Chicago Fire Review: Going up the Food Chain

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Drama abounded on Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 14, with Kelly looking for answers and revenge, Dawson taking her final academy test,and Boden making a big decision about his love life.

Feeling Left Out

There's nothing better than watching Kelly on a mission. He's a big teddy bear, but once you're in his crosshairs it's all over.

Which is exactly what happend to Keeler's goons as Kelly made he way up the chain of command to find Katie. Unfortunately, for both Kelly and Otis, Katie had been beaten and raped.

It was a tragic end to her character's arc, but also understandable that she wanted to change her surroundings by moving to Colorado. Additionally, it's another loss of a family member for Kelly, as Otis ends up losing out on a relationship that was just beginning.

The end cap of such a tragic tale is not for Keeler to go to prison, but instead released since he has his hooks in criminals higher up the food chain. If Kelly holds restraint, I give him major credit. I'll also give him major adulation if he goes to strangle Keeler too; Keeler is just scum.

Dawson, for all of her attempts at passing, fell just short of the time after she helped Jones, hurting her foot in the final leg of the test. Jones' story and upbringing is sad, that female firefighters should only serve male firefighters, but that's still no reason to cheat. It only deepens bias and lessens the accomplishment.

Dawson is working hard to pass on her own merit, and it's good to see that Jones' father didn't pull any strings for her. I would rather Dawson continue her conflict with Jones as well.

The dichotomy it sets up between two firefighting worlds offers a new perspective on the job: the old, family business of firefighting with Jones - who will do whatever it takes to get in - and Dawson, who is resourceful, smart and working to get in on her own hard work.

At least Casey has finally told Dawson what's up. The little scare the doctor put in him might have finally lifted his haze of thinking he's perfectly all right. It's still not a perfect explanation for his personality changes at times, but it's a definite start.

Hopefully, Dawson will give Casey a piece of her mind when she's had time to process exactly what he's told her; it's good she told him that what they have is deeper that the job.

While Casey and Dawson are still on relatively stable relationship waters, Boden decides it is time to break things off with Donna after having a few good first dates with her. Boden's position, while I don't like it, is respectable.

It fits his character to be chivalrous to a fault and it, ironically, shows how much he's learned from his previous marriages. He's willing to break things off with Donna because he recognizes his own pattern of romancing women, yet not being able to keep that relationship strong through time.

Maybe Boden will repeat the mistakes of his past, but I tend to agree with Donna: let her decide.

Will Jones have what it takes to make it all the way?


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I'm sorry but I find the story with Katie not needed. They could have had it where the guy went against the actual firemen, but to use Katie, and then include they raped her, just not needed on this show, as this is supposed to be the feel good drama for Dick Wolf, not SVU or even Chicago PD.
Removing her was also a cop out, let's see one of the good guys (Brian/Otis), get some extra time.
Loved the Blackhawks being on, and Hermanns comment "You are just full of surprises" to Clark.
Boden is using his past as a cop out. He came clean and Donna was totally understanding and willing to try and prove him wrong. He jumped ship, when as she said, it's her choice to stay or go from what he said. Hopefully he confides in somone and they set him straight.
Another thing that irritated me, Dawsons injury. She just helped a fellow candidate, then fell and hurt herself in front of everyone. She worked through it and still finished. I'm sorry but how can Kelly not go to bat for her and push for her to get passed becuase she went above and beyond.
Jones father, what an ass, it's one thing to say the CFD isn't for everyone, but to a paramedic that has been putting her life on the line for years already? Talk about no respect for your own.

Sarah silva
@ Bustson

I know I found it silly but not shocking that Jones did not help her when she fell, however it is all part of the storyline for Jones to come to 51, do poorly and get kicked out and Dawson will take the test again OR will become Candidate on the spot.

Sarah silva

I am glad this show is back.
I was happy that Casey finally told Dawson the truth about what the doctor said.
They seemed to wrap up the Dawson firefighter storyline quickly, I guess what they wanted to do was to have Rafferty suspended, Dawson fail the test then come back and be a paramedic and then Jones will either hit on Casey or something and Dawson will not be able to keep quiet about Jones cheating on the written test and thus Dawson will be able to take her test again and pass and be the firefighter Candidate at 51.
I am upset that Boden broke up with Donna, I really liked her.
I will admit I did not know what they were building and when it was revealed that it was a library, I cried.
It is too bad Katie left, I can understand why but she was great on the show and I liked Severide having a family member and I also like her and Otis together.
I was so mad that they let Keeler go, I really hope that he gets what is coming to him, I would love to see Kelly take care of him but then Kelly would go to jail.
I am happy for Hermann passing the test, however I am not sure what that means for his time at 51. They can not have another Lieutenant can they?


I was very disappointed in CF last night. The same old lets beat-up, rape and move the woman to the side and let the rape be about the men in her life. I am so sick of this storyline. I was really enjoying Severide getting to know his sister and her dating Otis. Why introduce this character just so you can rape her and push her to the side. The last epi she was going to New York for a great job and was worried about leaving Severide now that she found him and how to break things off with Otis who she really liked. Why? Why? Why? Stop it already so called writers. Can't you come up with something original?


Good to see the show back, however, dang it I kinda forgot how and why Katie was kidnapped, it had been so long. Glad to see different scenes than the firehouse.

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