Cougar Town Review: Diversity

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Stories that have been brewing for some time came to the forefront on Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 7, as Laurie planted one on Ellie and Jules and Bobby attempted to divert Travis off his deadbeat path.

Worried About Travis

Focusing on the latter, Jules and Bobby's tried getting Travis on the straight and narrow by throwing Bobby under the bus. And it wasn't the first time he's been used (nor will it be the last).

This moment between the Cobb family was incredibly familiar, but the reaction from Travis - and to a lesser extent Bobby - is new. Had this been sometime in around Cougar Town Season 2, Travis could very well have gone off the deep end again.

Even on a show such as Cougar Town, Travis has been able to mind the gap to adulthood.

He decided to go back to Coffee Bucks after blowing his first interview and landed the job. While Travis is now officially out of the deadbeat category and nearly graduating from college, there's still the problem of integrating him fully within the crew.

Perhaps the writing team wants to get him through college before the full integration happens, but in the meantime his relationship with Laurie is stagnating on screen.

Aside from Travis and Laurie exploring their relationship with Jules, there's been almost no developments and interactions have been kept to a minimum. Which is unfortunate since the two are super fun together; they could be driving a lot of story.

Laurie's other relationship developed when she plants a big kiss right on Ellie. I know, I know, I've been waiting for Jules and Ellie to get in Ellie's truck and ride off into the sunset too, so Laurie kissing her seemed like adultery.

For all of Laurie's crazy stories, we know there's a heart of gold under there and she's willing to fake a relationship with ice queen Ellie if it means Stan can get into a good preschool; even in fake relationships, Laurie is willing to go all out with Ellie.

But sadly for Laurie, Ellie can't reciprocate her feelings so she storms out with her sandwich leaving Ellie to pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

As awesome as Laurie and Ellie are together, how they eventually made up felt forced. Only in an alternate universe would the two of them actually be that nice to each other. Their way of reconciling is usually laced with plenty of burns and jabs at one another, not real affection.

Who would make the best gay couple on Cougar Town?

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I loved Ellie's reaction when Laurie planted that kiss on her during the interview! And when she was trying to talk about her relationship with Laurie at the picnic? Hilarious! I thought the cat video bit was pretty funny also. All three guys were so dead set on their ideas and taking it so seriously, you couldn't help but laugh at them. I think it's nice to watch Travis grow up and develop into a man. I bet we'll see a whole lot more of him and Laurie when he is fully integrated into the group.

Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Laurie: Highway to the lady zone, what what.
Ellie: Highway indeed.

Ellie: We're at a public event this is not the place for ear sex and a full body rub down.
Laurie: All you do is take me granted.