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Castle Review: What's Their Song?

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There was plenty of reminiscing - as well as looking forward - on Castle Season 6 Episode 15, as "Smells Like Teen Spirit" sent Rick Rogers back to high school.

Only this time he made it to the prom

Well, winter formal... but what does the title of the dance matter when you're dancing with the right girl?

High School Is Murder
The death of a teenaged girl sends Castle back to one of his former high schools to investigate the possibility of a telekinetic killer.

Let's start at the beginning with Rick and Kate lamenting over their lack of a song.

In my opinion, neither Sinatra or Bruce really fit these two. And Kate's reaction to the 100 Romantic Songs of all time list made me laugh…

Beckett: I'm not choosing our song off of a list that includes Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me"
Castle: That song, I'm sure ignited many a strip club romance back in 1987.

As someone who once blasted that song in a car going way too fast on the way to the Jersey Shore, I can honestly say that it has never inspired anything close to romance. But I digress…

The murder of the week had just the right mix of supernatural mystery and skepticism to keep me guessing. As much as I want to believe that anything is possible, at heart I'm like Beckett. I believe that 99% of the time there is a perfectly logical explanation. 

Still, having tables move across a crowded cafeteria and a girl seemingly get slammed into her ceiling had me stumped and certainly gave credence to Rick's belief in telekinesis.  

The video Madison created made a lot of sense, but Lucas' explanation for the cafeteria left me with questions. Wouldn't someone have noticed the fishing wire with that many things moving and that many people in the way? Even for a special effects artist it appeared to be an improbable stunt to pull off in a crowded room. 

But, as Lucas said, most people are gullible and will believe what they're led to believe. 

Having Rick sent back to one of the many schools he was thrown out of was a wonderful way to have our favorite couple revisit their teenage years. 

We learned that Rick Rogers was smart enough to earn a scholarship at the prestigious academy but mischievous enough to get himself kicked out. And even in high school, Castle knew a guy. 

It might have been safer that Rick got kicked out of Beaucroft. Their mean girls are seriously mean. Madison's friend Kris not only smashed in her skull to kill her but was calculating enough to stage the crime scene to look like the video and climb to the ceiling to leave her friend's blood on a beam. That's one cold-blooded teenaged killer. 

In the end it all led to my favorite scene of the night as Rick asked Kate to dance. When she wondered if he regretted anything that he'd done.

Getting expelled? Missing his senior prom? His response in this Castle quote was simply perfect…

Everything I've ever done, every choice I've ever made, every terrible and wonderful thing that's ever happened to me, it's all led me to right here, this moment with you.


I couldn't have been happier to hear In My Veins by Andrew Belle again. It's been a favorite of mine since it was played during Castle Season 4 Episode 23, "Always."

And now it's set to be Castle and Beckett's song for their first official dance as man and wife.

Sigh. The entire episode, including the kiss at the end made me one very happy Castle fan. 

OK, TV Fanatics, what's your choice for Castle and Beckett's song?



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Longing To Belong - Eddie Vedder


I think that Castle helps solve the crimes...I'm not sure if I always get it the first time I watch it...when I watch the episodes twice it helps me pick up the under current that Castle and Becket creat with their's always very intricate in their dialog and it's easily missed...


I thought it was a nice episode, and I liked it. But I do have one question for everybody. What exactly did Castle do to crack the case? It's like most of the other episodes in Season 6. He seems to be there just to provide company and witty banter - along for the ride. In fact, it didn't seem like anybody on the team had any great insight. They thought it was the ex, then the girls, then the outcast, then the mafia guy, then the effects guy, then the girls again... maybe I don't have that quite right, but really one thing just led to another, didn't it? Did anybody get a feeling there was a Eureka! moment? It's missing, for my two cents.


I think their song should be the theme to "Tarzan" by Phil Collins.
"You'll be in my heart, always"


I found the song unmemorable and had to look it up on YouTube.
Hated it.
For one thing, the verse does not scan and does not fit the tune. The songwriter needs a partner to edit him.
Liked the episode. Any episode that is Castle - centric is fine by me.


Good point Vince -Kate has really changed from the dismal ending of last year,the last half dozen shows she seems more at ease with Rick,more comfortable with getting married,you see it in her eyes -yet there has to be some bumps in the road,with marlowe over seeing its almost a lock that something will happen to rattle our cages.

@ pete

After episode #20, viewers can begin writer watch to figure out how the season ends. If Marlowe does the finale, be prepared to manage wedding expectations.


I really enjoyed the episode. In terms of Caskett moments, the 6x15 episode has been the best so far. The middle domestic scene was a nice bit of character interlude. It was good to see them suddenly together at the loft having dinner and talking/sharing moments. The writers need to give them more screen time now away from the precinct in order that they can really explore things and talk about their future together. Also, I feel like we got a lot of Castle and Beckett theorizing at the murder board moments which have been lacking lately. The Creasey writing couple has been a great addition to the writers’ room. Except for a few senior Castle writers, their style of writing has been consistently missing since the start of Season 4. I always enjoy it when the writers really nail the continuity issues which this writing couple seems to accomplish so well. The prom setting and the dance love talk was a clever way to show how fate has brought them together. Given such a fun episode this week, you just wonder what the writers have planned in order to pull the rug out from under us as the storyline moves forward to the wedding.

