powers either. I think they could have had some evidence of magnets or some kind of devices turn up to support Kate's POV. They also never addressed the professor who was hanging in mid air when they went to talk to him.
3 - I liked the tie back to Always and I believe the song is fine for them, but I also think there are many more romantic ones that could have been just as great.
4 - I've never read Stephen King nor watched any of the movies from his books. It's not my taste.
5 - Rick didn't have a lot of structure in his home life and seemed to raise himself. He would do most anything to make friends and fit in so it doesn't surprise me that he frequently found himself in trouble. Plus, he loves to have fun can be impulsive - a wicked combination! I could see Martha being upset that her kid got kicked out when the others didn't. She might have even gone in to talk with the principal and argue her point - that her child was being discriminated against because she didn't have the money that the other parents did.
6 - I loved seeing a sheepish Castle when the principal first confronted him but my favorite scene was definitely the dance, with Castle telling Kate that he had no regrets about his life because it all led to this moment with her. Definitely a swoon-worthy moment!

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Castle Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Beckett: I'm not choosing our song off of a list that includes Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me"
Castle: That song, I'm sure ignited many a strip club romance back in 1987.

I'd offer a theory but I'm too busy having detention flashbacks.