@ Vince

all good points Our Roy montgomery

@ nottrampis

Just caught up with a lot of Castle. And I recently saw Bones S8, and I think Castle will take a similar road in terms of blocking the wedding from taking place. And I do agree with what nottrampis has been saying a lot. It has got to be 3XK. Beckett angst won't work anymore. They've sort of shelved the whole Senator Bracken thing for this season. (So far at least!) But they've already played with 3XK once this season. So it has got to be the season finale like it happened with Bones S7. At least, I have a feeling they'll do something similar to delay the wedding. But I hope they don't. In terms of why this song is perfect for them. Because it was the background to arguably the most memorable Caskett moment in the Series' history. It was the moment we'd all been waiting for four seasons, and it finally happened. The song was perfectly chosen for that moment, and each time I listen to it, I am taken back to that wonderful moment. Just brilliant! I am glad the writers recognized that it will always be the song most Castle fans think of when thinking about their favorite TV couple. I personally cannot imagine any other song for Caskett than this one.


What a wonderful episode. The telekinesis angle was fun and although I don't believe in that sort of thing, I liked that they left it open for the possibility at the end. The final scene was fantastic. I've loved that song since it played in "Always" and even though it was a bit angsty there, I think the lyrics fit for them. I just hope we really get to see them dance to it at their wedding and that scene isn't skipped over in favor of the case of the week! But Rick and Kate looked every bit a couple in love and this was definitely one of my favorite episodes of the season.


yeah great episode spoiled somewhat by not knowing about Beckett in her senior years. .The writers have never watched a death in the family nor food to die for otherwise they would have never written Beckett didn't go to her prom. We do not have songs in Australia is this an American thing. Caskett are pretty old to have a 'song'.
In my veins is to sombre and sad to be a song i would claim but it is their song not mine! The ending was great. They watch the two teenagers get together and then Castle is as cheesy as you know he is but Beckett is now becoming as cheesy as him. I shpuld also add about time seeing Caskett interaction at the Loft except for the lazy writing it could have been one of the better episodes. twp episodes in a row where the writers do not know the canon. Marlowe get a grip!

@ nottrampis

Hum, what makes you think the writters messed with Beckett senior years? First of all, we know a boy picked her up and her father scared him, BUT we can only assume she went to the prom, she never said she really did! Second, I believe she was about the age Alexis had in those episodes, and it was junior years, not senior!

@ maria

Maddie would have said something if she didn't go as she would have rightly thought Becks didn't go because I got Brent Edwards.
Beckett was one of a big group of girls who went out and had a great time.
sound like a rebel to you? A guy asked her to the prom and then goes to hear poetry as a teenager?
Beckett going to hear poetry instead of going to the prom would be the talk of the school and she would be viewed as four fifths up herself for doing that. she was a popular girl not a rebel! They were talking about their senior years as well. Kelly that was my point. Maddie would have talked about it if Beckett had missed the prom and the reason thereof.
No teenage boy is going to a poetry reading instead of a prom! IF Beckett did not go to the prom Maddie would have brought it up BUT she did not.
You ladies are making my point.
No guy gets dressed up to go to a prom and then goes off to hear poetry. Not even to hear the Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock!

@ nottrampis

"Beckett going to hear peotry..." - exactly, for a popular and rebel girl, going to hear poetry would be some kind of "rebel"; and why wouldn´t a boy want to hear poetry instead of going to a prom? Not every guy (thank God) thinks just about that!
And like @Kelly said, Kate and Maddie never talked about the prom, only about a guy they both liked...So no, I can´t see how the writters messed anything here!

@ nottrampis

I just watched "Food to Die For" recently. Maddie and Beckett never talk about the prom. They talk about 9th grade French. Madison references Brent Edwards as the guy they both liked in English class and asks Kate, "Do you also remember what happened senior year?" and then says, "Because I really wouldn't want Brent Edwards to happen all over again." Maddie's comparing it to her upcoming date with Castle but she never says exactly what happened with Brent.
Lots of people blow off their prom and Beckett has always referenced herself as a bit of a rebel. The tattoo, the motorcycle, being the biggest scoflaw at her high school, driving her father crazy. That doesn't mean she was unpopular but I can see a smart, rebellious teen like Beckett ending up at a poetry slam in the village and boycotting prom. I don't see how the writers missed anything there.

@ nottrampis

I echo your sentiments regarding the writing, it makes you wonder if they remember anything that has been written before. Have you seen the latest promo for 6:16? With all the excuses as to why the engagement ring is never seen nowadays, because it would get in the way If Kate wears it to work, just look at the ring on her right hand in the promo! If that is not too large to wear to work, neither is her engagement ring, just another lack of attention to detail. AWM is treating the fans like idiots.

@ ukno1stanafan

In my view, Kate wears her engagement ring on the chain because it's important to her, like her mother's ring. She never knows what she might get into in the middle of on a case and if a regular ring gets damaged or lost, that's replaceable, her engagement ring is not. Also, wearing an expensive piece of jewelry around criminals seems unwise. But that's just my 2 cents.

@ ukno1stanafan

Captain Cook I have never understood how an engagement ring gets in the road of her work. This was a good episode ruined somewhat by lazy writing


this episode was beyond perfect and the song in my veins suits the couple so well! ~ I absolutely adore the end quote said by castle himself it was beautiful! ~ castle and beckett have by far the best connection and on screen chemistry I've ever seen I honestly hope the show carries on for seasons to come!💕

@ amy

Ditto on everything you said Amy!! Best on screen chemistry ever!! Bring on Season 7, 8, 9, etc!!!